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Chapter 33

Heroic Bloodshed 2


1 hour later

HAA Hero Course Satellite Camp Sports Field

The Hero Course was split into 6 ranks similar to the standard Hero rankings.

This was from E (lowest) to A (highest) with S as Unmeasurable power.

Technically speaking, S rankers were the strongest of the bunch, but not all of them were ‘strong’ in a normal sense.

Some were indeed monstrous like Mary Sue, while others had absolutely no power like Dorothy Boreal (her identity as Vulture was kept secret).

Now, for some weird reason, Theo stood in front of the S Rank group.

“Congratulations maggots of S-3. We have some fresh meat for the grinder. You already head of him for sure. I present to you Theodore Lorne. Similar to Juno Saiga of S-1, Young Lorne here will join us in training but he’s not going to be registered as a Hero.” Said the large burly man beside Theo.

This man was Baron Emmanuel von Surge.

He was the head combat instructor of the HAA Hero Course Division and was also the leader of HAA’s military division.

Despite being a noble, Mr. Surge was a man of action and it showed on how he lived his life.

After Mr. Surge’s brief introduction, one of the 12 students of S-3 raised his hand.

“Permission to speak granted, Argus Leonidas. You have a complaint, yes?” said Mr. Surge

“Indeed sir. I mean no disrespect, but I think Theodore Lorne may not be qualified to join the S rankers” said Argus.

Argus Leonidas was a direct descendant of the famed King Leonidas of Sparta during Ancient Greece.

As such, he had a small amount of divinity that stemmed the mythical hero Hercules, which the Spartans considered as their ancestors.

This divine linage gave Argus super strength, high endurance and a general affinity for combat.

As a linage that prioritized in strength, Argus’ skepticism was understandable.

He didn’t sound like a condescending cunt either.

He was literally worried that Theo would be able to withstand the S rank curriculum.

Theo decided to follow Argus’ lead.

Before Mr. Surge could answer Argus, Theo raised his hand.

“Oh? Speak Theodore Lorne” said Mr. Surge

“I agree with Argus Leonidas. I think me being assigned to the S ranks is a mistake.” Said Theo.

Truth be told, Theo was terrified of the S rankers.

His experience with Asura (an A ranker) has taught him how powerful these Superhero brats were.

The very idea of him training with people that were stronger than Asura was too horrifying to think about.

“I understand your doubts, but the one that suggested for you to be here was Miss Samantha herself. If it’s her, then it’s safe to assume that she thinks highly of your skill” replied Mr. Surge

“That stupid hag!” cursed Theo.

While he was a bit angry at Miss Samantha for forcing Theo into a path of broken bones and crushed internal organs, the main reason for his rage was that her ‘suggestion’ was as good as a legally binding contract in HAA.

Theo couldn’t escape even if he wanted to.

“HAHAHAHA! Normally I would have bashed your face in for disrespecting a teacher, but Miss Samantha is worthy of every curse you can throw at her!” said Mr. Surge.

Despite acting like a kind old lady, those who knew Miss Samantha long enough knew that she was a snake at her core.

Most of the teacher staff did their best to avoid interacting with her more than bare minimum.

“*sigh*… let’s just get this over with so I can go to the infirmary.” Said Theo

“Oh? Making excuses to skip your very first day?” said in Argus in a teasing manner.

“I don’t need to. Someone from this group will beat me bad enough to send me there anyways.” Replied Theo in a defeated manner.

All of the S-3 students couldn’t even laugh at that joke.

While the students knew that Theo had more actual kill-or-be-killed combat experience than them due to Black Bible incident, they also knew that his body was that of a normal human being.

All 12 of the S-3 students were all superhuman.

It was obvious how any practice battle would turn out.

“Then let’s not waste any time. Argus, you’ll be his sparing partner. Let’s see how good Miss Samantha’s pupil really is” said Mr. Surge

Like a true soldier, Argus saluted in response.

Theo and Argus were outfitted with training weapons and protective armor.

Argus had a rubber sword and shield.

Despite being rubber, it weighed like the real thing and getting hit by it still hurt like hell.

In Theo’s case, it was a paint ball M&P 9 Shield pistol.

Naturally, it weighed the same as the original and also hurt like hell when shot at.

