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Chapter 28: March of the Black Armies


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Conference room, Chernobog Citadel, Atalanta, Capital of Agmanac



Belial POV



I am currently hearing the reports that my subordinates regarding their different assignments. Here in this meeting is Margrave Paimon of Ceawin who is also the Commanding General of my armies, Margrave Gaap of Pittsburg who is also the Chief Admiral of my navy, Count Zagan of Edinburg who is also my Chief Engineer and Treasurer, Lady Gremory who is my Chief Adviser, Magus Bathin who is responsible for transporting my troops from far distances, Viscount Malek of Osburg who is also my Aerial Captain responsible for my Air Force and the three non-human faction leaders: Queesn Anuriel of Elvengard, Highking Thormund of the Dwarven Underkingdom and Grand Shaman Myriim of the Dragon-kin Tribe. There are also new additions to my retainers as I have summoned three new ones after leveling up from Reziel and Kapharel's essences. Kapharel, though not dead, had her essence taken as she is no longer an '"angel". My level ups revolve on taking angelic essences, thus by turning Kapharel into a fallen made me take away her angelic essence. It won't always be possible though as I can only convert someone lower than my level.

Added to them are the Arch Necromancer Murmur, Artillery Commander Leraje, Aerial General Asmodeus and Master Warlock Amon. Note that all of them are currently using astral projections from the devices that Bathin created. I am sitting in my throne right now on a round table while they are projected to be sitting on the chairs around it. I then started to talk.


"What is the current situation in the battlefield?"

Paimon immediately answered. "We are currently routing the last remnants of the Imperial army. There are no reported casualties on my troops as Belam and Abalam are in the front lines to command them."

She was then seconded by Asmodeus. "Milord, we are all tracking every single soldier trying to escape. They will be subjugated soon. Malek has been a great subordinate. He is currently leading the aerial troops to battle as my powers are too muvh for mere humans to handle." The Sin of Lust is now making a smile worthy of being a seductress but such things don't faze me.

"The seas are under the control of my navy. All invading imperial ships has been sunked and destroyed." Gaap reported.

"I have annihilated most of the troops with my and my troop's area-wide flame magic. No groups of enemy soldiers survived our attacks. We have also destroyed all fortifications that stood in our armes' way." stated Amon.

The elven-like Leraje then spoke. "Milord, all fleeing enemy troops and now being sniped and killed by my troops. With the help of Malek, we were able to track and kill all fleeing enemies."

"Under Lady Asmodeus' instructions, I have successfully tracked almost all remaining troops from the imperial empire. We would soon be able to finish each and every one of them." Malek also reported.

"All wannabe invaders have been dealt with here in Edinburg. With Lord Gaap's help, we all destroyed the imperial attackers and is now tracking the rest that ran away." Zagan reported.

"As expected of you people, you work well." I then turned my attendtion to Murmur. "How's the 'experiment', Murmur?"

Murmur, with a ghastly voice spoke. "Me and my men have successfully reanimated a little over 7 million. But forgive me, King Belial. We still need some time to reanimate every single one." He bowed while saying so.

"That's fine, Murmur. 7 million is a lot. Are they all ready for battle?" I asked.

"You provided us with more than 50 million sets of enchanted black armors so yes. They are all ready for battle." He said with confidence.


Paimon have her 1.2 million soldiers of mixed designation that all returned to Agmanac to protect my territory. Gaap have his three hundred sixty thousand demonic marines whom a third is protecting the mainland. Zagan have one hundred ninety eight demonic combat engineers. Bathin have one hundred eighty thousand time wizards that are doing their best to relocate and move the armies in great distances. Gremory, who is with me, had her one hundred fifty six thousand battlemaidens remain in my capital, Atalanta. I had them stay as they are my strongest attack and defense group that could take on an army a hundred size against them and still win. Malek had his thirty thousand flying units currently trying to locate stragglers and deserters from the imperial army while Asmodeus remained near the Wall commanding his air force of four hundred thirty two thousand as they swept the main battlefield. Amon and his two hundred forty thousand warlocks let loose on the battlefield and destroyed most of the enemy forces with their wide-area spells. They were the ones who manned the walls along with Leraje and his one hundred eighty thousand sharpshooters. They and their armies decimated the enemy troops in a distance while those who survived are subjected to the attacks of the Undead Army. At first, there was just 8 million but with the sky-high death toll of the imperial army, this numbers increased drastically to 13 million though the help of Arch Necromancer Murmur and his one hundred eighty thousand Master Necromancers.

