Metaworld Chronicles

Metaworld Chronicles

by Wutosama

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Gwen Song awoke in a world that was not her own, in which everything she was familiar with had been replaced. Instead of airplanes and electricity, this 21st-century Earth is ruled by magic and dragons; humanity survives in a land of magical beasts and otherworldly beings, protected by shielded enclaves and magical constructs.

Follow Gwen across the world as she struggles to rebuild her life in this strange new reality. Behold a tale of adventure, friendship, and (of course), magic! Witness as she grows from a simple grade school student to a fully-fledged Mage, through university and beyond, discovering the secrets of a world made unreal by magic and mysticism.

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Table of Contents
491 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Some Things Begin, Something Ends ago
Chapter 2 - Awakening ago
Chapter 3 - Pass Conceded ago
Chapter 4 - Familia ago
Chapter 5 - The Longest Day ago
Chapter 6 - It takes Three to Tango   ago
Chapter 7 - A Step in the Right Direction ago
Chapter 8 - No News like Bad News ago
Chapter 9 - A Team   ago
Chapter 10 - A Moment of Truth    ago
Chapter 11- Dark Ritual ago
Chapter 12  - Instructions and Instructors ago
Chapter 13 - The Calm ago
Interlude 1 - A Hint of Thunder ago
Chapter 14 - Oedipus Wrecks ago
Chapter 15 - The House of Huang ago
Chapter 16 - A New Leaf ago
Chapter 17 - First Blood ago
Interlude 2 - The Looming Cloud ago
Chapter 18 - What Great Beast ago
Chapter 19 - The Woods have Wolves ago
Chapter 20 - Riding Hood ago
Chapter 21 - Breathe ago
Chapter 22 - The Snake, the Lady and the Maiden Fair  ago
Chapter 23 - Candles ago
Chapter 24 - Follow the Red Rabbit ago
Chapter 25 - First Impressions are Important ago
Chapter 26 - Secrets ago
Chapter 27 - Full Fathom Five ago
Chapter 28 - A Long Way Down ago
Chapter 29 - Sweet Hearts and Sweet Meats ago
Chapter 30 - Two Dogs on a Hearth ago
 Chapter 31 - Some Things Never Change ago
Chapter 32 - Coming Home ago
Chapter 33 - An Old Man's Favours ago
Chapter 34 - Apples from the Tree ago
Chapter 35 - The Grind ago
Chapter 36 - Here be Monsters ago
Chapter 37 - Of Monsters and Gwen ago
Chapter 38 - A False Start ago
Chapter 39 - The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep ago
Chapter 40 - Miles to Go Before She Sleeps ago
Chapter 41 - Sleeping Beauty ago
Chapter 42 - The Very Hungry Caterpillar ago
Chapter 43 - Crossroads ago
Chapter 44 -  Scar Tissues ago
Chapter 45 - Skeletons ago
Chapter 46 - A Slice of Paradise ago
Chapter 47 - He who Hunts Monsters ago
Character Summaries ago
Chapter 48 - Cruel to be Kind ago
Chapter 49 - Fortune's Fool ago
Chapter 50 - Close Encounters ago
Chapter 51  - Full Pelt ago
Chapter 52 - Great Expectations ago
Chapter 53 - Premonitions ago
Chapter 54 - No Harm in Trying ago
Chapter 55 Poor Boys and Rich Girls ago
Chapter 56 - A Curious Encounter ago
Chapter 57 - Show and Tell ago
Chapter 58 - When shall we Three ago
Chapter 59 - One Thousand and One Nights ago
Chapter 60 - Valkyries ago
Chapter 61 - True Lies ago
Chapter 62 - First World Problems ago
Chapter 63 - An Old Bird Dreaming ago
Chapter 64 - Into the Wild ago
Chapter 65 - A Favour for a Favour ago
Chapter 66 - Shortcomings ago
Chapter 67 - The Migloo Ghost ago
Chapter 68 - Dark Tidings ago
Chapter 69 - Until Dawn ago
Chapter 70 - House of the Rising Huang ago
Chapter 71 - Til the Fat Lady Sings ago
Chapter 72 - Sharing is Caring ago
Chapter 73 - So Long, and Sanks for the Fush ago
Chapter 74 - All work and No Lunch ago
Chapter 75 - Days of Our Lives ago
Chapter 76 - A Crooked Deal ago
Character and Magic Summary 2 ago
Chapter 76.5 - Interlude 3 - Dark Waters ago
Chapter 77 - Anticipations ago
Chapter 78 - A Rose and its Thorns ago
Chapter 79 - The Greater the Expectation ago
Chapter 80 - The Harder the Fall ago
Chapter 81 - A Sight for Sore Eyes ago
Chapter 82 - When the Levy Breaks ago
Chapter 83 - An Unfortunate Encounter ago
Chapter 84 - Broken Chains ago
Chapter 85 - Wave Break ago
Chapter 86 - The Devil's Advocate ago
Chapter 87 - True Lies ago
Chapter 88 - The Widening Gyre ago
Chapter 89 - The Falcon cannot hear the Falconer ago
Chapter 90 - The Worst are Full of Passion ago
Chapter 91 - Reeling Shadows of Desert Birds ago
Chapter 92 - The Darkness drops Again ago
Chapter 93 - Spiritus Mundi ago
Chapter 94 - When Time is Short ago
Chapter 95 - The Salty Saviour ago
Chapter 96 - Come Together ago
Chapter 97 - Picking up the Pieces ago
Chapter 97.5 - Epilogue for Arc 1- No Birds Sing ago
Chapter 98 - No News Like Bad News ago
Chapter 99 - Cabin Fever ago
Chapter 100 - Stifling ago
