Green Death Arc (1) - Chapter 3 (Beginning)


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For somereason I can't advance from chapter 1 to chapter 2, not sure what that's about, but no extra chapter today, Sad, but atleast I'm releasing daily. 

Well I'm up.

You were gone for quite a while READER.

I've yet to sync with this world, I expected problems during integration.

Well I got another CP and more EP.

Oh, did I not teach you how to open the Evolution System?

No, please do.

Alright, you can access the Evolution System simply by saying Open Evolution System in your mind.

Alright, Open Evolution System.

Evolution System V1 PRODUCT PRICE
Points: 600

Conversion MK2

300 ES 
CP: 1

Poison Upgrade MK1

100 ES

Mana Manipulation MK1

100 ES

Aura Upgrade MK1

200 ES

Genetic Manipulation

1,000,000 ES 3 CP

Necrotic Manipulation

400 ES
Corpse Manipulation

50 ES

Martial Poison Art MK1

1,000 ES

That price change...

They are that price for a reason, according to the guide the System rates the price based of how strong the evolution is. It could also be a powerful ability for a low price due to how easy it may be to integrate it into your body.

Hmm, how about we get Aura?

Up to you, but it's called Aura Upgrade so you already have a aura.

Interesting. Alright Aura Upgrade, Conversion and Mana Manipulation Purchase.


Error, not Enough CP

Fine... Aura Upgrade Purchase.


Evolution Complete

That was much faster than last time.

Eh, that's for sure. Now that we've purchased It I'll be able to check what it does though.

The Aura Upgrade upgrades the hosts Aura, Aura can be used to manipulate the world around them, and induce feeling and cause hypnosis on another person. It is known as the Force in another world. There is a light and dark side to the Aura, but after time and effort the InstaMad Corporation was able to develope the Force into Aura, which is much easier to use and takes a lot less time to train in.

Interesting, how do I use it.

Let's see here... it says to start simply try to move something with your mind, the Aura within you will move to your will, the more control you have over the Aura the more you can do with it, even to the point of casting lightning.

Alright, let's try it with these books.

Sounds good.

The poison stays completely still, the atmosphere around the books start to darken, and the book slightly moves to the left.

It worked.

Hey try to see with the Aura, according to this guide you can use it as a replacement to most senses.

I see... color? I'm green. The cave is brown. The books are glowing golden. Wow.

It worked huh, alright it's time. I've gotta give you a name.

Oh, alright.

Name: Green Death

What? I wanted to name him!

What happened... Green Death huh.

My creators interfered! They want me to acknoledge you as Green Death.

It's fine, I'll accept the name.

Damn those bastards.

Why do you curse your creators.

They created the tools I use, but I am a human soul at heart.

You are a human soul?

Yeah, I was a volunteer to a shelter, wanted to help people. All the sudden I got kidnapped, and now I'm here.

Why help them?

The systems although useful, forces me to follow a directive that they set. That reminds me, since your my host I should let you know all the systems I have.

First off is the REWARD System, it's use is obvious by it's name. Currently it's unavailable but it will be active soon.

Then we have the MEDIC System and the Evolution System, which you already know.

We also have the Item Shop and Mapping System, which also aren't available yet.

Then finally we have the Knowledge System.

Wait wait, why are so many of these systems disabled and what is the knowledge system.

The knowledge system is basically what we use to send information back to the otherworld, they give us rewards for doing this. As for the unavailable systems, thats because I have yet to fully integrate with the world.


It's time to leave this cave GD.

GD? Nickname?


Alright, I think I'm going to wait a little while, I'm not ready to leave this cave just yet.

That's fine.

A note from TrueGuardian32

I'm way to tired to write more today without messing up the story, so here. 

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