Green Death Arc (1) - Chapter 4 (Outside)


A note from TrueGuardian32

I really need to start writing on weekends, anyways, here have another chapter.

You ready?

Yes, let's go.

The green poison slowly itches to the exit of the cave.

Do you have a faster way of traveling?


Why not form a ball by increasing your density and spinning like a wheel.

Umm, I could try to do that.

The poison slowly gathers itself forming a small marble like green ball. Then it starts rolling toward the exit, 10 times faster than the crawling from before.

Much better.

So what do I do when I get out of here.

How about we look for a village or town? Finding out if a G.O.D. Entity exists is one of the top priorities in my system currently.

Alright, any idea how we get to one?

The mapping system although most of it's offline we still got the radar on it, I could use it to scan for life forms.

Alright, do it.

Nearby Lifesigns Number Danger Level To Host S-F
Earth Dragon 1 F
Lizard Men 354 F
Imps 1684 F
Humans 10 F

Well if I were to say, I think we are smack dab in a Dragons army.

Dragon's army?

In some stories I read Dragons would normally show off their strength to usefull intelligent creatures for gold, or maybe free food. Looks like these guys are to our west, if we can get into the Dragons Layer it is almost certain that we will get some information which we can use to trade for points.

Why is that?

Dragons have a natural affinity to shiny things, in a world of magic most magic books shine brightly. Even if we don't find any of those we could probably find something we could use.

Let's go then.

=Inner Monologue of a certain system=

Why are all these monsters F Rank??? Shouldn't a dragon be marked as S? or even SSS? I really don't see what the Radar sees that makes GD so scary. 

A note from TrueGuardian32

Too those may be wondering why I don't have female characters yet, that is because I'm male, and I don't know how to portray myself as female. 

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