The lightning revenant, unlike humans and magical beasts, was a spectral kind of entity, so it didn’t have any emotions. Making whirring and electrical sounds, the revenant raised one of its hands and an electric lightsaber kind of weapon emerged out of nowhere. Su Qingcheng’s eyes were red and bloodshot as she leapt forward to engage the lightning revenant. The revenant brought the lightsaber down on Su Qingcheng’s head as she approached it rapidly. Seemingly not caring for her life, Su Qingcheng, on instinct, caught the blade with both of her hands. However, contrary to Fan Yu’s expectations, Su Qingcheng did not get shocked – it was as if she was grabbing a cold weapon!

“Aaaaahhhh!!!” Su Qingcheng kept crying out as if she was berserk. The Nightflower Tianqi inside her was on the verge of exploding out uncontrollably thanks to being continuously stimulated by lightning for the past couple of weeks. Yao Meiyue now was positive that Su Qingcheng had too much energy and desperately needed something to vent her frustrations. Being trapped in this cage to fight for her life, was actually the perfect solution for this. Though Su Qingcheng was not psychologically prepared for this test, her sudden emotional tantrum caused her strength to be immediately bolstered by her Lightning Nightflower Tianqi. Lei Zetian was watching from the side and a smile crept up on her face, as if this was beyond her expectations.

Su Qingcheng’s eyes lit up and became a brilliant blue color as lightning leapt out from them. The purple lightning revenant tried to pull its lightsaber away from Su Qingcheng’s vice grip, but to no avail. An energy ripple of Lightning Nightflower Tianqi suddenly emanated from Su Qingcheng’s body, causing the Heaven Thunder Cage to tremble slightly. Lei Zetian did not get affected by it but Fan Yu who was considerably weaker was thrown a couple of meters back and fell on her bottom. “What is that?” Fan Yu asked with a frown as she saw Su Qingcheng forcibly push the lightsaber back into the lightning revenant. As the lightsaber was an extension of the revenant, it didn’t hurt it in the slightest, but it seemed to be in a daze.

It was like an android that was trying to process what had just happened! Su Qingcheng actually, in this critical juncture, had forced a breakthrough to the Fourth Rank of Tianqi User. She had cultivated for such a long time compared to the last time she rose a rank. Furthermore, her energy reserves had been forcibly expanded due to being tortured by lightning. Fan Yu’s continuous lightning shocks caused Su Qingcheng’s body and constitution to evolve, and suddenly after releasing all the excess energy in her body after breaking through, her berserk nature had been quelled slightly.

Heaving and panting, Su Qingcheng charged forward and began to assault the revenant with a flurry of basic punches and kicks. Each of her blows was amplified by empowered Lightning Nightflower Tianqi, which overpowered the composition of the lightning revenant and caused it to break apart forcibly. The lightning tried to reform but Su Qingcheng was too fierce, she had regained some of her composure and knew that in order to defeat the lightning revenant, she had to ‘dismantle’ it. The armor that had formed around it slowly started to fade away, which caused Lei Zetian to nod in approval. Clearly, she didn’t expect this young girl to have such a fierce Tianqi that was boosted to such an extent from the lightning energy now coursing through her body.

“Haaahhh!” Su Qingcheng dealt the finishing blow, crushing the helmet that the revenant was wearing. Then, after it disappeared completely, Su Qingcheng knelt down and let electric sparks jump out of her body, as if she was trying to discharge some extra lightning energy. You broke through! Yao Meiyue voiced out her thoughts mentally, causing Su Qingcheng to nod. She didn’t expect to breakthrough in this ‘life-and-death’ situation either. Truth to be told, after she had cleared her mind, she knew that this revenant couldn’t really threaten her too much compared to what Lei Zetian might throw out after this.

“Good, good, you’re very good,” Lei Zetian sincerely praised Su Qingcheng as she snapped her fingers. Suddenly, from beneath Su Qingcheng’s feet, the stone plates opened up and she had to leap back quickly so she wouldn’t fall into whatever was there. There was a strange round portal-like structure that reminded Su Qingcheng of a rift to another world. “Time for the real fun to begin. That lightning revenant was the perfect thing to trigger your Lightning energy. Even better, you managed to break through. I should imagine you had just reached the fourth rank of Tianqi user. Not even a Geomancer, but able to use your Tianqi to rip apart a lightning revenant that’s many times your actual body strength… Clearly extraordinary.”

Su Qingcheng looked at Lei Zetian but didn’t answer her.

