?A wish is wish because it was never meant to become true ????? That is what I believe?
Prologue: ? Promise ?

That day the moonlit sky shone a blazing red.

Raging flames razed the earth purging all in its path leaving only ashes behind. Even so not a single sound could be heard except for the sound of the roaring flames. Everything was destroyed and no life could endure such harsh environment.

Amidst the living inferno lies a single house.

Roofless and consumed by flames, it was at the brink of destruction. Everyone was supposed to be dead yet in that single house there were signs of life. It was faint but soft sounds of breathing could be heard inside the house.

Somewhere inside the house a pair of twins of male and female with burnt and bloodied clothes was sitting against each other’s back staring at the sky dreamily as if in a trance ignoring everything around them. Both of them were identical yet they were not entirely the same.

Their long hair, uncut since they were born were of the same length but one of them was a reddish-blonde like the colour of the sunset while the other was a silvery-blonde much like the colour of the moon currently above them. Two pair of lustrous eyes shone a blazing red and an azure blue matching the twin’s hair feature.

Slowly, they started to whisper to each other continuing each other’s words.

“Everyone… “

“Everyone is dead. There is no one left to control us, to hurt us or…”

“…to love us.”

“From now on we are free. Free and alone. But…”

“Hey, do you think we will die? If both of us die then that’s the end…? No, I don’t want that. We’ll live on…”

“…live and prevail to the very end.”

They stopped staring at the sky and faced each other. Red meets blue. It was as if they were looking into a mirror only with different colours in them. They gazed silently into each other eyes, both understanding the other’s intentions.

“If we…”

“…if one of us dies then, the one alive will live for the other. Living on and keep moving forward. Because…”

“…I am you…”

“…and you are me.”

They closed their eyes and intertwined their hands with each other while pulling their body as close as they can.



““It’s a promise.””

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