Chapter 101 - Creepers and Crawlers ago
Chapter 102 - O Captain ago
Chapter 103 - Respite ago
Chapter 104 - Detour ago
Chapter 105 - Taken ago
Chapter 106 - Suspicious Minds ago
Chapter 107 - An invitation from a Doppelgänger ago
Chapter 108 - A Sliver of Silver ago
Chapter 109 - A Meeting at the Threshold ago
Chapter 110 - Cold City ago
Chapter 111 - More ways than One ago
Chapter 112 - To Skin Some Cats ago
Chapter 113 - Remember Me ago
Chapter 114 - Introspection ago
Chapter 115 - No Longer Alone ago
Chapter 116 - A Tale of Two Towers ago
Character Summary 3 ago
Chapter 117 - Hold on and Let Go ago
Chapter 118 - Human Nature ago
Chapter 119 - Risk and Reward ago
Chapter 120 - Visions and Revisions ago
Chapter 121 - Spotty Hands ago
Chapter 122 - Night Whispers ago
Chapter 123 - A Matter of Face ago
Chapter 124 - Brave New World ago
Chapter 125 - A Course of Course ago
Chapter 126 - Off to see the Wizard ago
Chapter 127 - Dog Whistles ago
Chapter 128 - Questions and Answers ago
Chapter 129 - A Trojan Gift Horse ago
Chapter 130 - A Gift once Given ago
Chapter 131 - Prepatory ago
Chapter 132 - Fault Lines ago
Chapter 133 - The Great Divide ago
Chapter 134 - Picking up the Pieces ago
Chapter 135 - Regrets ago
Chapter 136 - Mixtures and Admixtures ago
Chapter 137 - Skinner's Box ago
Chapter 138 - Queries and Answers ago
Chapter 139 - Good Neighbours ago
Chapter 140 - Knots ago
Chapter 141 - The Age of Experience ago
Chapter 142 - Orientation ago
Chapter 143 - Lessons of Life ago
Chapter 144 - A bob on the Snout ago
Chapter 145 - Classes and classes ago
Chapter 146 - Mo Money, No Problems ago
Chapter 147 - Routine ago
Chapter 148 - The Troubles ago
Chapter 149 - Paternal Issues ago
Chapter 150 - A Charmed Life ago
Chapter 151 - Fight or Flight ago
Chapter 152 - The Wrong way to Duel ago
Chapter 153 - Indigestion ago
Chapter 154 - The Greener Grass ago
Chapter 155 - The Damned ago
Chapter 156 - When the Red Mist Rolls in ago
Chapter 157 - Blood and Guts ago
Chapter 158 - Hesitation at the Threshold ago
Chapter 159 - Between Concrete and a Hard Place ago
Chapter 160 - Once more into the Breach ago
Chapter 161 - No Place should Murder Sanctuarise ago
Chapter 162 - Mightier than the Sword ago
Character Summary 4 ago
Chapter 163 - Dreams of Tomorrow ago
Chapter 164 - Balance in all Things ago
Chapter 165 - Rest and Relax ago
Chapter 166 - Of Peaches and Men ago
Chapter 167 - Shadows on the Wall ago
Chapter 168 - For Thou art with Me ago
Chapter 169 - This Far, no Further ago
Chapter 170 - Nighthawks ago
Chapter 171 - Great Anticipations ago
Chapter 172 - No Mitigating Nourishment ago
Chapter 173 - Nothing Quite like Loneliness ago
Chapter 174 - Pinky Promises ago
Chapter 175 - Detours ago
Chapter 176 - Laughing the Night Away ago
Chapter 177 - Tempus Fugit ago
Chapter 178 - Hai Five ago
Chapter 179 - Goats and Monkeys! ago
Chapter 180 - Frogger ago
Chapter 181 - A Model of You ago
Chapter 182 - Bush Meat ago
Chapter 183 - Happy Campers ago
Chapter 184 - Come a-Waltzing Matilda with Me ago
Chapter 185 - Her Beauty and her Terror ago
Chapter 186 - Silencing the Lamb ago
Chapter 187 - Karma Comes Calling ago
Chapter 188 - Millstone ago
Chapter 189 - Calamity Gwen ago
Chapter 190 - Truth will Out ago
Chapter 191 - A Series of Unfortunate Events ago
Chapter 192 - The Black Goat ago
Chapter 193 - How to Make Gravy ago
Chapter 194 - Confessions of a Dragon-Kin in Hangzhou ago
Chapter 195 - How Much do I love Thee? ago
Chapter 196 - How to fold a Paper Tiger ago
Chapter 197 - Whetting the Appetite ago
Chapter 198 - The Undertow ago
Chapter 199 - A Stick in the Mud ago
Chapter 200 - Curtain Call ago
Chapter 200.5 - Interlude - A Prickling of the Thumb ago
Chapter 201 - Green-eyed Gwen ago
Chapter 202 - To her Door ago
Chapter 203 - The Cuckoo Crows Thrice ago
Chapter 204 - Don't Dream its Over ago
Metaworld Spellcraft & Glossary ago
Chapter 205 - Bookworms ago
Chapter 206 - Chekhov's Dragon ago
Chapter 207 - Where the Side Quests Roam ago
Chapter 208 - Trouble in Paradise ago
Chapter 209 - Dances with Deerhounds ago
Chapter 210 - Six Degrees of Separation ago
Chapter 211 - I have become... ago
Chapter 212 - Who let the Dogs Out? ago
Chapter 213 - Silence of the Apes ago
Chapter 214 - Monkey in the Middle ago
Chapter 215 - What lies Beneath ago
Chapter 216 - Favour of the Father ago
Chapter 217 - Many Jasons in Pursuit ago
Chapter 218 - Loftier Ambitions ago
Chapter 219 - Figuro Magnifico ago
Chapter 220 - A Step in the Right Direction ago
Chapter 221 - Who watches the Watchers ago
Chapter 222 - Credit where Credit is Due ago
Chapter 223 - Dai Harder ago
Chapter 224 - December Days ago
Chapter 225 - The Dumplings of Prosperity ago
Chapter 226 - A Tuft of Flower ago
