Chapter 137 - Destroy Everything 5


Chapter 137

Destroy Everything 5


The moment Theo’s declaration of war left his lips, he threw a right spinning backfist

Theo threw a right spinning back fist at vigilante Tetrina who was right behind him.

Tetrina instinctively leaned back to dodged his attack and unloaded 3 bullets into his gut in her panic.

Theo fell to the ground face first and pretended to be dead.

If it wasn't for his habit of wearing his chainmail undershirt armor, he would most certainly be dead right now.

The loud gunshots echoed through the station, causing those around to gather around to see what was happening.

This was what Miss Samantha has dubbed as ‘Curious Onlooker Syndrome’ where the masses viewed an incident as a form of entertainment as long as they were not directly involved.

This was also one of the best weapons to use against those who have high sense of justice.

Everyone in the train station has become Theo’s shield.

Naturally, he prefered not to hurt any of them, but he needed this to bridge the gap against his numerically superior opponents

“Tetrina! What the hell did you?!” roared one of the vigilantes

“He suddenly attacked me damn it! What was I supposed to do?!” replied Tetrina

“Stupid girl. Casanova! You can still save him right?”

“Y-yes!” replied the masked individual who was a bit ways off from them.

Theo capitalized on their confusion.

Using his left arm, he tore a piece of concrete from the floor and threw it at Tetrina

Fun Fact: When Theo threw something with all of the strength his left arm can muster (minus the archon battery charge), the velocity of the projectile rivaled that of a pistol.

Even without a gun, Theo’s long range capabilities was still lethal.

The concrete punched a 1 inch hole through Tetrina’s right shoulder.

While Tetrina screamed in agony, Theo got up and ran into the crowd.

“You bastard! You’ll pay for that!”

A spear made of ice appeared on one of the masked vigilante’s hand as he took a stance to throw it.

At this point, the curious onlookers started to run to avoid getting hit in the crossfire.

“Don't do it Lance! You’ll hit the pedestrians!” said the one named Casanova

“Damn it all!” replied Lance as he abandoned his throwing attempt

Lance and the other vigilante ran after Theo while Casanova went to Tetrina.

The unidentified vigilante suddenly disappeared from where he was and appeared behind Theo.

“Holy shit! Teleportation?!”

The teleporter drew a dagger and went for Theo’s back.

Theo left arm caught the teleporter’s knife wielding hand and crushed it like a tomato. He followed through with a knee to the balls and planting his victim’s face into the wall before leaving the poor bloke to suffer his injuries.

If it wasn't for his spydrones, he would have received an unnecessary injury.

He could have killed the teleporter, but he decided against.

It wasn't because he felt a level of kinship to the vigilantes because of their shared ideals.

They sealed their doom the moment they targeted him.

He held back because of the witnesses.

He needed to look like an individual that was heroically struggling against insurmountable odds to get the audience to his side.

While he gives next to none rats ass about what the media and society thought of him, the fear and disappointment of his family weighed heavily on his mind.

Once he wins over the crowd, then he can kill them.

Using the innocent bystanders as shield, Theo ran among the crowd towards the exit.

On route, Theo had the privilege of meeting one of the security guards of the train station. Unlike the hardened veterans of the Hellhole District guards, this one was overweight and clearly just for show.

The moment the rent-a-cop saw Theo, he drew a revolver pistol and took an unsteady aim at him

“F-Freeze! Stop or I’ll S-shoot!”

Naturally, Theo ignored such a pathetic warning and bull rushed towards the poor soul.

The rent-a-cop made good on his word and fired 2 surprisngly accurate shots.

Theo used his left arm to block the shots by angling it just enough so that the bullets would go straight into the ceiling. This way, no one would get hit by stray shots.

Before the rent-a-cop could fire his third shot, Theo planted a painful kick go the man’s pearls followed by a right uppercut to the chin.

Theo mounted the man, grabbed his pistol wielding arm and squeezed it just enough to make it hurt.

“Tell me where your arms locker is before you lose an arm.” said Theo in a threatening manner.

“It’s in the ticketing booth! Please stop! It hurts!” screamed the man.

“Good boy.” replied Theo before taking the pistol and leaving the man to wallow in self pity.

Thanks to his run in with rent-a-cop, the crowd dispersed around them.

This clear line of sight allowed Lance to throw one of his ice spears with no fear of hurting the innocent.

With the assistance of the spydrones, Theo’s left hand caught the ice spear and threw it back with much greater force.

Lance did not expect this counter attack and this costed him his right arm.

The masked vigilante screamed in agony as blood erupted from his wound. His arm lay lifelessly a few meters away.

While this amount of blood loss could easily kill a person, Theo was confident that the vigilante named Casanova could save Lance.

As Theo was about to jog towards the arms locker for some much needed firepower, he saw something that surprised him greatly.

The decapitated arm and all of the blood suddenly vanished without a trace.

Vigilante Lance, on the other hand, was exactly how he looked prior to his disarming injury. Not only was there no trace of injury, even his clothes were undamaged.

The man himself was on his knees, desperately trying to control his erratic breathing. From the looks of it, Lance experienced every bit of pain that was inflicted upon him.

Theo knew this power.

He knew it oh so well.

However, he wasn't sure if this was exactly the power he knew off, or it was something very similar but not quite.

