Fate's Child

Fate's Child

by Ink Deity

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


This is the story of a youth named Kaiya Eros.

Follow him through his Death, Rebirth, and his Ascension.


If you're reading this then I just want to say that passed this point is an overdramatization of my beliefs to set the mood of the story and that any References to other stories are done out of passion and hopefully coss no harm.



For those of you reading right now, I feel the compulsion, no the need to make something abundantly clear to you.

This is the story of my Creations, my Children, and my Thoughts.

I want you to understand that the worlds I shape with my Ink may be unbelievable at times. They may have over the top fight scenes, crushing emotions, and even outlandish fan service at times.

But the stakes you see in front of you are very real.

I may bend the Fate of my children, both for my own entertainment and their own good. But that should not devalue them, as they are just as tangible as us. There every action has just as much weight and meaning as what we do ourselves.

In this world, they will kick and struggle for what they truly want, and along the way, they will lose things that can never be replaced.

So, at the end of all this, I must remind you that you are only seeing what I’m showing you, and the that there is more to come…

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Okay now that my point has been made (those who aren't involved with the editing of this story will not understand until further down the line), the story has potential. Its built upon a very niche set of foundational elements, each with their own twist and unique impact on each other and the universe the story is in. And get this. IT ISN'T A STUPID REINCARNATION NOVEL. THERE IS REASON. THERE IS LOGIC. THE ACTION IS ACTUALLY CALCULATED INSTEAD OF THE MC JUST HAVING ACCESS TO THE PAST MEMORIES FOR NO REASON. 

Now if only Inkie would post more chapters...

Media in Sanity

Ever read something and felt like you haven't even scratched the surface of a certain fictional universe? That is the case with 'Being Art'.

Everything in the book is made to be intriguing: the cover, the synopsys, the title (which is amazing);  I do look forward to seeing Ink explore the mysteries and give us a satisfying conclusion to the question of who the hell is the Main Character, exactly?


i see a lot of potential in your story. Support max(monta from eyeshield 21)