Tales of the Necromancer Supreme

by LCSpartan051

Original HIATUS Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Short Story Magic Male Lead School Life

The universe is vast and filled with varied worlds and magics. Creatures who warp the fabric of reality and entities often mistaken for gods roam around going about with their lives. Witness the universe through the tales of one of the most powerful, yet absent-minded, beings: Kurt Ambrose, Necromancer Supreme.

Hear how he caused Ragnarok as a part of a college prank, how he causes mass panic when he tries to go to dragoncon in the mortal world, and how his accidental actions shape the path the universe takes. All these and more are contained in this collection of tales relating to the Necromancer Supreme.


Releases will be sporadic initially, but I will probably settle into a schedule soonish. Also the format is going to be like a series of short stories, at least for now. Some overarching plot elements will be present though. Also feel free to point out grammar errors. 

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