Paimon is the one leading this army under my command as this army isn't mindless zombies but powerful revenants who's levels are equal to 20% of their creator's levels. Meaning that they had 20% of the master necromancers' level. A master necromancer had an average level of one thousand so the revenants' level is about 200 which is higher than the level of most mortal warriors. Back to the war, I received a report from Glasya's subordinates, the Black Hand, that was shocking yet hilarious.

The imperial armies divided themselves into four different parts. The main army with at least 6 million, the western army with 4 million, the east army with 4 million and the rear army with 1 million. When the battle began, it was the main army that clashed head-on with the barrage of spells and projectiles from Amon and Leraje. The ones who survived the said barrage was attacked by the waiting Undead Army. The Western Army didn't clash with us but instead went to the border the empire shared with Valois and began to attack there, not knowing that I even walled myself inside Valois. The Eastern Army sent a detached group of 1 million to attack the side in Edinburg which resulted in that group being annihilated by the combined efforts of Amon's warlocks, Leraje's sharpshooters, the wall's cannons and Gaap's support fire from his ship's batteries. Having its detached group destroyed, the Eastern Army then sent their full force to attack the wall in Edinburg. This resulted in another 1 million casualties which opted them to retreat away from the Death Clearing and decided to abandon their campaign and are now trying to return to the east, not knowing that what awaits them is the armies of angry dwarves that is currently invading the eastern front of the empire.

The rear army contained all high-ranking officials of the army and the supply group which supplied the arrows, swords, spears and any weapon their army uses along with food, water, armor and war horses. When they received the report that the main army was defeated, they hurriedly retreated while trying to get the reports from the eastern and western front, not knowing that the eastern army is in full retreat while the western army had engaged the Valoisian army. They didn't even know that while the dwarves invaded the east, the elves also began attacking and invading the west. Glasya's subordinates also received reports that the mountain yetis and the snow wyverns have began to attack the northern imperial borders along with the ice trolls with their mammoths.

Hahaha! Excellent! Being attacked in all fronts while his armies have been defeated by me, what kind of expression would the emperor have? Laughing inwardly while imagining the face of the emperor, I then spoke to my allies.


"How are the things in your sides? Are things going well?"

It was Thormund the dwarf who answered first. "Hahaha! Thanks to you King Belial, the dwarven armies are unstoppable. With the eastern army gone, my people could finally extract their vengeance against the country that enslaved and almost lead us to the brink of extinction! My armies of 3 million with their war machines and your inventions, they will meet no resistance! We will advance our position and take back what was once ours!"

"The elves are currently sweeping the western imperial front, King Belial. I have sent the united armies of the elves to invade and reclaim our lost lands from the empire. The west fold have fallen to our control and my armies of 2 million are now on their way to push further inside the empire and annihilate every imperial town we encounter. Soon, the west will finally be free of human presence." Anuriel the elf reported.

"Us dragon newts have finished negotiating with the wyverns of the north. Now those under them, like the yetis, the ice trolls, the ice wraiths and liches have emerged and destroyed the brigand settlements in the north and after wiping out human presence there, the continued to march south and attacked the northern imperial border. They have successfully invaded the north and are now attacking the northern imperial territories. Here, let me introduced to you the Yeti leader, Abdan." Myriim then passed her astral communicator to a large, furry ape-like creature.

"Heeellooo! Who is King?" said the creature.

Not that intelligent. "That would be me."

"You king? Why you so tiny? Tiny king not strong. Let me talk to real king!" the creature roared.


Everyone was shocked by what the creature said. They then turned to look at me and I just smiled back at them. I then looked at Bathin and said.


"Do you know their location?"