Chapter 227 - A Tall Poppy ago
Chapter 228 - I guess that's why they call it the Blues ago
Chapter 229 - A Crucible's Caress ago
Chapter 230 - The Devil's Plea-Bargain ago
Chapter 231 - Fingerpainting ago
Chapter 232 - No Source of Honey ago
Chapter 233 - The Milk-Tea of Human Kindness ago
Interlude - Percy's Day Off ago
Chapter 234 - What doesn't kill you... ago
Chapter 235 - Some like it Hot ago
Chapter 236 - A Paradox of Prophesy ago
Chapter 237 - Brothers and Sisters ago
Chapter 238 - An Interview with the Void Sorceress ago
Chapter 239 - Flight of the Bumble Bee ago
Chapter 240 - Slippery Slopes ago
Chapter 241 - The Perils of Fame ago
Chapter 242 - Paranoid Draconoid ago
Chapter 243 - Many hands make Light Labour ago
Chapter 244 - The Fonder Heart ago
Chapter 245 - Second Chances ago
Chapter 246 - Milu No.5 ago
Chapter 247 - The Importance of a Strong Handshake ago
Chapter 248 - A City of Gold ago
Chapter 249 - Cocks and Hens ago
Chapter 250 - Chain Reaction ago
Chapter 251 - Old Fashioned ago
Chapter 252 - When it rains, it pours ago
Chapter 253 - Small Mercies ago
Chapter 254 - Foul Play ago
Chapter 255 - Shattering the Peace ago
Chapter 256 - Riposte ago
Chapter 257 - Virtue in Vengeance ago
Chapter 258 - Accounting for Victory ago
Interlude - One Night in Yangon ago
Chapter 259 - Burmese Days ago
Chapter 260 - Kitty come Home ago
Chapter 261 - Waiting for Godot ago
Chapter 262 - O Brother, where art thou? ago
Chapter 263 - Veni Vidi Vici ago
Chapter 264 - A Murderer and a Villain ago
Chapter 265 - Tricks and Trades ago
Chapter 266 - A Mage of many Talents ago
Chapter 267 - Hell hath no Fury ago
Chapter 268 - Sour Grapes ago
Chapter 269 - Homewrecker ago
Chapter 270 - Fight Fire with Lightning ago
Chapter 271 - Fair Winds and Ill Tides ago
Chapter 272 - How to Train your Wyvern ago
Chapter 273 - Between a Void-Beast and a Hard Place ago
Chapter 274 - A Brave New World ago
Chapter 275 - Land of the Risen Sun ago
Chapter 276 - Serpents in the Midst ago
Chapter 277 - The Sun Also Rises ago
Chapter 278 - A Modest Proposal ago
Chapter 279 - Birds of a Feather ago
Chapter 280 - Troll in the Trees ago
Chapter 281 - Where the Wyverns Crow on Trees ago
Chapter 282 - Out of the Blue ago
Chapter 283 - The Seeds of Trust ago
Chapter 284 - An Unexpected Boon ago
Chapter 285 - Into the Maelstrom ago
Chapter 286 - A warm up ago
Chapter 287 - A Tale of two Horrors ago
Character Summary 5 ago
Chapter 288 - Takanakuy ago
Chapter 289 - The Call of the Void ago
Chapter 290 - Battle Royale ago
Chapter 291 - The Hands of Victory ago
Chapter 292 - The Setting Sun ago
Chapter 293 - Gears and Levers ago
Chapter 294 - Nightmares ago
Chapter 295 - Lessons from the Underground ago
Chapter 296 - Prelude to Premonition ago
Chapter 297 - The Pale Prince of Pretoria ago
Chapter 298 - What Tomorrow Brings ago
Chapter 299 - Shattering Expectations ago
Chapter 300 - Caliban, Interrupted ago
Chapter 301 - Prelude to the Long Night ago
Chapter 302 - The Living and the Dead ago
Chapter 303 - Peace for the Dead, Life for the Living ago
Chapter 304 - The Three Little Necromancers ago
Chapter 305 - Wyverns First ago
Chapter 306 - Party Crasher ago
Chapter 307 - War Games ago
Chapter 308 - Et Victoria ad Defectum ago
Chapter 309 - Humbled Hearts ago
Chapter 310 - Call of the Deep ago
Chapter 311 - The Living Dark ago
Chapter 312 - How to lasso a Lich ago
Chapter 313 - All Good Things ago
Chapter 314 - Tis better to have Loved ago
Chapter 315 - Legion ago
Chapter 316 - After the Banquet Ends ago
Chapter 317 - Where the Kookaburra Laughs ago
Chapter 318 - Love's Labour ago
Chapter 319 - The Old Man and the Gwen ago
Chapter 320 - The Snake Giveth ago
Chapter 321 - All Stations to London ago
Chapter 322 - The Monkey's Paw ago
Chapter 323 - Naked Villainy ago
Chapter 324 - House Rules ago
Chapter 325 - Knight Errant ago
Chapter 326 - The Enemy of my Enemy ago
Chapter 327 - The Root of Elvia ago
Chapter 328 - The Gift of Simplicity ago
Chapter 329 - The Perils of Infamy ago
Chapter 330 - Three Ring Circus ago
Chapter 331 - Gold Digging ago
Chapter 332 - Modern Mythology ago
Chapter 333 - Ivory Tower ago
Chapter 334 - The Rich get Richer ago
Chapter 335 - News on the March ago
Chapter 336 - The Garden of Delights ago
Chapter 337 - Blessed by Blood ago
Chapter 338 - Stratums ago
Chapter 339 - Tremors ago
Chapter 340 - The Early Bird ago
Chapter 341 - Watering Holes ago
Chapter 342 - Friends for Hire ago
Chapter 343 - Honour's Tongue ago
Chapter 344 - A Cold Welcome ago
Chapter 345 - Past the Shallows ago
Chapter 346 - Bride and Groom ago
Chapter 347 - From Kith to Kin ago
Chapter 348 - Buyer's Remorse ago
Chapter 349 - Dolls' House ago
Glossary ago
Chapter 350 - Little Seeds ago
Chapter 351 - Twist and Turns ago
