Heavenly Will

Heavenly Will

by Norticus97

The world of five continents. It’s a world of no magic. A world were martial cultivators stand at the summit. A world where the strong prey on the weak. A world…of immortals.

Qing Yun. A name that stood at the peak of the world of the five continents. It was the name of a young man who stood between the strong. A young man known as Asura. A young man known as a heavenly saint. He killed millions, he saved thousands. He was known as the weak whom the strong feared. A young man who…reached the end of his life at the age of 21.

But…it was not the end. Who was the one that spoke to him in his last moments? It was a voice that sounded so domineering that it could shake the heaven itself. It was the voice that will change Qing Yun’s destiny forever.

Being given a second chance to live, Qing Yun was reborn in this world of immortals again. With a new life and a new family will he be able to protect his loved ones this time? Will he be able to save those whom he let down in his previous life?

Follow the story of this young man on his journey to immortality and his struggle…against the heaven…


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Word Count (VII)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Will of Heaven ago
Chapter 2 - Reason to Live ago
Chapter 3 - Poison ago
Chapter 4 - A New Hope - Part 1 - Reminiscence ago
Chapter 5 - A New Hope - Part 2 - Heavenly Tribulation ago
Chapter 6 - A Hew Hope - Part 3 - Ten Years ago
Chapter 7 - A New Hope - Part 4 - I am back ago
Chapter 8 - Leaving the Past Behind ago
Chapter 9 - Star God Breathing Technique ago
Chapter 10 - Primordial God Physique ago
Chapter 11 - Qing Yun Cultivates ago
Chapter 12 - Mysterious Expert ago
Chapter 13 - The Market ago
Chapter 14 - Subdue Them With Arrogance ago
Chapter 15 - A Mighty Slap To The Face ago
Chapter 16 - The Lunar Silk Coat ago
Chapter 17 - The Truth From Back Then, Symbol Master ago
Chapter 18 - Qing Yun's Strength ago
Chapter 19 - Xu Ya Inn, Tao Lin ago
Chapter 20 - Su Fen's Killing Intent ago
Chapter 21 - 1 Against 8, Qing Yun Displaying His Might ago
Chapter 22 - Face Off Against Xiantian ago
Chapter 23 - Blood Devouring Art ago
Chapter 24 - Jia Xinyi, Meeting The Requirements For Symbol Master ago
Chapter 25 - Soul Awakening Formation ago
Chapter 26 - Three Martial Arts ago
Chapter 27 - Extreme Cold Qi ago
Chapter 28 - Extreme Yin Body ago
Chapter 29 - Symbol Formation Over The City ago
Chapter 30 - Fighting Against Xiantian ago
Chapter 31 - Golden Demonic Eyes ago
Chapter 32 - The Changes In The Five Continents, True Realm ago
Chapter 33 - Mortal Tattoo ago
Chapter 34 - Ice Phoenix Frigid Sun ago

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The premise is interesting, although it may need some work this story has a lot of potential.

From the looks of it, the author's writing style it's still in it's early stages. Of course that's not something bad, it means that it can become much better in the future.

The characters till now are intersting and by how the author seems to put a lot of effort just to create the first heroine while giving some clues for the next ones, I think we can expect some more awesome characters in the future.

Go for it!! I hope you make it a good story!! Don't let us down!!!!


 This feels like reading Against the Gods.

Anyways, is the author dead? why aren't there more updates?


the biggest problem i have with this novel is the pacing. it takes him 11 chapter to start cultivation, thats cool, then you describe him cultivating for half a chapter. then 4 chapters of meeting arrogant young master, about 7 chapters of fighting, 1 chapter of him cultivating, 1 of his techniques and the rest fighting again.

of course there is some backstory in between those things.

this is very painful to read,because there is absolutely no progress for a lot of chapters coupled with your slow release speed. within one chapter nothing is going to happen if you want to read about him actually training a little bit you have to stock tens of chapters.

31 chapters in and i've skipped about 15 and could always continue reading without missing anything,which means you spend too much time on things that dont matter right now.

if you combine the content of 2-3 chapters into one, it would be well paced.


Feels like elements of ATG and AST were woven together to create this.  I sorta liked both of these novels.  It suffers from the same disease as most Chinese Xianxia novels, redundant trash talking before fights, cliche sayings like:

"This trash dares to have thoughts on her? That’s seeking death?"

“Trash will always be trash!” 

“Brat, who the hell are you? You actually dare to interfere in this young master business? It seems you don’t value your life!” 

These are not a problem as such, but when the chapter focuses on these aspects more than the actual story progression, it takes away from the depth a reader can submerge themselves into the story.  Using multiple chapters for said fights suck the desire to continue the story for the reader, I've seen quite a few of these stories pop up on RR and I can only imagine the authors of these stories got tired of writing these scenarios, just as the readers get tired of reading the same ole same ole 'filler' and having to wait 5 chapters before the story progresses. 

Thank you for sharing this story, I hope you continue writing and improving on your written word, and consider this review as 'creative critism'.

"Man cannot live on rice alone."

Doaist xuanlong

Enjoying so Far but the slow updates are getting to me  there is a whole lot of potential in it just waiting to be unearthed the main character need more building upor fleshing out, so we can understand his mind set so do the side characters like his sister I thought she would be more overprotective of her brother given his past status I mean it's not just going to change all of a sudden