Everybody soon understood as they began nodding. Bathin then replied. "Of course, sire."

"Send me there and keep the portal. I'll be quick."

"At once, sire."


A portal appeared beside me and I walked though it, arriving at the frozen northland. In front of me is a 10-foot tall yeti. He was glaring at me while I looked at him while smiling. This somehow irritated the creature as he baegan taunting me.


"Puny brat think he king! Abdan can smash you with-"


He soon started to squirm about while holding his throat. Even the wyvern circling the skies began to plummet to the ground. Everyone, including Myriim, are having a hard time breathing. I just released the limiter for my passive skill 'Dominion' but this is already what they are feeling. This is just pure pressure from my presence. No bloodlust or any other aura and yet they are all on their knees. I then walked in front of the yeti's face.


"Am I the king or am I not the king?"

"Yo-you are ki-king..." said the downed yeti.

I then returned the limiter to my skill and said. "Good. Now, all of you. What do you plan to do from now on?"

A wyvern flew towards me and landed just a few paces in front. "What is it that you want from us?"

I looked at the wyvern and said. "Nothing. I am just currently invading the empire along with my allies, the elves and the dwarves. As for you denizens of the north, I have nothing I want you to do. But if you serve me, I will make sure I can accomodate you so long as it is within my power."

"How can you be so sure that you can accomodate us?"

"Right now, I have destroyed the empire's Grand Army. 7million soldiers dead while the others turned tail and deserted the battlefield. I am currently hunting down the remnant's from the empire's armies. The elves have captured the western front of the empire and have reclaimed their ancestral lands using 2 million elven warriors and magi. The eastern front have also been decimated by the dwarves and have also claimed their former territories using 3 million of their troops. I, with 14.5 million troops are now ready to move north, towards the imperial capital where my enemy, the emperor, lies waiting. I still have more or less 3 million troops awaiting in Agmanac should I fail my campign, which I know I wouldn't but just in case. As we see the war map now, the only place the emperor could go and hide is here in the north."

"We can defend the north. We just stayed our hand due to the number of human soldiers present in their border. Strong though we may be, eventhough those humans are weak but with their numbers, they can kill us when they group together. But, enough of that, I want to know your plans."

"I will conquer the empire, all of it. The elves will have their ancestral homes back. The dwarves will have their hills and mountains returned to their own kingdom. The rest will belong to me."

"Does that include the northland?"

"If it is a domain of the empire then yes. I will include it."

"But this is our land! Taken from us by the humans!"

"You aren't my ally, wyvern. I am not doing a charity work here. Bow to me and I will give you the northlands for free. I will not do anything to you and those under you."

"How could we trust the words of a human? You all-"

"I have already shown you that I can overpower you. I don't need your trust. I could even enslave you all right now though I hate making slaves. I don't need to threaten you as my mere presence would be enough to scare you and your people. So, would you submit or not? Note that I will not harm you, should you not submit. But you aren't allowed in my domain."

"And if we submit?"

"You will have the northlands and will live in prosperity as you will have access to dwarven merchandise and elven knowledge. Of course, you will have my blessings and you are free to walk into my cities without the fear of discrimination or getting killed. So, decide now. I still have a war to win."

"Last question, how are we free if we are under you?"

"Because even if you are under me, I have no need of you. Thus I will not bother what you do as long as you abide by my rules when you are inside my territory. Outside, meaning beyond my borders, you can do whatever you want, no questions asked. It is just that you are better than the humans."

"Then by oath i , Karion of the snow wyverns, pledge my loyalty to you and your cause. All unser us are yours to use and command." the wyvern said as he lowered his head to my level.

