A note from Ela

Something about Erisa (The Elf) and some of the side bits that need a more distant narrator to be told. ^_^ hope you enjoy! 

The gaian's name was Erisa, she stood on the mountain of her people, their last safe haven. Or at least that’s what she thought.

She was wrong. She heard the warning of her people’s enchantments, the priests were coming, the dogs of the blasted Sun God. She sneered as she ran down the mountain, she had to draw them off the scent, away from her people and their places of power.

Sure footed she barreled down the mountain, towards the source of the alarm, and straight into the priest and his paladins. She stopped and the group stood frozen, their gaze affixed to her as she stood staring at them, before she bolted to the left, away from them and her town.

Sure enough the group pursued, climbing higher with her, towards the hunting grounds of one of the Grall that lived here. She’d likely be slain, she’d made peace with this, but the intruders would likely go with her, unprepared for the foe she planned to lead them to.

The group chasing her didn’t think anything of it, deer run when hunted, so would these beasts. To them it was a sign of human might, that beasts and monsters feared them as predators. The idea of one of them planning was at best a good joke, at worst, heresy.

Moving quickly she climbed, nearly falling from fatigue, it seemed the humans thought nothing of the trek, but her speed was quickly waring away. Taking a moment to rest had at first been part of the plan, but each time she did it seemed like the gap between her and her pursuers grew less and less, their movement quicker than her own slow recovery.

“Storm take you humans and your blasted god.” She cursed and the sweat dripped from her forehead, into her eyes. Once clear of the stinging she saw them, right in the brush in front of her and ran again. Panic started to get the better of her as she ran, and she screamed, helplessly in her people’s language. She knew nothing would come to help, she was going to die, or worse, be captured. She shook her head, she had to force them to kill her, it was the only way. Moving her attention ahead of her she finally realized her mistake.

She’d trapped herself in a dead end, there was no way up from here, not without some climbing. Turning she faced her hunters as the priest walked forward and started the chant, the one that would bind her will and soul. Still screaming she heard something, a scream barreling down the mountain and a woman encased in stone in ice fell before her smiling as that scream whispered behind her teeth.

Light flashed before the woman and words boomed like thunder around them as lifted her sword and pointed it towards the priest. “You trespass, the penalty is death.” The words, it was strange, the words were concepts in her mind, but still heard, felt even, and the thoughts the invoked were primal fear. With this fear, and the surprise the knights felt the woman, seemingly casually, took the head of the priest, the two paladins charging her as she blocked one’s slash, pushing his arm out, and nearly running him through.

Erisa’s heart jumped into her throat as a coughing scream came from the woman, but suddenly her sword dripped frozen air and there was an explosion of it as the mists cleared in time to see another head separated from one of the hunters. That voice like thunder booming again as the woman stared at the final paladin “Flee, you cannot win. Know that you and your god are no longer welcome to these mountains.” The man took the offer, running down and away from the monster that had claimed his brethren.

The woman turned, walking towards Erisa with her blade still drawn. She thought at first that this was it, she was going to die to this monster, before the woman kneeled and offered her a hand. Looking at the woman, at the Storm that had answered her prayers she asked “Who are you?” Erisa half expected to be told that she is the Storm, the Sudden Change, and she’d have believed the woman, she’d prayed and it’d been delivered to her after all. Instead that lightning flashed in front of her, and the sound came forth, but gently, not booming thunder this time.

“I am Neziah. The mountains are Mine.” Erisa nodded, Neziah didn’t notice the fervent light of a believer in the woman’s eyes, didn’t understand that now, the Storm had a name.

Neither knew the ramifications of this meeting, of all the powers watching, only two did. One, the god to set the meeting, and another.

The Storm, that had a name once more, and more than that.

An Avatar.

A note from Ela

Hopefully you enjoyed, it's short but it was something I had to put together to explain some things in the NEXT chapter without leaving you all in the dark. ^_^ I could have, but I didn't think that'd be nearly as fun. I'm going to try to have it ready by Monday, but likely it'll be delayed again cause college is kicking my ass.

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Dragrath @Dragrath ago

Thanks for the chapter interesting an avatar eh? Hmm the question implied but not awnsered is an avatar of what well I guess we will find out in time. And so far her lichification seems to have arisen though external means given she didn't seem to fully grasp what she had reaserched there before being transformed.

Cerdaemon @Cerdaemon ago

I gotta say I am hooked.

Write on.

Shiki Seiren @Shiki Seiren ago

Quote: Light flashed before the woman and words boomed like thunder around them as _ lifted her sword and pointed it towards the priest.


Quote: The words, it was strange, the words were concepts in her mind, but still heard, felt even, and the thoughts the invoked were primal fear.

I'd personally go with "emotions" here; Fear is not a thought. Alternatively" the thoughts they provoked were those of primal fear". they.

Thanks for the chapter, cannot wait for more! Cheers.