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Chapter 98: Five idiots.
"The Guo clan are not just planning on spying on the remains of the Yang clan, they are planning on completely destroying them and taking all their resources for themselves. Once they have managed to finish the Yang clan, they will start moving against the Yun clan."
Wan Yi had a solemn expression as she spoke. Not only was the Guo clan planning on taking down the Yang clan, they were even going to take down the Yun clan. If they managed to take down both clans and steal all their resources, they would easily become the largest clan of the three continents.
"Move against the Yun clan? The Yun clan and Guo clan are almost completely equal in power, just taking the resources from the Yang clan won't allow them to become strong enough to take down the Yun clan."
Yun Yantian shook after hearing Wan Yi's words. Did the Guo clan really think that they could grow strong enough to crush the Yun clan just because they swallowed the remains of the Yang clan?
"They have gotten help. These people didn't know who, but the Guo clan has recently gotten aided by an unknown organization. Not only has this organization given them people they can use, they have given them information. According to what these people knew, they were to either kill or capture Yun Yantian and bring his body back to the Guo clan, where they would steal his God Gate."
Wan Yi had scoured the memories of these nine people, forcing their souls to answer her questions. Not long after the massive Demonic beast left the Guanyu continent, the Guo clan was contacted by a mysterious organization, offering help. The Guo clan saw a chance to rise higher, so they accepted the aid.
"Stealing God Gates? Is that even possible?"
Lin Ren narrowed his eyes as he asked. He had only awakened his God Gate around a month ago, but even he realized how special these God Gates were.
He himself could suck out peoples souls, Yun Yantian could summon an infinite amount of swords, and Yao Jun could absorb Demonic beasts and use their powers. He didn't know what Guo Luo's God Gate could do, but he was certain that it was something amazing. And the four of them had probably just barely scratched the surface of what the God Gates could do.
"I don't know, but those were the orders they were given."
Of these nine people, only one had gotten to the 2nd Mortal Earth, so they would obviously not know everything about the Guo clan's actions, only some of the more basic things. How could Wan Yi possibly learn everything about the Guo clan from them?
"So the Guo clan has so many people on the Yang continent to destroy the remaining people from the Yang clan? Did you learn about someone who might have more information?"
Yun Yantian sat in silence for a short while before narrowing his eyes and looking at Wan Yi. With more information, it would be easier to make the proper move.
"At the other side of the continent. They have taken over a small town there that they are using as their base of operations. If there is anyone on this continent who might know more about their plans, they will be located there."
Using the Reaper Crow to search for people with similar souls as the people from the Guo clan only allowed Wan Yi to scan half the continent. But in the memories of the leader of this group, she had learned about where they had set up their base on this continent.
"Can you give me directions?"
Yun Yantian nodded his head and looked at Wan Yi with a hopeful gaze.
"You intend to head over there? They are planning on destroying the remains of the Yang clan, we won't find people who are conveniently at our cultivation level there, odds are we will find people who are much stronger than us."
Yao Jun couldn't help but comment, slightly worried. Since they were planning on destroying the remains of the Yang clan, how could they send only people at the 2nd Mortal Earth? It would be more of a surprise if they didn't send people who were much stronger.
"I know, but i have no choice. I owe Yang Yuhuan a favor, and i am also worried about what the Guo clan is planning. I can no longer stand the atmosphere of the Yun clan, but that does not mean i want to see it destroyed. I am worried."
Yun Yantian had a bitter smile on his face as he spoke. Yang Yuhuan was like a sister to him, he had to at least find out if she was dead or alive. He was also worried about what the Guo clan was planning against the Yun clan, so he had to go.
Silence descended on the group after Yun Yantian spoke. Yao Jun kept his eyes on Yun Yantian for a short moment before turning over to look at Guo Luo. Guo Luo tightly grasped his hand and gave him a dazzling smile, letting him know that she would follow him wherever.
"Haah. Guess i'll be making a detour before heading home then."
Yao Jun spoke out with a slight sigh, shrugging his shoulders as his lips curled into a grin. Since Yun Yantian was this determined to head there no matter what, what sort of brother would he be if he did not join him?
"You do-"
"If you are planning on saying, ' you don't need to do that' i will kick your ass. There is no way i am just going to leave you when you are planning on doing something this stupid and dangerous. I'd be drowning in worry if i did."
Yun Yantian was just about to say something when Yao Jun cut him off, casting a sharp glare at him. Since Yao Jun had made up his mind and said that he was joining, that was how it was going to be. Hearing his response, Yun Yantian could only nod his head and engrave this act in his heart.
"Heading to the other side of the continent to screw with the Guo clan? Count me in."
Lin Ren let out a chuckle and shrugged his shoulders. He was a wanderer without family, why would he worry about going anywhere dangerous? Besides, Yun Yantian was a friend, and Yao Jun had saved his life, so he wanted to help them. Screwing over the Guo clan was just a small bonus.
"What about you Wan Yi?"
Yao Jun tilted his head and looked at Wan Yi next to him. Yun Yantian was going to head over there for the Yun clan, Yao Jun and Lin Ren were going there to help Yun Yantian, but Wan Yi did not really have a reason to join them.
"Is there even a need to ask? Since all of you idiots are going, i can't really stay behind alone."
Wan Yi shook her head as she spoke. She needed allies to build up a force strong enough to protect that which she wanted to protect. To find allies like Yao Jun and the others, who not only had excellent potential but were also trustworthy and could be considered good people? Difficult.
"Heh. Five idiots going on a nearly suicidal excursion. This can only end in success."
Guo Luo covered her mouth and let out a small laugh after hearing Wan Yi's words, causing the others to also start laughing. Indeed, calling them five idiots was an excellent description.

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