"Just keep the north away from the humans. Do as you like, Myriim here will help you." I then stepped into the portal back to the conference room. I returned to my sit and said. "Prepare the invasion forces. Paimon will lead the army. Amon will be the commander of the spell brigades. Leraje will be the commander of the long bow, cannoneer and artillery brigades. Asmodeus will be the commander of the aerial brigades. Zagan and his combat engineers are to join the supply caravans along with Bathin to help transport and create necessary things that the armies have to use. Continue making revenants, Murmur. I will need them to where I will move. Malek will return to me and personally escort me to the place where the Western Imperial Army is attacking. We will move after Murmur and his master necromancers finishes making the revenants. Gremory, lead the armies near the northwestern part of Agmanac while leaving 500 thousand down in the south and southwest. We don't know how Valois will react. Liliana, protect Atalanta. Everyone, the world will finally know the wrath of the Hydra King. My orders have been given. Go and fulfill your duties."

""""""""""Yes, King Belial!"""""""""" then their astral projections vanished.


I was left alone in my chair while I play with my cup. Everything is now going according to my plan. That fool of an emperor really did what I predicted him to do. Now, I have to locate the pope and the main mambers of his church. And that woman, That Princess Gabrielle. I was right about my hunch and yet I let her go. Such a miscalculation. But no matter. Reading the memory of Kapharel brought me some surprising news. Knowing those made this plan of mine successful.

Moments after, a shadow congealed in front of me. After a few seconds, the shadow dispersed, revealing a figure with striking gold eyes.


"Sire, the 'package' have been sent to Atalanta. The said 'package' is now living with the Nephilims."

"Excellent. You may leave now."

"I live to serve." She then vanished.


I wouldn't have known If I didn't see Kapharel's memories two months ago.




2 months ago




Western Grand Solar, Chernobog Citadel, Atalanta, Capital of Ceawin



Various images flowed in front of my eyes as if I was seeing the memories with myself present in it. I saw things in Kapharel's eyes. Information quickly flew through his mind as he saw everything from the memory orb. Then finally, he saw a particular memory that he knew was the most important.


[Good day to you, young Kapharel.]

[Your Holiness. How could I be of service?]

[Our Father needs your help, young one. He asks that you abide His will.]

[Whatever it will be, I will serve.]

[You are to seek out 2 children. One, currently a prince with a powerful capability and the other, a farmer who grew in the south. The Prince whose name is Beale of Valois has been chosen to be the Champion of the Light and Defender of our cause while the other whose name is Saria was chosen to be th Keeper of the Light and Spreader of our cause. They have been chosen by our Father to render service to the church and to Him. You must contact them and have them converted to our faith. That is what our Father have ordered you to do.]

[Your Holiness, the said prince known as Hydra Prince should still be at war with the empire. I doubt he will come with me even on the Lord's behest. He is human and with his current animosity to the empire, I doubt that us who are in the empire would have a chance to speak to him. And as I have heard, his defensive capability is just as deadly as his offensive. I ask of you, how could I make someone like him listen to me?]

[Trust in your feelings, young Kapharel. You are blessed with our Father's love. Just do as He ordered and it will happen. Trust in yourself, in me nd in our Father.]

[Forgive me for questioning our Father's intentions. About the other child, how would I find her?]

[You will easily spot her for her aura that very much known to us angels. She is also at the same age as Prince Beale. She is in Volhynia Kingdom where our influence is much larger than here in the empire. Our plans have changed. With the Hydra Prince's advance, I'm sure that in the future, the empire would be destroyed. We can't have the Prince destroy us too. So while you are making your talks with him. We will move our people through the Dukedom of Galacia in the southwest. We will spread out influence their until we reach our destination which is Volhynia Kingdom. Now go. The time is upon us.]

[By your will, Your Holiness.]


So they are intent to go to Volhynia to escape. Can't stop that now. I am not that influencial to have them hunted in other countries. Better focus on the real problems that I can manage. I was still in the middle of my thoughts when a door opened and revealed a beautiful black-haired battlemaiden. She then walked towards me and kneeled.


"I have finished changing as you've commanded, Your Highness. May I have my orders." said the black-haired beauty.

"You are to be my aide-de-camp. You will follow me whenever I am." I said while looking at her.

"I, Kapharel, will dedicate my life to my liege lord and shall use this life for him until I die." She said with a fervent voice.

"Good. Now, stand. We have work to do." I then turned around and yelled. "Glasya! Attend to me!"

Shadows gathered and formed a figure with glowing golden eyes. "Your command?"