“Now for the real test… That rift gate I just opened will have some magic beasts pouring out of it. I want you to survive! Kill or subdue, it’s up to you. You just need to live…” Lei Zetian nodded.

Su Qingcheng glared at her before she looked down at the portal. What kind of monsters will appear? This reminded her of a monster house in those video games back from Earth. If this were a video game, she wouldn’t be as scared, but this was a second life! If she didn’t kill or subdue the monsters that emerged, she would be torn apart as she was stuck in a cage. “Now time to fight for my life,” Su Qingcheng muttered to herself, now realizing the gravity of the situation. “The energy inside me has been stabilized properly. Though that Lei Zetian still scares the shit out of me, I need to focus on keeping my life. Ugh, I hope mother can find me soon!” Su Qingcheng grumbled.

From the rift gate on the floor, several small tigers emerged from it. They were smaller than a typical adult tiger, but were coursing with electricity as they bore their sharp fangs and claws at Su Qingcheng. Yao Meiyue could sense that these fierce magic beasts actually had a strength on par with Xiao Tie. However, as a magic beast, they had much stronger physical attacks than a regular human. Thus, Su Qingcheng still needed to be careful. There were four tigers all looking menacingly at the youth, but didn’t do anything yet. Lei Zetian then roared like an animal, causing the tigers in the cage to suddenly attack!

Su Qingcheng realized that Lei Zetian could be considered a magic beast empress in this prison! Of course, she controlled all the weaker creatures. She quickly prepared her Black Hole Stance and readied herself to take on the attacks. Each time the tigers tried to take a big bite out of her, Su Qingcheng would inject small amounts of electricity into her Nightflower Tianqi, allowing her to forcibly hold the jaws of an approaching tiger, then ripping it in half from its head!! It was a barbaric technique, but she had to save herself. The other three tigers stopped in their tracks when they saw Su Qingcheng tear the tiger in front of them apart! Fierce, scary, monstrous! They had been intimidated but cleared their head. Their intelligence could not be underestimated either.

They made a joint attack but Su Qingcheng had already predicted it. A tiger charging from beneath was the one which she had decided to directly engage, lowering herself and copying the pose of a lithe cat, causing the other two tigers to get distracted as they were both leaping at her. Yet, the girl had gone prone, causing them to hit nothing but air! They comically bumped into each other, eliciting laughter from Fan Yu who was watching Su Qingcheng fight like it was a television show. Su Qingcheng punched the tiger in front of her in the nose with a punch powered by full Lightning Nightflower Tianqi, causing it to not only be slightly paralyzed, but also crush its face in! Growling in agony and humiliation, the three tigers stepped back. However, just because Su Qingcheng was busy with these tigers, didn’t mean the rift gate suddenly stopped working!

As Su Qingcheng slowly worked on killing the tigers individually, fierce thunderbirds flew out of the portal and screeched out. When they saw Su Qingcheng battling the tigers, they cawed out and began to shoot bolts of lightning at the girl! Su Qingcheng had been hit by some of the lightning bolts, causing her arms to go slightly numb, despite the bolts only hitting her body like being pricked by a needle! Yet, a moment of paralysis would be enough for a tiger to claw her to bits! Fortunately, she had already killed three of the four tigers at this point, giving her time to watch on the last one.

She kicked its mouth in before landing a fierce downward chop on its head, crushing its skull and causing it to die from blunt force trauma. Panting, she didn’t have any time to relax. She looked up in the air and discovered there were three thunderbirds launching aerial attacks at it. Lamenting the fact she wouldn’t be able to hit them from where she was, and that she was unable to use the lightning bars as leverage, she had to focus on avoiding the birds. She would hope that small enemies she could throw at the birds to knock them down would appear so that she had a chance to deal with them.

Unfortunately, that moment never came. All sorts of magical beasts of sizes she could not easily carry appeared. Though their individual strength was only slightly stronger than Su Qingcheng herself, the mere fact they could keep spawning endlessly only served to tire out the girl. Despite her immense strength, especially powered by both tianqi and lightning, she was still only a fourth rank user. Her abnormal constitution could only carry her for so long.

“Damnit,” Su Qingcheng growled as she now looked rather sorry – despite her best efforts, she was riddled with scorch marks and cuts and bruises. Though she wasn’t in any life-threatening danger, her exhaustion and her wounds did build up. She wasn’t invincible.

Unfortunately, Lei Zetian showed no signs of displaying any mercy. She kept watching on as if wanting things to continue.

“Damnit.” Su Qingcheng cursed under her breath.


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