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I have some things to note. 

1. This chapter is entirely in third person, as I'm experimenting. (Story will still be mainly first-person)

2. Another reason for third person is to tie up some loose ends with the main story.

3. Finally, from Korriban to Corellia, is now one Volume, and each Planet being a Planetary Arc. 


So, the Corellia Planetary Arc will be the last Arc for the Volume. 

Obviously, then, this Arc's ending will be very... different... and similar to what someone suggested in the comments before.

This makes it less confusing for me and better to organise things, and if they ever return to planets it will be such as. 

Corellia (Return) Korriban (Events). Something like that.





Third Person

As Darth Mektis swiftly defeated the five Jedi Masters, looking towards them, not in anger, but simply disappointment.

They were simply too weak, for the likes of him...

Born as a Sith Pureblood, his ability in the Force was unparalleled among the Sith, other than the Emperor and his the Children of the Emperor, none could say to match him.

He believed the Force to be the ultimate power, and the Dark Side to be the Pinnacle of Ultimate Power.

However, this was also his weakness.

His unwillingness to establish a power base based on anything else other than powerful Force Users brought forth many weaknesses.

Sith were the type to always undermine each other, therefore, Darth Mektis's power base was incredibly divided.

Another thing was his arrogance towards those not using the Force, even killing several Moffs for disobeying him, the Dark Council attempted to strike him down.

But, in raw power alone, no member of the Council could defeat him, only with cunning and external help could on defeat him.

Darth Alogio seeing how powerful Mektis was, asked for allegiance and in return offered him battles with the Jedi, hearing of this and wishing to battle the Jedi, he accepted.

Darth Alogio was, after all, one of the few Dark Council Seats against the Treaty of Coruscant, mainly due to her father's death towards the Jedi.

With Darth Mektis joining Darth Alogio, her power base became far more stable.

With a pause, the Vigo moved forward and asked, "Mektis! Have the Jedi been---"

Before the Vigo could continue, he heard a voice coming from Darth Mektis, "Eregis has... Descended on to Corellia..."

Pausing for a second, if one could see through the dark, then they would see a Darth Mektis in deep contemplation before continuing, "Interesting..."

Then beginning to continue, the Vigo's troops continued their movement, as did Mektis with the Vigo himself.

Walking through the streets of Corellia, was a middle-aged human man with visible signs of ageing.

Tiring as he walked, he took a seat on a nearby bench, uncaring of the destruction happening only a mere half an hour walk away.

Taking a deep breath, at first glance he was just another person.

But, deep within him was a hatred, darkness, rage, all controlled and kept, unlike others.

This was Darth Eregis, very different to what most people suspect when seeing him for the first time, he was unlike most Sith, well, most Sith under the command of Darth Deragus were similar.

Several Dark Council Seats commented on the unorthodox viewpoints of what it meant to be a Sith set by Darth Deragus was.

Many assassinations took place, but none were successful of course.

Sith in the hundreds appealed to the Emperor's Voice, however, the Voice only replied, that the Emperor had become silent...

Meanwhile as Maso Tin was speeding towards Shaange, seeing all the Black Sun Agents and people held hostage, he decided that Shaange could wait a bit.

Rescuing hostages and taking care of the Black Sun Troops, he felt bad for taking more time but knew this was his duty as a Jedi.

"Sir Vigo! There is a Jedi here!". A Black Sun Agent was sending a message through a Holo Projector, he didn't dare to have a conversation as he felt that it was unwise when the Vigo was busy.

Moments later after he sent the message, he was flown to the wall, though hitting the wall with a hard impact it was nowhere enough to kill him, but just enough to knock him unconscious.

The last he saw being a moving green light as he hit the wall.

As Maso Tin swept through all the Black Sun Agents and rescued people, uncaring of how much time passed, he simply continued. 

Meanwhile, Maso Tin's Padawan, Jarase Loos was in the Jedi Temple, thinking of what to do. 

Born in poverty, the moment he was discovered as Force Sensitive, his mother immediately took him to the Jedi Temple. 

Though it was with great difficulty that she did so, her husband died as a soldier serving the Republic, however, due to some issues. 

The remuneration death fund never came, some said it was due to the corrupt colonel that Jarase's father was working under. 

Others claimed that it was because there was an incident where pirates stole the remuneration death fund and others...

However without any evidence or solid backing, the Republic simply ignored it, due to this, Jarase's mother found great difficulty as she was pregnant with Jarase just a few months before Jarase's father's death.

Due to this, unwanting for Jarase to suffer the same fate as her, she immediately gave Jarase to the Jedi and asked that Jarase simply is told that he was an orphan...

This was indeed, what was told to him, however, his natural curiosity gave him to the truth. 

Due to this, in a way, he was in a way, determined a rogue by the Council.

He had no fixed Master and didn't even go near the Jedi Temple until he met Maso Tin. 

That was what at least, everyone thought...

Meanwhile, Master Dan was looking inside his quarters, hidden there was the Mask of the Ancient Sith, Narva Worso. 

Countless times, he attempted to destroy the Mask, but every time resulted in a failure. 

Even his lightsaber was shorted out touching the Mask, and using the Force on it seemed difficult...

To this very day he was continuously trying.

At the Jedi Temple, there were four people, one was Master Rarza who was slightly arrogant, but at the same time, knowing and wise enough to realize he was wrong. 

Another of the four was a Jedi once Master Rarza's Padawan, however, he himself was now a Jedi Master, but not yet on the Council. 

The other two being, the Padawan of Master Rarza's former Padawan and the last being Master Nomil, another Seat on the Council. 

A strange silence was present between the four, with the aid of each other, they could clearly sense the movement of Darth Mektis who decided to no longer restrict himself. 

His presence was terrifying, all the Jedi Acolytes and Padawans, except for a few were being mentally guarded by the Jedi Knights who they themselves could barely withstand the presence. 

It was only due to the close connectedness the four had that they could resist the presence of Darth Mektis, to in a way, create a barrier around the entire Temple. 

If not for such a barrier, even the Jedi Knights would be unable to stand up properly, simply terrifying and unimaginable was the raw power in the Force possessed by Darth Mektis. 

Following through the sewer system was, Darth Mektis, behind was the Vigo and his troops, all afraid to come to close. 

Both Master Rayga and another Seat of the Council wished to flood the sewers, but Master Yeras saw such an action as craziness embodied. 

Without proper beforehand procedure, to flood the sewer system was to create an event which would prevent for roughly a fifth of the planet's sewers to stop working. 

However, at the same time, this wasn't as bad if Darth Mektis came to fight the Jedi Council with the Jedi, as many saw Darth Mektis be too powerful for the entire Council.

Due to this, many wished to call reinforcements from the Republic, but Master Yeras had only two words, "No need..."

He wished to fight...







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