Chapter 352 - The Best is Yet to Come ago
Chapter 353 - No Rest for the Wicked ago
Chapter 354 - A Little Web as This ago
Chapter 355 - Bitter Fruits ago
Chapter 356 - The Gift ago
Chapter 357 - Power in Restraint ago
Chapter 358 - The Price of Progress ago
Character Summary (357+) ago
Chapter 359 - Dig Dig ago
Chapter 360 - A Full Revolution ago
Chapter 361 - Not with a Bang ago
Chapter 362 - But with a Whimper ago
Chapter 363 - The Coven Gathers ago
Chapter 364 - Knowledge and the Power ago
Chapter 365 - The Blessed and the Damned ago
Interlude - The Great Shoal Forward ago
Chapter 366 - Flower Picking ago
Chapter 367 - So Long, and Thanks for the... ago
Chapter 368 - Even Death may Die ago
Chapter 369 - Rest and Respite ago
Chapter 370 - Tree Rings ago
Chapter 371 - Close Encounter of the Demi-kind ago
Chapter 372 - A little Knowledge ago
Chapter 373 - The Burden of Knowledge ago
Chapter 374 - A Grimoire of one's Own ago
Chapter 375 - The Past Behind ago
Chapter 376 - Gwen Song Observation Diary Part I ago
Chapter 377 - Gwen Song Observation Diary Part II ago
Interlude - A Duck's Tale ago
Chapter 378 - Gwen Song Observation Diary Part III ago
Chapter 379 - City Hopper ago
Chapter 380 - Like Salmon to the Stream ago
Chapter 381 - Can't Die if you Don't Die ago
Chapter 382 - Like Old Times ago
Chapter 383 - The Face of Spam ago
Chapter 384 - Mama and ? ago
Chapter 385 - Like Dew in the Rain ago
Interlude - Fire and or Ice ago
Chapter 386 - Support Pillars ago
Chapter 387 - Back to the Grind ago
Chapter 388 - The Isle of Dreams ago
Chapter 389 - Taking the Low Road ago
Chapter 390 - Deep Politics ago
Chapter 391 - When Life gives Aberrants ago
Chapter 392 - The Flesh is Willing ago
Chapter 393 - Between an Anvil and a Hard Place ago
Chapter 394 - Dwarves in the Dark ago
Chapter 395 - The Calamari Among Us ago
Chapter 396 - Bait and Switch ago
Chapter 397 - Octopus Pot ago
Chapter 398 - Writhe ago
Chapter 399 - All of the Above ago
Chapter 400 - More Money, More Problems ago
Chapter 401 - Friends in High Places ago
Chapter 402 - A Steep Steppe Forward ago
Chapter 403 - All in Accord ago
Chapter 404 - Lost and Found ago
Chapter 405 - Where the River meets the Sea ago
Chapter 406 - Where the Shadows Burn Bright ago
Chapter 407 - The Meek and the Mighty ago
Chapter 408 - Just Deserts ago
Chapter 409 - Where the Wild Worm Roams ago
Chapter 410 - Grass Beneath the Hooves ago
Chapter 411 - At What Cost ago
Chapter 412 - Of Rats and Mice ago
Chapter 413 - The Chosen ago
Chapter 414 - The Living Bread ago
Chapter 415 - Ballad of the Potter Wasp ago
Chapter 416 - How to Flog a Dead Wyrm ago
Chapter 417 - Noblesse Oblige ago
Chapter 418 - Blessed are the Meek ago
Chapter 419 - O ye, of Little Faith ago
Chapter 420 - The Fires of Wrath ago
Chapter 421 - Beneath the Beneath ago
Chapter 422 - Waiting for the Barbarians ago
Chapter 423 - Cold Pastoral ago
Chapter 424 - The Prophet of Profit ago
Chapter 425 - Interesting Times ago
Chapter 426 - The Profitess Returns ago
Chapter 427 - The Hound ago
Chapter 428 - Bartering for Barlow ago
Chapter 429 - Wheeling and Dealing ago
Chapter 430 - Sharing is Caring ago
Chapter 431 - Two can play that Game ago
Chapter 432 - An Immodest Proposal ago
Chapter 433 - Thorny Flowers ago
Chapter 434 - A Fair Go ago
Chapter 435 - The Hour of the NoM ago
Chapter 436 - Full Steam Ahead ago
Chapter 437 - Oh Brother, Why art thou ago
Chapter 438 - Carry the Weight ago
Chapter 439 - The Weight of the World ago
Chapter 440 - The Crone of Crows ago
Chapter 441 - The Big Bang ago
Chapter 442 - The Phantom Menace ago
Chapter 443 - Only the Dead ago
Chapter 444 - Breaking the Tide ago
Chapter 445 - The Early Worm gets the Fish ago
Chapter 446 - Tempering Steel ago
Chapter 447 - Deal with the Devil ago
Chapter 448 - A Time gone By ago
Chapter 449 - Paralysing Peace ago
Chapter 450 - Sooty Tidings ago
Chapter 451 - Flight of the Kakapos ago
Chapter 452 - Almudj and Me ago
Chapter 453 - Premeditated Harvest ago
Chapter 454 - A Worm's Life ago
Chapter 455 - A Worm's Death ago
Chapter 456 - Shadows of the Shoggoth ago
Chapter 457 - Brave New Day ago
Chapter 458 - Erebus ago
Chapter 459 - From Fire and Ash ago
Chapter 460 - Forward Unto Dusk ago
Chapter 461 - Underneath the Coolabah Tree ago
Chapter 462 - A Favour for an Uncertain Future ago
Chapter 463 - Blowing in the Wind ago
Chapter 464 - When September Ends ago
Chapter 465 -A Brief Spell of the Future ago
Chapter 466 - A Beckettian Dilemma ago
Chapter 467 - All for One ago
Chapter 468 - Riptide ago
Chapter 469 - A Balancing Act ago
Chapter 470 - The Best Man ago
Chapter 471 - Judge, Jury, Caliban ago
Chapter 472 - The Advocate ago
Chapter 473-475 - If it were to Perish Twice ago