He needed to run some tests to make certain of his hypothesis.

Fortunately, the teleporter appeared right beside him and volunteered to be the test subject.

As he expected, the teleporter had none of the injures he inflicted earlier. He decided to correct this error.

Before the teleporter could launch his attack, Theo shot him in the leg, kicked his gutt, and once the poor bloke was on the ground, use his adamantium arm to squash the vigilante’s head into paste.

The screams of horror from the audience was most exquisite.

Theo quickly backed away while aiming his revolver on the corpse.

Once again, it happened.

Gone were the blood, gore and brain matter that splattered all over the floor. All that remained was the teleporter who was screaming in pain while he clutched his head.

Now he was sure that this power was exactly the power he knew off.

This was called ‘Overwrite’, a god-tier spell that was both a healing and a time manipulation spell. It can heal any form of injury by taking the body’s state 10 seconds in the past and overwriting it on the current body.

Even if you die or even if your body gets obliterated from reality, it didn't matter. This spell will return your body to its state 10 seconds in the past.

Naturally, this spell had massive drawbacks,

First: if you were severely injured 10 seconds ago, this spell will return you to that particular state. It will not heal any injuries.

Second: it costs gargantuan amounts of mana. A normal mage would get turned into dust just by casting Overwrite once.

However, these 2 weakness meant nothing to the current wielder of Overwrite.

The first weakness was counter acted by the fact that the current user was highly skilled in all forms of healing magic.

Overwrite was something he used when the injury was lethal or when the situation does not allow his comrades to be incapacitated.

The second weakness was also irrelevant because the current user had the mana capacity of a demon lord. It will take a lot more than a couple of resurrections to empty his tank.

Why did Theo know so much of this ability?

This was because there was only one person in existence that can pull this spell off.

He scanned the area and immediately spotted the vigilante called Casanova.

The moment their eyes met, Theo gave Casanova an approving smile and a thumbs up.

“And here I thought you were a coward that used pacifism as an excuse to run away when shit hits the fan. Yet here you are, joining a vigilante group! I respect you now! Keep up the good work man!” said Theo to Casanova.

The user of the Overwrite spell was hailed as the greatest white mage of all time and the master of all healing arts.

His full title was ‘The Grand Arch Magus of the Divine Light and the Heavens Sworn Mage Vivi Cornielo’.

Naturally, since Theo knew how Vivi’s magic worked, he obviously developed a simple yet effective means to beat it.

“Well then…. Since you’re the one backing them up, I don't have to hold back anymore!” roared Theo as he ran for the arms locker.

“Stop him!” screamed Tetrina as she open fired with Lance following her lead.

As Theo ran erratically to dodge the shots, he caught one of Lance’s ice spear in mid air and threw it Tetrina.

It punched through her stomach and separated her body into its upper and lower half.

The teleporter appeared in front of him and was shot in the head for his bravery.

Theo then used the temporarily dead teleporter as a shield to block another ice spear from Lance.

He countered this by shooting Lance right between the eyes.

While doing this, Theo felt a dagger being pushed into his ribs. Unfortunately, it wasn't strong enough to punch through his chainmail undershirt

It seemed that the teleporter was revived.

He corrected this by crushing the teleporter’s neck and ripping his head from his shoulders. He then threw the headless corpse into the train tracks, which was then turned into paste by the passing train.

Theo fired the last 2 rounds of the rent-a-cop’s revolver to unlife the newly revived Tetrina and Lance before making a mad dash for the train station’s arms locker within the ticketing booth.

He knew that as long as Vivi was in support duty, his enemies was practically immortal.

Any damage he inflicted on them would only slow them down, but not stop them.

There were 2 ways to win this battle.

First: Kill Vivi

Naturally, Theo would never even consider this option.

Though the 2 of them were in opposing sides at the moment, he viewed Vivi joining the vigilantes very positively, because it was similar to his own efforts of making the world a better place, one dead criminal at a time.

Watching his good friend grow a spine was something magical.

Second: Kill the 3 repeatedly until either their mind breaks from experiencing the pain of death so many times, or until Vivi’s stamina runs out.

Note: Mana =/= Stamina

Mana is related to Magic

Stamina is related to the person’s physical endurance.

Casting spells ment passing mana, a foreign entity, through a person’s body. This was as tiring as a warrior in combat.

While Vivi could conjure near infinite amounts of mana, his body would eventually tire if he was forced to use big spells in rapid succession for extended periods of time.

In order for that plan to succeed, Theo needs a fair bit of firepower.

Fortunately, whoever was manning the ticketing booth was no longer there.

A wise decision, since Theo was planning on beating the poor soul to a pulp if he did not cooperate.

He punched through the glass of the both and proceeded to a heavy locker with a fancy electronic lock.

He transmuted the locker door into dust and took the fine selection of guns from the armory.

1 Remington 870 shotgun

2 Smith & Wesson M&P9 pistols

4 Flashbang grenades

There were actually more guns in the armory, but Theo did not have the strength boost of his Z49 Scout Armor to carry it all with him.

Given how big their difference in skill were, it was only right for him to take some handicaps to even the odds a bit.

With his blood pumping and his guns loaded, Theo set of to show the young whippersnappers what happens when they mess with a veteran


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