Green Death Arc (1) - Chapter 2 (Beginning)


A note from TrueGuardian32

Hey a new chapter, I actually started this about 2 hours after the first one, not sure If I'll release it on the same day or not but we will see. 

-Northern Triad Country-

Within a golden palace at the center of the northern continent lies the great Norman Emperor, His ginger beard neatly trimmed, and his eyes piercing blue. A proud smirk on his face.

"The Poison Clan has all but dissapeared from this world Emperor. We've found countless poisons and medications in the ruins, including the Legacy Gold Flower." - The Emperors Advisor.

"Was the Black Rose found? The Goddess said it must be destroyed." - Norman Emperor.

"Um, about that.. We couldn't find it..." - The Advisor

"WHAT!" The Emperor said as his arm hit's his thrown. "THE GODDESS SAID THE ROSE MUST BE DESTROYED!"

"We suspect the chamber that held the Black Rose was destroyed, we couldn't find anything in the destroyed buildings due to the fire. However if the Black Rose was burned by the fire then you finished the mission that the Goddess set for you yes?" - Advisor

"You better hope the Black Rose is destroyed, if it's not then this kingdom may fall soon, onto other matters. Is the hero summoning ritual ready?" - The Emperor

"The Red Flag Empire has sent messengers letting everyone know the Hero summoning is beginning soon." - Advisor

"Is the ransom ready?" - Emperor

"It's a gift to keep the peace Emperor, not a ransom." - Advisor

"If they didn't have that damnable summoning magic they wouldn't exist anymore, calling themselves the Gods favorites and declaring themselves number one among the kingdoms." - Emperor

"But they do, and the Heroes power has been unmatched each summon, we also need those Heroes to fight the Demon King. After all the revival is sceduled for only 5 more years." - Advisor

"We shall see, send the 'gift'." - Emperor


- Back to the cave -

Sleep? A entity that is almost like a ghost needs sleep, and why did it call me lil poison? I don't understand... Aren't poisons like myself not supposed to be intelligent either? What did READER actually do. I can't trust it, but it's my only option currently, it also seems to not know much more than I do myself. That's a relief I guess.

Hmm my creators body. It doesn't deserve to be left here strewn about to the ground like this.

The poison moves to the edges of the table, making a vibrating sound as it moves.

I believe this method of seeing is called echo location? Well it's usefull after all.

The poison falls off the table hitting the ground with a large SPLAT.

Damage Recieved, MEDIC System online.


It hurts...


Scan Complete

Identity: Poison(Danger= A)

Life Force: 3/10

Mana 0/0

Beginning Healing

A warm feeling fills the poisons soul.

Is this one of the tools that READER said he came with? MEDIC System and the Evolution System. I wonder what other tools he brought... still I'm not a living thing am I? How did I take damage from falling?

Because being my host, no matter if your living or not originally, you gain your own soul.

Didn't you go to sleep.

Yep, but I got jolted awake by a ton of pain.. You do realize I share senses with you right? I really hate pain, now I'm going back to sleep, becareful you might hurt yourself, I wouldn't care but I have to deal with it too.

Alright, READER, READER? You already went to sleep?

Wow that was fast, how tired must READER be. I wonder if the possession is what caused this?


Healing Complete

Life Force 10/10

Feels much better, now back to burying my creator.

The watery poison solidifies it self a small amount, and begins to make a hole in the game, it's size about a finger long, growing bigger the more dirt and stone it digs through. As the minutes pass the hole grows bigger, and the poison has turned dark brown, consuming large amounts of stone and dirt as the seconds past, then the hole is formed. The giant brown mass pulls itself out of the hole via long hardened tentacles, having to use nearly 30 tentacles to pull itself from the ground, several of the tentacles broke as it did. Then the poison uses the tentacles to grab the body of Franz, the poisons creator. Pulling the body inside itself but not consuming it, it builds a coffin around the body. A crystal coffin made out of elements in the stone and dirt it consumed. It lowers the coffin into the hole. Then a large amount of stone and dirt comes out of it's body, filling the hole. Returning to it's original green color. However it's size had increased by a third. 

1 CP Obtained 200 Evolution Points Obtained, New Evolution Options Unlocked

- Conversion MK2

- Genetic Manipulation MK1

- Necrotic Manipulation MK1

- Corpse Manipulation MK1

- Martial Poison Art MK1

Another CP? How did I get one? Also whats all these things with Manipulation in them? I need to wait for the READER to awaken. He can probably help. He's the only one that can open the Evolution System as well. 


-Franz County 344 Evolution Year-

"Professor how is the investigation going." - A man in a General's outfit, within a white facility. 

"The Otherworld does has intelligent races on it, and it has quite a few. According to what READER found on first transfer there is Magic in this world as well." - Professor, aka typical old man in a lab suit. 

"This READER program... what does it do?" - The General

"It's a informant basically. Or a otherworld Spy. Unlike WARMONGER it's not a tool for conquering, but a tool for informational gathering." - Professor

"Have we found out what the natives are like? If they are both intelligent and non warmongering we won't have to conquer this world." - General

"We are unsure, the first thing the READER came across was a old man raving about some Emperor. There was even a Poison Sect. we suspect the level of civilization might still be in the Feudal Era on the Otherworld. But we do think there is hope for a peaceful co-existance. We have yet to find any evidence of a G.O.D. Entity, which means we might not have to deal with one when the Connection begins in 5 years. If we don't need to deal with one living peacefully with natives will be absolutly no problem." - Professor

"Better be, last time we tried to co-exist with a G.O.D. Entity on another world that entity secretly blew up the planet, killing trillions. It didn't even care about the people that believed in it." - General.

"We will see General. In the end it is up to the council to wether we conquer or co-exist in the end afterall." - Professor. 


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