Blood Creed

by Biakogan

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

In a world where orphans are deemed beneath the dirt, a lone boy lived his life, working day by day. in hope to better his destiny. The day of his coming of age marks the birth of his potential, where everyone unleashes their magic, in hope that he receives a powerful ability, the boy held hope that that might change his fate, hoping to be groomed to a noble's house. however what he ended up with was nothing but a strange book. a book he deemed uselses, however a simple book it was not. and simplicity was far from fair to describe it.
follow Basara as he uncovers the secret of the book that is only worthy of the Servants of Death to carry...

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Mixture of shounen and wuxia element.

Well,let start with some light statement,if you read requem of souls,you gonna feel some deja-vu. Like another worthless mc that dont try to do something with his situation.You may ask,how then you move plot,well forced.Like our smart hero,cant even hide money and get beaten and accused for stealling.Orphan who live in the street,who can read,people say that he is smart-cant hide pouch of money.Of course that's not becouse he is stupid,it's for plot flow.And like a hero from requem,he don't seem to be bothered by all situation,and even glad cuz it's better than he's life on the street.Wow,you can make broken Yoshida from PLIC look more sane.My thought get astray,so let's play a game:Where do you heard such thing before?

Kid finds some artifact and meet mentor who sealed in the artifact.

Kid have some mighty bloodline that he need to hide,cuz he is too weak and might get haunted.

Kid helps girl who he meet in a first time with some ancient and mysterious knowledge.

And for that help he get help with he's humle wish(okay,there he got forced to be a lapdog of a girl,that make me even more cringy(it's supposed to be a reward?))

Well,where do we see this,dont even know.

Let me make you even more painfull,mc saves girl,again,becouse he felt indebted to this house.

And there why i think it's more shounen then wuxia,because only some pathetic japanese mc with beta personality,living shitty live on the street,and make trought 2 time's in a row acused and treated with no hospitality in a noble house,be glad and will be indebted to be servant.That just make me wanna puke some blood,but hey,it's a matter of preferences.There are people who loves this kinda things,like masochist.It's all subjective.

The next arc will be in academy,where he be a servant in a noble den.I can't wait,just think about possibility of plot,like he can be look down and be treated as livestock.Trully make on soul hard as steel.

Some of you can say,isnt the same with a hero of requem of souls,being forced fate? Well yeah,but if in requem we have fate of killing god and take they seat,there we have some lapdog service.

What kinda fate will have our brave mc in a schooL? Hayate no gotoku or Zero no Tsukaima,anyway that will be pathetic.

Last warning,if you have some fate in a romance between master and servant,just remember romance in a requem of souls(there is none).

Well have fun!


Good Beginning- Give Me More!!!

Blood Creed is only eight chapters in at this point and it’s already amazing. There is a very interesting magic and fighting system that has only shown a glimmer of what it can do and I’m excited to see the rest! Release Schedule please!


As of chapter 4:

The story is interesting but it was not well executed, the story, inner thoughts, and dialouge keeps going on a loop. I thought I was reading the same line from time to time. Also the characters are too bi-polar, uninteresting, and bland. The MC for example is entirely unrealistic and feels like a glorified seft-insert character.

Neither the MC, the world, or the story hooked me in. It was boring and tedious just reading one paragraph. And the grammar needs improvement, especially the punctuations.

Overall it’s not worth the time. With looping and confusing dialogue. Boring and unrealistic characters. A subpar writting style. Weirdly constructed story development. It will take a hell of alot to fix this story up, let alone make it enjoyable to read.


Im hoping you give him non linear talents like singing or something else in the atory like master chef or surprising dancer hahaha


I’ve been reading this author’s other stories for quite a while now and let me tell you that this is a story that is worth your time. Other than a few grammatical mistakes it’s pretty much a good a read as requiem of souls.


Blood creed follows the story of a young orphan who chances upon a special book that changes his life.

It has great grammar, an enthralling plot, pretty cool characters and a smart, young capable mc who has a few badass moments already.

Its only 9 chapters long right now but you only need to read up to the fourth to get sucked in.


I definitely enjoyed it. Sure, there are points where I had to question if this really was happening but most of those times were due to something positive. Overall, I just can't see why so many people hated on this story. It's good for what it does. Definitely better than the average, at the very least.

The main character is hard-willed enough to do his fill of the work. And he is built on tropes. But that isn't that bad a thing. I like him more than what's needed, even if he does learn some things a bit faster than he should. He does have the help of a good mentor.

On the note of that mentor, actually, that's one part of the story I really liked. Is most definitely not anywhere near original in any possible way, but I yet again did not care about that. The personality is fine enough, knows way too much, and can generally help with a large variety of things.

Didn't really get the class system. Might just have been me tho.

I'll likely reread this one in a year or so. Until then, I leave it with a rating of 5/5-