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Have you ever read a book that you wanted to love so much, but you just couldn’t? Saying to yourself that maybe it might change in the future, you just need to keep waiting, and yet it just kept disappointing you. This is that book for me. No matter how much I want to love it, the main character Gwen simply ruins it for me. There are three main reasons why I can’t stand Gwen.


Gwen is the most beautiful, cutest, most powerful, smartest, wisest, most knowledgeable being that has ever existed. If there was a problem in her way that required her to be smart, she would meet the expectations and surpass them. If power was required, she would kill all who dared stay in her way. Every other character exists to prostrate themselves beneath her long legs and gaze lovingly at the bright existence that is Gwen Song. And those who do not? They get to learn their lesson and their place beneath her perfection. Gwen is so perfect that she becomes unbearable. If she falls into a trap, that just becomes an opportunity to awe everyone by her skills. The whole world revolves around her, other characters do not matter, they are there to appreciate the greatness that is Gwen and nothing else.

Something that I have come to realize about Gwen is that she doesn’t really have a character. She is whatever author wishes her to be in order to push the story in a desired way. If she needs to be a teenager, then that is what she will be. If she needs to show maturity, then she will. Scared, strong, arrogant, unyielding, smart, naive, rational or irrational, if the situation demands it, she will be, character development be damned. This is extremely obvious in the beginning where she can jump between a teenager one chapter and an adult in the next. It gets worse by her reacting in different way to situations that look the same. She will massacre people and come to realize that harsh actions are required of her in this new world in one chapter and later on start questioning her morals on something less severe. There is no consistency or real character development.

