The other side of the line

by NotMC

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Historical Satire Female Lead Magic Martial Arts Reincarnation Ruling Class Secret Identity Strong Lead Xianxia

What if martial arts existed in our world, from a long time ago?

What if mongolian martial artists took over europe? What if cabbalist wizards ruled everything around the dead sea, shamans capable of turning into animals and controlling nature ran freely through a wild america that was never settled? If technology never got a chance because a single body cultivator could do ten times more than any crude machine? What if China, India and Tibet were the greatest centers of martial arts, superpowers constantly fighting for many reasons?

Into this world a girl is reborn as the daughter of a slave and a minister, married off at the age of 6 as a concubine to accompany her sister, the second wife of a prince with no hope of getting any throne. She was never a doctor or assassin, just a school girl. And the prince is not a pedophile, so fighting for favor like concubines do in dramas is right out for many years.

Thus her journey of martial arts making money any way she can. After all, a small concubine can't exactly join a sect or martial arts school.

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