Yao Jun's expression was a bit sullen as he entered the God Gate and walked up to the cocoon that had surrounded Little Thunder. He could feel a terrifyingly strong force of lightning coming from the azure crystals, a large amount of energy germinating within it. He stretched out his arm and placed his palm against the crystal, muttering slightly as he felt the power of lightning slowly increase.

"He should be evolving right now, but it'll probably take longer than Little Gray's evolution."

When Little Gray evolved from a Mist Eagle into an Illusory Roc, he had done so through a drop of blood from an actual Illusory Roc, so the evolution was rather quick and smooth. But Little Thunder was now evolving his very being by using a massive amount of lightning energy, it was bound to take more time than Little Gray's evolution. And once the evolution was complete, Yao Jun would probably see a rather decent increase in his strength.

Yao Jun left the God Gate after spending a bit more time observing the crystal cocoon. He swept the top of Thundercrest Peak with a quick glance, his gaze landing on the corpses of Vanora and the others from the Merged Heaven clan.

He walked over and picked up their interspatial rings and items, then tossed their bodies into his God Gate. Since they were already dead, it was too late for him to use his God Gate to absorb their energy, but their strong bodies could still be eaten by Siwang and the others, allowing them to somewhat increase their strength.

After chucking their bodies into his God Gate, he started going through their interspatial rings one by one, organizing the contents. After checking through everything within the rings, he ended up pleasantly surprised.

"Hey, they had quite a bit of funds on them, didn't they? These'll come in handy."

Not only did they have quite a decent amount of Spirit Stones, but they also had various medicines that he could use, as well as various herbs, some which he knew, and some which he didn't know. After transplanting the herbs into his God Gate, allowing them to grow a bit faster, he sent a quick message to the group that was currently hunting on Windheart Peak.

"Sirius, I am heading over to Windheart peak, let's take a look at what this Windheart King is like."

Yao Jun didn't know exactly how strong the Windheart King was, but he was certain that if they managed to kill it, his strength would improve by quite a bit. Of course, for the Windheart King to still be alive, it obviously had rather good strength, it might even be at the same level as the Crestborne King.

Yao Jun quickly left the lightning bolt-shaped Thundercrest Peak, space beneath his feet shrinking as he rapidly made his way to the awl-shaped Windheart Peak.

Windheart Peak was covered in light green grass, a faint breeze constantly blowing around the foot of the mountain. The higher up the mountain one wanted to go, the stronger the wind would become, and the steeper the incline would be.

As Yao Jun made his way up the mountain, he would occasionally be attacked by Windheart Eagles. Windheart Eagles were cyan-colored eagles that had three eyes, with even the smallest member of their race being at least two-meters long. The way they attacked was either swooping down from the sky at high speeds, or by using their control over the wind to push away all the air around their targets, suffocating them.

Sirius and the others hadn't managed to make it too far up the mountain, so by the time he reached them, the strongest eagle that had tried to attack Yao Jun was only at the 8th Xiantian Heaven. After reaching Sirius and the others, Yao Jun couldn't help but send a slight glance at the Windheart Eagles that were flying above them, vigilantly watching them.

"I can see why you guys would have a bit of trouble with these Windheart Eagles, they really are an annoying bunch."

When they dove down, they not only moved incredibly silently, but they could also reach some truly incredible speeds. Their attempts at choking their targets were also rather annoying to deal with. They weren't a problem for Yao Jun, who had a plethora of elements and ways to deal with them, but he could see why it would be hard for just Zhuanxu, Du Xiao, and Sirius to deal with them.

With Yao Jun joining them, the group's climbing speed quickly grew, allowing them to reach the part of the mountain that was a straight horizontal incline surrounded by a ferocious wind. Yao Jun didn't continue to climb the mountain but instead used wind to fly a bit away from the side of the mountain, channeling his Qi into his eyes and observing the tip of the mountain from their current position.

The tip of the mountain was shaved flat, a single massive nest covering the entire peak. The nest was made up of trees taken not only from Windheart Peak but also from the three other mountains, resulting in the nest being a myriad of colors.

Lying in the nest and relaxing was a nearly translucent cyan-colored eagle that was far larger than any of the others that Yao Jun had seen, the Windheart King. He couldn't see the entire body, but just from what he saw, he guessed that it was likely around 100 meters long.

The energy radiating from the Windheart King was a bit weaker than the one that the Crestborne King radiated, but they were on about the same level. The Windheart King seemed to notice Yao Jun's observing, but it only sent him a disinterested gaze before turning away again. Yao Jun continued observing the Windheart King for a bit longer before returning to Zhuanxu and the others, shrugging his shoulders.

"Seems like the Windheart King did the same as the Crestborne King and has absorbed the remains of the previous king. As we are now, we stand no chance of beating him, let's pull back for now."

The group made their way to the bottom of the mountain, Yao Jun's eyebrows furrowed as he was deep in thought. Zhuyin and the others had left Firedance Peak and were waiting for Yao Jun and the others at the foot of Windheart Peak. Once everyone was gathered together again, Little Gray spoke up.

"My Lord, should we continue hunting as we have up to now?"

They could tell that Yao Jun's mood was currently quite foul, he was just repressing it for the moment. But how could he not be in a foul mood, someone had just threatened everyone he held dear. Yao Jun's brows continued to furrow for a short moment, his thoughts moving. After a bit of time, his brows smoothened out and his eyes grew calm as he settled on a future course of action. He brought out Ba-Shei from the God Gate, pointing at the large city in the distance.

"Not quite. Ba-Shei, would you mind heading into the city and staying there, gathering as much information as you can? The information doesn't have to be about anything specific, just as much information about the events in the universe as possible. At the same time, you can keep in contact with the God Hunter Pavilion branch for me, delivering missions and accepting new ones."

The city, which was called Four Elements city, was the only city on this planet, and it was also quite large, so it obviously had a branch of the Heaven's Secrets Company. Ba-Shei quickly nodded his head.

"Of course, My Lord."

Ba-Shei was the best one suited to gathering information, as he could move through the darkness and spy on people without them noticing. After giving the order to Ba-Shei, Yao Jun turned to look at his other Demonic beasts, his expression calm and cold.

"The rest of us, we will start focusing on one peak at a time. We will hunt down any Demonic beast above the 3rd Mortal Earth, we will pick any herb we find. Once we have cleared one peak, we will move on to the next and continue. We'll start with Stonelord Peak and save Windheart Peak for last. The grand competition starts in two years, and until then, we will not leave this planet. We will stay here and focus on increasing our strength as much as possible. There is no need to hold back, hunt freely. If anyone has a problem with us doing so and tries to hurt you, I don't mind if you kill them and use them to strengthen yourselves."

This type of wide-scale massacre and scavenging operation was bound to arouse the ire of some people, but right now, Yao Jun couldn't care less about that. He needed to quickly increase his strength as much as possible, so he could only resort to a method like this. The only reason he left Demonic beasts below the 3rd Mortal Earth alone was that they would be of no use, they simply contained too little energy to even slightly increase his strength. The expressions of Sirius and the others were quickly dyed with excitement, each of them hurriedly nodding their head.


They were Demonic beasts, it was in their nature to fight and kill. They restrained themselves when they were with Yao Jun, but now that they got a chance to go truly wild, how could they not be excited? Yao Jun gave a slight nod when he saw their excitement, his gaze turning distant as his lips curled into a vicious smile.

"Peyton Eluard... just you wait, I will have your head."


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