A note from Wutosama

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Also, shoutout to Vowron Prime

... For his seminal work the MAGNUS a powerful and peerless tale of saving imoutos. 





A note from Wutosama

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Volume 1 Amazon (US) the book is in all markets as well.
Volume 2 Amazon (US) the book is in all markets as well.
V1 Google Play, iBook, Kobo, Nook and Playster Link
V2 Google Play, iBook, Kobo, Nook and Playster Link

Paper back in near future

Metaworld-Meta-fics :

Strictly CaliAn islander's Meta-journeyStrategic MagicThe Strange Life of an Elf From Sydney
"Strictly Caliban" From the always catty @Wandysama
And "An Islander's Meta-Journey" from young gun @Bartimeus
The Mysteries of Fudan, and Other Rumors From the Metaworld
Strategic Magic by kjoatmon
Farewells - The Strange Life of a Quarter-Elf From Sydney
Rise of a Magi by a Duck Mage (Rhein)

Metaworld Audiobook : 


Discord is now level 3 and has Mods!

For theorycrafting, world building, Dede, and meta-brew Roleplaying! 

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Who are your favourite Characters and whose POV do you want to read from?
Gwen "The Devourer of Shenyang" Song
29.67% 29.67% of votes
Yue Bai and the adventures of Tandy
3.24% 3.24% of votes
Elvia Lindholm's Sen-sen Kiki Party
5.41% 5.41% of votes
Richard Huang's Sociopathy
10.69% 10.69% of votes
Petra Kuznetsova, so hot right now
6.25% 6.25% of votes
Tao the Peach Fuzz, In Da House
4.86% 4.86% of votes
Mayuree and Marong, working the Jade Mines
1.08% 1.08% of votes
Lulan Li, Bladestorm!
7.15% 7.15% of votes
Gunther Shultz, doing accounts and reading reports
5.23% 5.23% of votes
Alesia De Botton, burning down the house
2.22% 2.22% of votes
Eric Walken, family man
2.4% 2.4% of votes
Jun Song, snu snu
6.07% 6.07% of votes
Ruì and her accounting adventures
9.85% 9.85% of votes
Ravenport’s scheming with Morrigan
2.58% 2.58% of votes
More NoMs and randoms
3.3% 3.3% of votes
Total: 1665 vote(s)

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