Nice. Very Nice.

Their battle ground was on the very center of the field for all to see.

Even the other classes were gathered around Theo’s battle.

It seemed that they were also curious of what Miss Samantha’s teaching would result into.

With a sigh, Theo resigned to his fate and prepared for battle.

After checking if both combatants were ready, Mr. Surge stood by the sidelines and raised his hand.

“Ready, FIGHT!”

There was 10 meters between them, but that didn’t give Theo any breathing room as Argus shrunk that distance in 3 steps

As you’d expect of a Spartan.

Theo didn’t even bother to run because he knew he couldn’t escape.

Goes to show how dependent he was on the physical amplification of his power armor.

Fortunately, he was fighting Argus on a 1 on 1 duel. He didn’t need to use his brain overclocking to keep up.

Argus threw a straight sword thrust.

As per Wick Style SOP, He dodged to the left as he shot Argus in the right thigh.

Argus cringed in pain but powered through.

Argus threw a barrage of strikes at Theo.

Theo bobbed and weaved with all of his might as he kept circling to his left.

Every time he dodged, he fired a single shot into Argus’ right leg.

All the shots were focused on 4 locations: thigh, joint that connected the leg to the torso, joint that connected the upper and lower leg, heel

In the bigger scheme of things, all of Theo’s shots seemed to do nothing since it would take live rounds to hurt Argus enough to make a difference.

Naturally, Theo had a plan of his own.

For now, he had to be patient.

And truth be told, he didn’t really need to wait that long.

“You bastard! Fight me seriously!” roared Argus as his strikes increased in mindless ferocity.

Got to love that hot blooded Spartan mindset

At this point, Theo completely abandoned offense and focused on dodging.

It’s painful to admit, but without his spy drones, power armor and all his tech, he was just a normal human with above average ability.

There was no way he’d match Argus unless he used lethal force.

With no means to win or even bring it to a tie, Theo decided to lose in the best possible manner.

“Damn. I really hope she’s ready.”

Theo carefully watched Argus’ increasingly reckless sword strikes until he threw the one slash that Theo was waiting for.

It was a horizontal slash aimed at Theo’s right shoulder.

Theo pretended to be unable to dodge the blow and endured the bone crushing pain that shot through his body.

Theo was blown back 5 meters and slammed painfully into the ground.

He stood up and noticed that his right arm couldn’t even move anymore.

“Hmmm…. That’s going to leave a mark” said Theo is a calm manner despite him screaming in agony on the inside.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorr-” said Argus but before he could finish his sentence, a blunt piece of metal pierced his leg.

From the many people in the audience came Juno with the umbrella Theo made for her.

While the umbrella was made to be strong, Theo never expected it to work as a spear.

Though Argus was caught off guard, he reacted like a veteran warrior threw a back fist into his attacker.

However, the moment he saw it was Juno who attacked him, his attack faltered.

This window allowed Juno to pull out her umbrella and bashed Argus in the face .

“YOU BITCH!” said some random female onlooker as streak of fire shot from her fingertips.

Probably one of Argus’ many admirers

Juno opened her umbrella and angled in just enough for the fire ball to bounce into Argus.

Naturally, the Spartan descendant was able to block the fire ball with ease.

Other girls in the crowd began moving to attack Juno, but they immediately stop in their tracks when Juno took out a very terrifying weapon hidden in her umbrella.

It was a simple fireman’s axe, but the way she twirled it with dexterous skill was a clear sign that she has used it extensively

And Juno was poised to use it indeed.

“JUNO! STAND DOWN!” roared Theo.

A second later, all of Juno’s killing intent evaporated.

She returned the axe in the umbrella and, much to everyone shock and to Theo’s great annoyance, silently knelt in front of Theo like a subservient knight.



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    ginobi47 @ginobi47 ago

    Theo was hoping for Juno interfere.

    And since his opponent is a guy, the reluctance to bitch slap a pretty girl is quite expected.

    What he didnt expect was Juno publicly showing that she was subservient to Theo

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      ginobi47 @ginobi47 ago

      It's because she kneeled to him in front of many people that pissed him off.

      Thanks to that, he now has to deal with rumors and other annoyances common with highschool

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