"Go to Volhynia Kingdom. Find a farmer girl named Saria. She is about my age. Her major characteristic is that she releases an aura of pureness."

"Angelic aura?"

"Yes. I need you to find her and bring her to me. Alive."

"I have reports regarding the empire's troop movements." She then handed me a piece of paper.

I looked inside and read it. When I finished reading it, I smile and said. "So they really want to be wiped out from this world. Okay. I will give them what they want. Good work on gathering this information for me."

"Do you have aany other inquiries, Your Highness?"

"That would be all. Don't fail me, Glasya."

"I live to serve." She then vanished in front of me.


I looked behind me and saw Kapharel staring at me. I then talked to her by asking her something.


"What weapon would you like to wield, Kapharel?"

"I am a sword-user, milord."

That is something I replanted on her. She was a sword-user when she was still an angel. "You can have this." I produced a sword with angelic wings as guard. "This is Maellartach, a former angel's sword. You can have it now." I then gave it to her.

Kapharel outstretched her hand and when she received it she bowed. "I am honored to received such a sword from you, milord. I will use this to smite down my enemies."

"Indeed you will. Now..." I turned towards the door and yelled. "Everyone, return inside."


After a few moments passed, figures appeared right at the back of each chair in the room. They are my retainers whom I made to go out earlier.


"Let's all seat." When they all took their seats, I spoke again. "This is Battlemaiden Kapharel. She will be my aide-de-camp starting today. If you have inquiries while I am busy, you can tell her and she will relay it to me."

""""""""Yes, Milord."""""""" they all answered though Gremory and Liliana are making faces. I really don't have the time to deal with these two.

"Now, unto the main agenda. The empire have began mobilizing their troops and have started their march towards Ceawin. Their numbers reached 15 million. They are separated in 4 groups. The central or main army with 6 million, the western army with 4 million, the eastern army with 4 million and the rear army with a million. They will attack us simultaneously from our northeast, northwest and the main north. They will also send their navy to contend against us in the sea. Here's the plan. Paimon will be in-charge of the defence on Ceawin but I will have her armies return to Agmanac."

Paimon reacted to that ans said. "What arm will I be commanding then, Milord?"

I looked at her and smiled. "The Undead Army."

She then understood where this is heading so she nodded. "Understood, milord."

I continues stating my plans. "Gaap, are the new naval destoyers ready?"

"They are all finished, milord. With Zagan's help supplying the metal, all ships are now part metal with runes riddled in it that dispels any spells thrown at it. The 'batteries' that you designed have all been put in place and are ready for actual usage. They can decimate enemies from an estimate of 15 kilometers! My Tidehunter are equipped with 3 pairs of those and had already sunk 15 ships that bore the sigil of the empire."

"Good. Have your ship and some others dock in Edinburg and help the ground troops there when the enemies attack. The rest will patrol Okeanus and sink any vessel that will try to reach Edinburg."

"Yes, milord."

"Zagan, fortify your fief. They are sure to attack your domain using the eastern army."

"Already did, milord."

"Bathin, are the gateways ready?"

"Yes, milord. My men are also ready to deploy your troops whenever you want."

"Excellent. Gremory and Liliana will stay here in Atalanta. They will deal with the people of Valois should those fools try to attack."

""It will be done, milord."

"Lord Belial." Paimon spoke. "Even if we are almost invincible in the battlefield, without my warmages and ranged units, we will still be pressed."

"No worries. I already have people that will help you. Now, reveal yourselves."


By my command, 4 figures appeared at my back, behind Kapharel. The eyes of my retainers widened as they saw familiar faces behind me. At my back are 3 persons. One who looked like a beatiful high elf archer with his golden bow. The second looked like a lich with his ghastly appearance and a glowing bone staff. The third one is a woman wearing a long, black and pink fur coat and a tight mithril cuirass that showcased her body figure. She was holding a lance on her right hand which is longer than her own height. The last one is a guy with literally flaming hair and is wearing magus robes while holding his golden staff.


