Re:Oni /Dropped/

Re:Oni /Dropped/

by For Research

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

One day two god summons Homura Sadashi and her classmates. Then sends them to fantasy word as heroes except her because she insulted one of two gods. Because of that she didn't sent as a hero but reincarnated as small imp in a dungeon. She did received cheat but not from two gods.

All of her classmates can shoot fireball, send sword wave, summon companion, create army, summon modern arms and control weather it is amazing but only thing Sadashi need is her fists

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For Research

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Greem Reeper

Good story but no editor

Good and original(or at least not really common) story but the lack of editor spoil the story but I will still read it because I really like it!! 😸


Perhaps the marks I've given it are a bit higher than they should be. It's easy to tell that some of the chapters lacked an editor, but the author has stated that they are looking for one. Despite the spelling and grammatical errors the tone of the story and the MC make this a fun read. 

The story is interesting though perhaps a bit fast paced, I'd liked to have read more about her adventures in the dungeon. I think it would be interesting to read of her trials and tribulations of soloing a dungeon. 

But issues aside, I believe in a good story and I feel that this one has started on the right track. It feels fun and light-hearted, bringing a smile to my face and an eagerness to read more. 

So why the high scores? The style is simple and has an easy flow. The majority of the grammer is pretty decent and the spelling errors are few. The story is interesting and the character seems fun. 


Great story, bad grammar, writing style can be fixed

Ok im not a genius write, heck im not even a good or average one but i like this story and just wanted to get my opinion about it to see if the issues with the story can be fixed i read the story until now which is chapter 10 and honestly i love it but the problem is about the grammar and the fact that the author writes a few unnecesary things which can be left unsaid and replaced by something better.

First of all the grammar even though the story is a good read the grammar is quite bad to say the least im guessing english is not your native language so i recommend toget someone to first read your text and fix the errors.

Second issue would be the fact that you write the "time skip" in every, well, time skip which is not necessary and could be replaced by something else.

Last of all would be something which is honestly quite insigificant which is the things which are said by the "system" you should write them in somthing like brackets since it's something not said by a living being or human but a machine like structure {} []

welp this is the only reason i give the amount of stars i gave if this is fixed i would give more.

Good luck wth your story and love it.


The horrible grammar that I can see from the description deters me from even opening the first chapter, I already get enough of this from, I don't need more broken English. Now author, I'm not hating on the content of your story, if anything it sounds interesting, its just that I think grammar can make or break a story. Its obvious that English isn't your first language and I won't fault you for it, I just dont want to have to decipher a potentially great story. Honestly, on stories with grammar lime I'd normally only give 1 star, but I thought yours seemed interesting. Fix the grammar and make it legible and I'll update my review


I'm not good at english so don't expect a advance review! its pretty good, i like the character and the story so far and can't wait for more.


Pretty much the same as what Rikki said.  She has an overpowered skill set because she was from some sort of martial clan back on Earth.  Then she just romps her way through everyone she sees. 


It's a fun story with a hero who has well hidden her real potential to her classmate ! Moreover, the origin of her strenght remains interesting and mysterious.wink



I don't like Reading .. But i like this

Meh, i'm not good at english... but its the only language i know.. so don't expect a fancy advance review! its pretty good, i like the character and the story so far and can't wait for more.   have to wait but dun wanna. 

character = badass so far, no Spoilers!foot-in-mouth