Seeking Elysium

by AcquiHime

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Elysium Ling is a returnee. She’s been to an alternate world, coerced into fighting their wars, and somehow returned alive.

Now, 13 years later, she finds herself again taken to a foreign world – this time, by her own choice. Not the same world that she returned from, but a foreign world nonetheless. There, struggling in an unknown world, utterly alone, she has a chance encounter with a young lady with a lovely voice. An encounter which would spark a chain of events that would irrevocably shape the world around them.

That young lady’s name is Rosalind. This is her story.


Disclaimer/Trigger Warnings (Please Read!)




Notes on Relation to Lily Ex Machina

While this story is intended to be a sequel to my first work, Lily Ex Machina (LxM), I will be writing it in a manner that does not require readers to have read LxM to understand it. While having read LxM will likely enhance your enjoyment of this work(I hope), I am intending for this story to be able to stand on its own legs. As such, certain worldbuilding elements that I have expanded upon in LxM will likely be repeated in Seeking Elysium(SEly). As such, for newcomers, it should not be an issue to follow this story without prior knowledge of LxM. On the other hand, for my returning readers, I do beg your forgiveness for forcing you to read through stuff you already know. I’ll do my best to try and make it interesting, but no guarantees of success, I’m afraid.

On the other hand, if you’re a newcomer to this series and enjoy SEly, I do hope you’ll take the time to read Lily Ex Machina as well, if only to get more information of the backstories of some characters.


Update Schedule

I will only post completed volumes on RRL; if you would like to follow the story while it is ongoing, you may do so at my website. I update twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. Supporters on my Patreon get access to chapters a day earlier.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 1 Chapter 0: A Finished Story ago
Volume 1 Chapter 1: In Memoriam ago
Volume 1 Chapter 2: An Annoying Person ago
Volume 1 Chapter 3: A New World ago
Volume 1 Chapter 4: Thirst ago
Volume 1 Chapter 5: An Unfurnished Room ago
Volume 1 Chapter 6: In Pursuit of Knowledge ago
Volume 1 Chapter 7: On the Applications of Magic ago
Volume 1 Chapter 8: Intentions and Stories ago
Volume 1 Chapter 9: A Tale of the Past ago
Volume 1 Chapter 10: Gaps ago
Volume 1 Chapter 11: New Employment ago
Volume 1 Chapter 12: A New Aesthetic ago
Volume 1 Chapter 13: The First Night ago
Volume 1 Chapter 14: Cleaning Up ago
Volume 1 Chapter 15: A Second Meeting ago
Volume 1 Chapter 16: Of Gods and Faith ago
Volume 1 Chapter 17: Stirrings ago
Volume 1 Chapter 18: Shopping ago
Volume 1 Chapter 19: Nursing Wounds ago
Volume 1 Chapter 20: Recovery ago
Volume 1 Chapter 21: Peaceful Days ago
Volume 1 Chapter 22: On Misfortunes ago
Volume 1 Chapter 23: The Tax Collector Cometh ago
Volume 1 Chapter 24: Personal Finance ago
Volume 1 Chapter 25: An Alternative ago
Volume 1 Chapter 26: Opening Night ago
Volume 1 Chapter 27: Afterglow ago
Volume 1 Chapter 28: Questionable Practices ago
Volume 1 Chapter 29: Opportunity ago
Volume 1 Chapter 30: The Eccentric Merchant ago
Volume 1 Chapter 31: Negotiations ago
Volume 1 Chapter 32: Disagreement ago
Volume 1 Chapter 33: Franchising ago
Volume 1 Chapter 34: Reconciliation ago
Volume 1 Chapter 35: Errands ago
Volume 1 Chapter 36: Prelude to Destiny ago
Volume 1 Chapter 37: First Concert ago
Volume 1 Chapter 38: Start of a Journey ago
Volume 1 - A note from the Editor ago
Volume 2 Chapter 1: A Brief Introduction ago
Volume 2 Chapter 2: Initiative ago
Volume 2 Chapter 3: Pursuit ago
Volume 2 Chapter 4: Confrontation ago
Volume 2 Chapter 5: Employment Pitch ago
Volume 2 Chapter 6: Banter ago
Volume 2 Chapter 7: First Impressions ago
Volume 2 Chapter 8: Homecoming ago
Volume 2 Chapter 9: A Spot of Exercise ago
Volume 2 Chapter 10: Tailors and Tutors ago
Volume 2 Chapter 11: Disturbance ago
Volume 2 Chapter 12: An Old Acquaintance ago
Volume 2 Chapter 13: Practical Demonstration ago
Volume 2 Chapter 14: Night Lessons ago
Volume 2 Chapter 15: Theoretical Possibility ago
Volume 2 Chapter 16: Resound ago
Volume 2 Chapter 17: Sounds Magical ago
Volume 2 Chapter 18: A Final Test ago
Volume 2 Chapter 19: A Sound Idea ago
Volume 2 Chapter 20: Anneliese ago
Volume 2 Chapter 21: Improvisations ago
Volume 2 Chapter 22: A Field of Stars ago
Volume 2 Chapter 23: A New Start ago
Volume 2 Chapter 24: Lingering Attachments [END] ago
Volume 2 Editor's Note ago
Volume 3 Chapter 1: Opener ago
Volume 3 Chapter 2: Wrap Party ago
Volume 3 Chapter 3: Conference Call ago
Volume 3 Chapter 4: Paperwork ago
Volume 3 Chapter 5: The Chancellor ago
Volume 3 Chapter 6: For Your Sake ago
Volume 3 Chapter 7: Rooftop Altercation ago
Volume 3 Chapter 8: Hard at Work ago
Volume 3 Chapter 9: Alpha ago
Volume 3 Chapter 10: Security Details ago
Volume 3 Chapter 11: Actors on a Stage ago
Volume 3 Chapter 12: Crescendo ago
Volume 3 Chapter 13: Detained ago
Volume 3 Chapter 14: Return ago
Volume 3 Chapter 15: Situation Report ago
Volume 3 Chapter 16: Press Release ago
Volume 3 Chapter 17: Playacting ago
Volume 3 Chapter 18: Lies and Secrets ago
Volume 3 Chapter 19: Rosalind and the Emperor ago
Volume 3 Chapter 20: Public Execution ago
Volume 3 Chapter 21: Coronation ago
Volume 3 Editor's Note ago