"I doubt you don't know them but for the sake of introduction, I will introduce them. The archer is the Godly Hunter Leraje whose arrows never misses. I am making him my Artillery and Bow commander which will be placed under Paimon."

Leraje then spoke. "Ohh! I will be looking forward to working with you 'closely', General Paimon." He said with a lewd smile on his face.

"Would you not interrupt themeeting with your lasciviousness, Leraje?" I said with a cold tone.

"I was only joking, Your Highness."

"Hmph. Carrying on. The next one is Hell's greatest necromancer, Murmur. He will be designated as a mid-liner and of course, will deal with dead personel and turn them into revenants. He will be with Paimon but only thorugh cooperation."

"A pleasure to work with you, general." A raspy tone came from Murmur.

"And me to you." Paimon answered briefly.

"Then next is..."

"Yes! I'm Asmodeus with the sin of lust! I will be Belial's Aerial General and you, Captain Malek, will be under my command! I will coordinate with Paimon but I am not her subordinate. I am only under Belial!" Asmodeus cut me off with her speech while her eyes are eyeing Gremory, Liliana and Kapharel.

"Enough of your shenanigans, Asmodeus. I will return you to Hell if you don't fucking behave yourself." I said with a cold voice.

"But really Belial. I'll just ask. Why not destroy the humans in one quick swoop? I mean, with your capability, weakened though you may be, you can destroy something like a country with ease." Asmodeus asked.

"I also have the same question, Lord Belial. Why be so roundabout about it? WIth us here, who would dare stop us?" The last new guy, Amon, added.

"It's because I am here to challenge God. And to be honest, I cannot do it alone with my current power. This is practice for me. I can overpower the humans but what would that achieve if I do it alone? So, this 'roundabout' thing you are all talking about is just me practicing. Practicing war tactics, troop deployment, troop designation, command and orders. This is me learning." I said with a serious tone.

"I get it. But still, Belial. To have summoned me, aren't you afraid I might usurp your authority?" Asmodeus stated.

Hearing her statement, I couldn't stop my self to laugh. "Asmodai, you are a personification of sin, right? But just like you, aren't you forgetting something? I AM THE PERSONIFICATION OF THE SIN OF WRATH, BITCH! SO EITHER YOU SHUT UP AND JUST DO AS I SAY OR I'LL DEPORT YOUR FUCKING ASS BACK TO THE SHITHOLE YOU CAME IN!"

"Ahh! That anger... I missed that! I'm in for some SM play, you-"



A magic circle containing my characters appeared below Asmodeus and soon, purple light erupted that engulfed her. After a few moments, the light vanished and we saw Asmodeus but she had something added on her. In her neck lied runes of silence due to the invocation of a command towards a contractee. She then made a sad face but I don't give a damn. I returned my attention to my seated retainers and said.


"Thr last one is Amon, who is worshipped as a god of the Sun like Malek but a lot stronger. Because of the people's belief in him as god, he now possesses power that could rival even thrones, much like the Seven Princes and the Four Kings of Hell. He is a Fire Spirit King before he became a demon, much likr Gaap. He will be our Magi General and is responsible for delivering massive damage to the enemies with his and his men's spells. He will be coordinating with Paimon and the others."

"A pleasure to meet you all again." Amon greeted.

"Now that all of you are here and have recieved my orders, fulfill them for me. Phase two will now begin. Eradicate the imperial armies and all who dares threaten our country. Give me victory!"

"""""""""""YES, LORD BELIAL!"""""""""""






Present day




Ourskirts of Dunstanburg, Ceawin, Principality of Agmanac



 After the conference, I immediately used a gateway to Ceawin. Waiting for me there is Kapharel with 500 thousand troops. When she saw me, she immediately kneeled and spoke.


"The troops are ready now, Prince Beale."

"Indeed they are." I then looked at the soldiers in front of me. "Follow me. We ride west. WE RIDE WEST!"

""""""""""OOOOHHH!!!""""""""" The men replied.


Time to crush the remaining armies of the empire. Let's see what faces the kingdom forces will show if they see me in the battlefield. Hahaha!!! I hope they are ready for a big surprise!


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