And lastly, if there is a smarter way or a dumber and harder way to deal with a problem, she will go for the dumber way. Never mind that she has the intellect of all humanity combined, if she can put herself into a harder situation she will. Author even acknowledged it by having side characters call her a masochist, giving her an excuse for her actions. My guess is that she does that simply so that the author can show Gwen’s greatness even though the situation has been made harder artificially.




For the story, I’ll divide it in three arcs, Australia, China and England arcs, but I will not go deeply into them to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

I really enjoyed Australia arc. While Gwen was annoying, there weren’t that many opportunities for her to ruin the book, so I really liked it. Yes, her being reincarnated was pointless, and I honestly didn’t even consider her as such because it didn’t really play any role at that point. It was a slice of life of a teenager going to school and learning magic and it was enjoyable. At the end of that arc, I was really excited, the plan was for the story to go in a different direction, show the other side of the world, show why hard choices mattered, but instead almost all of the characters and everything that has happened up to that point were thrown away only for the story to repeat itself in the China arc but worse. This of course repeated itself again at the end of China arc. Currently in the England arc all of the friendships and companionships that Gwen has created during the first two arc are thrown into the Void except for the bare few. With minimal information you could pick either second or third arc and you wouldn’t feel lost, because they are so disconnected from each other.

Gwen being reincarnated started playing a role in the China arc. She used to be a businesswoman, had a company and a lot of money, and used those skills to grow her wealth in this new world. I’m going to be honest, this part of the story was extremely boring to me. I mean, there is magic and monsters and even simple interactions with other characters, and instead of all that we are focusing on economics… I’m not saying it’s bad, just that it isn’t for me, you might like it, I don’t know.




This book either has the best world building or the worst and I’m not sure which one it is. Sometimes I don’t know if the author is describing events from our world or this new magical one. It feels so lifelike that I’m not sure if the author didn’t just copy/paste Earth’s history and changed some minor details to give it a magical flare. Or they created a world so detailed that I can’t differentiate it from reality. Does it matter in the end which one it is? Not really.



And the reason why I want to love this book so much is the magic. It might be among my favorite magic systems on RR. The schools of magic, the elements, the spells, I couldn’t get enough of it. Pure power fantasy of it makes a part of my brain tingle so pleasingly and I’m not even ashamed of admitting it.



In the end, this is a slice of life, power fantasy that at times can be the best book, and then Gwen does her thing to make it almost unreadable. If only some of her skills were divided among the side character to make her less perfect and make those characters actually matter. This book makes me think, what if Gwen wasn’t so perfect, what if China arc never happened, would it have been better or worse? I guess we will never know. Even though I’m giving it a low score I do think you should read it, but just be prepared for Gwen to make you groan in frustration. Or maybe you will love it.


Everything is fine but the main character

Reviewed at: Interlude - Fire and or Ice

Stylistically this might actually be one of the stronger novels on RR, if only because it has an actual style. Unfortunately it's a style that I don't particularly enjoy. The author writes in a manner reminiscent of trashy romance novels, with artificial and exaggerated emotions. This is further augmented by constant narration on how the MC looks, as well as how she interacts with her friends. 

The actual story itself is alright, in that it follows the generic plot that most stories here do, go to a new place kill a few things, get stronger, and repeat. The difference here I suppose is that the worldbuilding is actually pretty deep and complex, and so is interesting to read.

In terms of grammar, I've found little issues, and the ones I see are usually quickly fixed and so are of no real concern.

Last, and most certainly least the character. Specifically the main character. The primary issue I have with the main character is her inconsistent morals, and beliefs. Gwen as a character seemingly changes morality at a drop of a hat going from a mass murderer, to a naive teenage girl, to ruthless business woman, to moralistic abolitionist, with no real rhyme or reason. Beyond that Gwen isn't a very believable 30 year old, much less successful businesswoman. 

Overall I've lasted until chapter 428, but I just can't stand the MC anymore. It's a decent story if you're looking for something long, but not necessarily great.


Written after Chapter 349

Reviewed at: Chapter 349 - Dolls' House

I have enjoyed most of parts of this novel and as it is my first find on RR I'm pretty happy I managed to find something readable right out the gate.

My problem with this novel comes down to pretty much one or 2 things

- Descriptions of what people are wearing, at first I though it was an ammusing inclusion but when multiple paragraphs are consistently devoted solely to describing someone's outfit, I was like (CLAP)WHERE(CLAP)IS(CLAP)THE(CLAP)STORY?(CLAP)


- YES WE GET IT, she has LONG WHITE LEGS and apparently people find that feature attractive. I don't know if I'm using the word appropriately but I thought it made sense but I guffawed (not in a good way) and eye rolled so hard when great pains are taken to ensure that physical feature is mentioned EVERY SINGLE TIME fashion is involved.