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Moist Nugget

Ngl, when I first came across this story, I thought ot was going tl be the same rehashed 'sent to another world, but I'm OP' story. But low and behold it turns out that it's slice of life AND it's good at it.

The grammar is top notch, can't recall seeing an error in either grammar or spelling. Props for that since we are talking about RRL

The story is slice of life with a tiny hint of action, overall it's not bad, but what really gives it some 'oomf' is the idol stuff. It actually reminds me of what Erin Soltices did with actors in the story "The wandering Inn" but extremely well done and thought out.

The characters are pretty well done as well, although I'd love it if the Author explained why he wrote "incest and homoxesuality"  in the description since we're 2 volumes in and nothing like that has occurred, not even a hint of it. 


The style is also phenominal, it's written like a story book with the MC writting everything down and reading it outloud to somebody.


Only thing that confuses me is why there aren't any more reviews, there are also almost no comments in the chaps. This story has the grammar, the story, a direction and believable characters, while there are stories like the 'invisible dragon' still getting joke reviews after all these years. 


This was way better than the prequel. 

Style: I really enjoyed the style that this was written in. It was definitely an improvement from Lily Ex Machina.

Story: Admittedly, I thought this was going to have more action, but this type of story is fine too. It was really interesting and the direction that the story went was definitely not what I expected, but I think that was what made me like it more.

Grammar: Pretty much perfect.

Character: I really like the characters, especially the brief appearance of Yingquan. I laughed my ass off because of her little note and her personality is what I wish deities had. 


Its great but its not completed.

Reviewed at: Volume 3 Editor's Note

This should not have the completed tag. 

The work is still ongoing and can be found here:

With that said the story as it currently stands is really enjoyable. There are references to the previous work but they are so far quite limited outside of the characther Ruth. 

If you enjoy stories where combat very much takes a side line I recommend giving this a read. Its very obvious that this work is written with alot of care and love. 



This story is a hidden gem; I seriously don't know how it has remained so unpopular, especially when it is so much better than some of the stories on the rankings. While the story may start as a story about a reincarnated OP MC, the focus is anything but. It is about

Spoiler: Spoiler

The genre is mostly SoL, written as a memoir from different perspectives of whatever character the new volume is focusing on. Of course, there is training done and OP-ness being gained (or already obtained), but no major conflicts as of the end of Volume 2. However, there are many not-so-subtle hints dropped that suggest major conflict and (possibly?) lots of fighting down the road.

Style: Feels very unique, especially love the Editor Notes! It's been a SoL story up to where I've read, and the author portrays the easygoing, fluffy feeling perfectly. There are also no stat charts or blue screens.

Grammar: Grammar is at a professional level, and I have not seen any mistakes so far. As a native English speaker, the whole story sounds completely natural to me and is very cohesive and flows extremely well.

Story: The start is quite misleading; it is not about a reincarnated OP MC fighting everyone in this new world, not even close. For an extremely simple one sentence summary of what this story is about, see my previous spoiler. If you don't want this story the be spoiled, then what are you still reading my review for? GO READ THE STORY!

Character: Main characters feel real; they are constructed very well and are given much depth - even side characters have a clear personality. Side characters also reappear in the story, supporting the plot and not being thrown away after they are used. Each volume is written from a different perspective, and in each the characteristics of every person is conveyed clearly and consistently. The feeling of exploring the world with the characters is present, rather than the feeling of reading about what the characters did that we often come across in most stories these days.

Overall, the story is a definite 5/5 with a relaxing storyline following realistic characters. Written in a unique style with no issues in legibility, this is the perfect read if you are looking for a story to relax and laugh along to.

P.S. - Remember to rate the story!


This is just as good if not better than Lily ex machina. Though there is less action it makes up for it with story that manages to stay interesting despite all of the business talk. The characters development is good and we can understand how th characters logically or emotionally came to their decisions and trains of thought.the pacing flows nicely and the story is fluid the only issue I have is it can be slow at times. Overall it’s looking good.

P.S I miss iris,it broke my heart when she died 


Only one caveat, and not a fatal one.

Reviewed at: Volume 3 Editor's Note

I would give this full marks except for one thing: it ends in a chapter that explicitly says the story will be continued, in the same format as two previous chapters that were followed by... more chapters. So, read, enjoy, and expect a cliff ending. It's still worth it.