- regarding the MC, how unrealistic the MC is as a "30 something" grown woman in a teenage body. She is able to anticipate and counter any attempts at disrupting anything that would get in the way of her BIG ASPIRATIONS. She uses her OLD WORLD knowledge to advance her goals which included intense long winded lectures that involve said knowledge. So I almost believe her character and personality. But than we hit the back and forth internal dilemna of I can't kill them or they are intelligent beings to. Cut immediately towards end of arc after MC killed or wiped out entire city and this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. Lets not even get into wearing mini dresses that show of the LONG WHITE LEGS to a batlle scene. I really struggled to pair an intelligent, knowledgable and mature 30 something year old woman with a character that has a virtually obsessive compulsion to wear highly impractical clothes into a dangerous situation. My ONLY conclusion is that the MC is in reality not Gwen Song but ELLE WOODS.

- Lastly as a queer person I barely tolerated the queer relationship baiting as the MC's habbit of leading other characters on really started to grate on my nerves anytime a possible love interest appeared. In a sentence the MC, No we can't be in a relationship but you can totally touch me inappropriately, kiss me, hug me and I wan't to touch you, hug you, smell you, kiss you. And this is dismissively explained away as the MC's tendency to be masochistic. I think it was at that point I started to serously wonder if this novel is worth following. But then again the Romance genre is not my cup of tea so I'm highly biased against romance novels which I thought this wasn't because I didn't see it in the catergories. So the Catergories NEED TO BE UPDATED


Fun for awhile but annoyance builds up

Reviewed at: Chapter 349 - Dolls' House

It started out really entertaining and I liked the magic system but now there's just way too much to remember and the MC spends her time working on economic theory and being way too op.  It turned into pretty heavy self insert fantasy somewhere down the line and she constantly uses quotes from philosophy to 'win' arguments

Jack O

Wish fulfillment fantasy that promises but doesn't deliver

Reviewed at: Chapter 121 - Spotty Hands

Wish fulfillment fantasy that promises but doesn't delivers. lets start the the good points:

- dialogues: some of them are on point – adult, clearly conveying the characters personality or pov.

- characters: initial characterization gives each one almost a unique voice, but that’s it. But it feels like their stuck into their sidekick role without any unique voice of their own. The biggest problem is though with the female lead, a self proclaimed 30 year old behaves like a teen.

- filler and gratuitous erotica – pages and pages of small talk, shopping, dresses, getting from point a to point B without any meaning full events.

- erotisized description that serve no purpose beyond fan service. e.g. a shower scene with an erotic tone that did not even connect to a internal dialogue to make it meaningful.

- world-building: despite being initially intrigued by the world political and magic system, it become very much apparent that the author just slapped a half-assed dungeons and dragons (1st edition) rule book over the current geo-political system, and just went along with it without giving serious consideration to the ramifications of having magic. We have all the modern conveniences of a technological society photocopied into a magical one without a single change, cars (“turbo boosted mana core engine), phones, etc. In one of the fight scenes someone casts “detect evil”? Wtf – does it mean that a first level spell can make philosophical ethical judgment, when even the author magic system does not have the d&d distinction of evil vs good.

- cartoon villains with their obligatory pre-death monologue of justification and clearing of plot points.

- mary sue badassary – where the characters sidekick animal is a lovecraftian horror wurm that is just there to make the protag onlookers shit in their pants, when she makes her entry. And even when that horror nightmare gets kicked in the butt losing a few of its legs. Two minutes later its back on the scene brand new carapace.

- fight scenes that a literally characters calling out spell names like some bad version of japanese kid anime.


I could go on and on but in chapter 121 I gave up.

African Horse

Good premise but lacking in the writing style

This story most certainly has a good premise, and it definitely delivers some good moments. However, at some points, it really falls through.

So first of all the thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was the style. Damn, I can't count how many times I've read how the side-characters admired Gwen's legs or her amazing features. It REALLY does get tiring to read about her amazing legs. And this is not only limited to her, every single time we meet a new character in the series Wutosama needs to tell us exactly how attractive their features are. I swear practically everyone in this series is supposed to be a walking model. 

Not only their appearance I also cannot imagine how much time I have spent reading what sort of CLOTHES they are wearing. I mean seriously why do we need to know what their attire looks like at any given moment right down to what their shoes look like.

Anyway, this is not the only problem I have with the style. Perhaps it is only me, but the amount of complicated and academic words in this story is just crazy. Perhaps the author is just really educated but this really frustrated me since I constantly had to look up words. (perhaps this is just because I am not a native English speaker). 

Apart from these problems, and the fact that some of the characters lacked a bit of life, I did actually enjoy the story. The idea of a clever protagonist who actually uses her brain to get through the different situations was indeed quite nice

Anyway to summarize I would recommend this story to people who like a well-developed modern fantasy world and can ignore the aforementioned faults in the style. The story really does have a good premise, and I really did enjoy a lot of it.




This story would've been much better if she was a teenager instead of a grown woman in a teenager's body. She already acts, talks and thinks like a teenager. She is actually a decent character when you think of her as the portrayal of a troubled teenager. Not so much when you try to think of her as a strong, grown woman. The reincarnation/soul-travel bit does nothing but detract from the story.

Don Oby

This isn't a reincarnation story

Written on ch 55.

This isn't a reincarnation story.


Because the MC who is supposed to be a 30 year business woman with a difficult past and strong character has all the wit, resolve, and social ability of a 16 year old girl. 

Now, this isn't to say this is a bad story. It's fairly good for a pretty standard wuxia, which it is. Just because the MC is a woman and the world is more magic, less cultivation, doesn't make the plot armor any less thick nor the characters any more deep. Personailty is literally affected by elemental affinity, leaving about 12 or so character templates, NoM are general simpletons, and everyone thinks the MC is the best thing since sliced bread, not to mention she gets a power-up every fifth chapter. But, all-in-all, it's totally readable, downright binge-worthy, if it wasn't for the false promise that this was a reincarnation story, because it isn't. The MC is supposed to be a business-savvy mature woman so why is she as clueless as an already pretty stupid teenage girl? Why can't she handle awkward social situations with the 15+ years of emotional maturity she has over nearly everyone around her? Why is she so needlessly reckless in a world she barely understands? There are so many holes in her character backstory, you could pass a truck through them. She thinks and acts like a teenage girl constantly and only pretends to be mature by stealing famous lines from authors in her old world. Just because she dresses fancy and reminds the reader every chapter of how secretly old she is doesn't mean she acts like it. It's more like "Upgrading Specialist in Another World," where the soul that was supposed to travel to another world gets destroyed along the way and the actual MC just gets his power; the story would be more honest if it was written that way. But it wasn't, so now I have to read about a 30 year old woman whose never been in a relationship and can't handle horny teenagers, thinks she can beat evil Magus with her less than a year of training, and wanders around slums in stilletos. 

The grammar is great, the style is above average, and the story is okay, but the characters, especially the MC, just leave too much to be desired for me to give it a good score.

Not that you need care. 


Well written story, interesting magic system, really detailed and unique setting... My only gripe is how many semi erotic scenes there are. The main character is basically a Lolita who freezes up with panic attacks when talking to her mom or when men look at her lustful or when she's not wearing long pants and men can see her legs.

Lots of scenes of her choosing just the right outfit to wear to some event, often with a corresponding picture from the internet that the author used as inspiration... then going on and on about how many heads she turned or how many people can barely contain their lust for her.

For example there is an early scene where she rides the train and a man starts groping her and ask she can do is freeze in terror. At first I thought this was just a comment on the human condition, or an example of the stories setting, but no, the author just likes writing scenes like that, and you'll find another one every few chapters with some contrived excuse why.


Good first arc, tapers off afterwards

Reviewed at: Chapter 337 - Blessed by Blood

Solid series for the Australia arc, then tapers off in the China arc and beyond.

My honest to god opinion on this story as a whole is that it's something you should try out. The start is kind of rough, but the cast of characters and the shenanigans that ensue carry the story in my opinion.

I don't recall that many grammatical errors, and neither was the style that bad. Author does go into a ton of depth on exactly what Gwen dresses like. Like seriously, I didn't know what a Miu Miu was before reading this series.

The worldbuilding is also amazing. We get to learn so much about this foreign world, and it honestly feels alive and lived in, instead of a world that was created just for the story to happen. The magic system is also really well-made and quite deep.

Story-wise, it started off very strong. Gwen gets reincarnated into a younger version of herself into an alternate world where magic exists. She's basically talentless, and is treated as such. I loved accompanying Gwen through her struggles as she gathered power and proved herself

I especially enjoyed the Harry/Dumbledore relation Gwen has with Kilroy

Honestly, I really enjoyed most if not all the characters throughout the entire story. I feel that the side characters are one of the strong suites of this story.

Which brings me to the biggest problem I have with this story: the side characters.

They. Get. Dumped. After. Every. Arc.

You know all the characters you've connected with and become attached to during the Australia arc? They're gone now, relegated to occasional appearances that last about half a quarter of a chapter, or are just outright gone. Now, they're replaced with a bunch of Chinese side characters that you'll end up connecting with and becoming attached to, but BOOM! They're all gone now for the England arc.

Save for a very select few, most of the characters get relegated to the depths of tertiary character for the following arc.

Not to mention the fact that Gwen sometimes straight up goes from acting like an independent 30 something businesswoman, to acting like a teen on puberty. I can never get a good grasp on just what Gwen's mental age is.

Another thing that irked me greatly was just how much Gwen's power grew. She just gets stronger and stronger in a linear fashion, and at this point she can basically muscle through any challenge unless it's literally some of the world's most powerful people.

The last thing that annoyed me was the whole entrepreneuring things. Like, I get it. You needed it to justify her having reincarnated, but do I really care about economics? Her being a successful entrepreneur kills even more of the story since she basically has an infinite supply of shards after the deals she made in the China arc.



All in all, the Australia arc is good, China arc was meh (I liked the tournament arc tho), and I dropped this series in the England arc. I'm just burnt out.