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Character Introduction, Countries and Coinage


A note from Kurayn-sensei

Hi there. Author here. I will be writing here today the character profiles that has been introduced in the story so far. I won't be giving their status menus since it will make this too long. I will just describe each character and their relationship with each other in the story. I will also list down the places that I used and their significance. This is so that people won't get confused on who is who and what is what.

Character Introduction


Prince Beale Maxime Thierry de Agmanac de Valois (King Belial, Bell)


- The Protagonist. An incarnation of the Great Demon King Belial, a fallen seraph and one of the fallen Watchers during the Great War. He lived his life for 12 times, experiencing things that made him 'realize' how messed up mankind is. Having given up on mankind after knowing man's cruelty and nature, he walked the path of wrath and vengeance; to get back on the human's who caused him harm and pain and to destroy 'God' who made him experience what he went through.

Belial is a master in bending two elements: fire and darkness with the latter being used almost everytime Belial attacks. He is also proficient in other elements like wind and earth but not light and water. Currently on his way back to Agmanac's capital, Atalanta to deal with the invading forces from the kingdom of Dya Ntotila. 12.5 years old yet taller than mostof his contemporaries. Height equalling to most 15 year olds.

Features: White hair, red eyes (6 Black wings, elven-like ears and a pair of golden horns when transformed)




- Belial's first summoned demon. Former Dominion and one of the Fallen after the Great War. Paimon is one of the strongest demon that holds the most deadliest and elite legions in Hell, third only to Satan and the Princes of Hell. She currently holds the title of Army General of the troops she pledged to Belial.

She has two generals, Abalam and Belam and her 'priest' Sperion. Right now she is defending the northern borders of Ceawin to intercept any Imperial troops should they try to get Ceawin back.




-Belial's second summoned demon. He is a Water Spirit King before he turned into a demon. He is an able water user and uses harpoons and a trident as weapons. He looks like an early adult with black hair and blue eyes. He is Belial's Naval Admiral.

He currently leads one of his fleets to look for lands in distant places to conquer. He made 3 fleets of ships and now, he is ordered to return to start Belial's invasion on the slave Kingdom of Dya Ntotila.




-Belial's third summoned demon. Not much is known about her except that she is a very skilled assassin. The only body part Belial have seen in her is her golden eyes. As for her body features, aside from her height that is around the height and body of an average 18-20 year old woman, none is known about her. She is Belial's spy master and shadow assassin. Along with her is her group of assassins that follow either her or Belial's orders.

Currently, she is in Atalanta, at Agmanac. She is left to guard the territory since Gremory went after Belial.




- Belial's fourth summoned demon. She is a beauty that can rival even the most beautiful among elves and angels. She has red hair and eyes with a body that even put Liliana to shame. She's not to be underestimated though as she is the strongest among the summoned demons Belial currently have. She is Belial's Chief Adviser and is the person responsible of meeting with nobles and dignitaries. She's also the person that can substitute Belial on things that needs Belial's affirmation or denial. She also leads a group of battlemaidens who are currently hidden.

Currently, she's with Belial as she personally gave a report to him about an invasion. She's also the onlyperson known to have scolded Belial. She has feelings for Belial, or rather the past Belial. She is also the only female who openly declares her feelings for Belial which is answered by a cold shoulder from Belial as he believes she is loving a dead person and not the person in front of her.




-Belial's sixth summoned demon. He is a greedy demon whose primary sin was Greed. He can turn almost enything unto his liking like turning water into wine or turning simple rocks and metals into coins. He is a shrewed merchant and an able alchemist. He is Belial's Treasurer and Chief Engineer. He also oversees Belial's Agmanac Merchant and Trade Guild.

Not to be underestimated, Zagan is one of the Great Kings of Hell. He and his legion can decimate armies using only their wits and their expertise to weave the battlefield to their favor. Currently, he is left to Atalanta to deal with the guild and the finances of Agmanac.




- Belial's seventh summoned demon. He is a powerful space magician. Due to the nature of his power, he is used mainly as a transporter of troops, supplies, merchandise and other things that needs to be delivered in great distances. He and his legions are also responsible for the creation of the Gateways. These are devices used to transfer things from one end to another without Bathin or his legions having personally doing it.

He is currently in Atalanta, making gateways to all places that Belial is in contact with like the Underkingdom, Elvengard and the Dragon Isles.


Malek (Adramelech)


- A demon that pledged his allegance to Belial. He is a fallen angel witha former rank of Virtue. He fell to grace after his anger got a hold of him, turning him into an embodiment of flame. He is an able fighter with a stoic contenance. He wears a red armor with black plates and ornaments. He rides a red drake and is Belial's Aerial Captain.

He is currently holding the Imperial Southern Defensive line to defend it if ever the greedy nobles from Valois decides to interfere.


Liliana (Lilith)


- A demon that pledged herself to Belial. She is a succubus progenitor and is known to be the real First Woman on Earth. Her sins, mainly lust, drove her out of Eden and became a demon of the night. Her abilities enables one to feel susceptible to mind control and illusions. She could also use it to entice others to submission. Like Belial, as she is attuned to darkness, she could also utilize shadows and use them for either teleportation or attack.

She is currently on her way back to Atalanta from Marseilles after her confrontation with the kingdom's king and nobles. She also brought back with her the intel on things Belial will know in the near future.


King Hector Maxime de Bourbon de Valois


- Belial's father in his 13th reincarnation. A powerful warrior (in human standards) but not a capable leader. Due to his upbringing, he is trained to be a great warrior as a child but the major setback is that he is not interested in politics. The result became clear when he showed how mediocre his rule is. This mediocrity made the nobles crave for the throne. Because of that, Valois Kingdom is brimmed with corruption and deceit.

He is currently at Marseilles, capital of the kingdom, to do his duty as king while planning to make amends to Belial now that the Prince have declared that he won't accept the title of Crown Prince.


Queen Victoria


- Belial's mother in his 13th reincarnation. She is a very loving mother and a good regeant should the king be absent to tend to his Royal duties. She is also a skilled magician (though not yet seen) and because of her affinity with magicka, she was chosen as King Hector's wife.

She is currently in Marseilles, helping King Hector in dealing with the problems of the state.


Princess Alaine


- Belial's sister in his 13th reincarnation. Cheerful and friendly, she is the only person aside the queen whom Belial speaks to when he was small. She is the one always attending to Belial's needs and she also loves her brother very much. The reason why Belial lent 666 troops to King Hector is not to protect the King but to protect his mother and sister.

Her current status is unknown but it is said that she will be sent to Agmanac to try and reason with Belial.


Emperor Charles Luxum


- Emperor of Luxum Empire. He is the one who sent an envoy (Princess Gabrielle) to Agmanac to seek 'peace' with Agmanac. His real intentions though were to find out how Agmanac became rich and if possible, bribe the officials, nobles or soldiers to make Agmanac fall, making it vulnerable to invade. This plan backfires and now, he lost his southern army, his main source of metal and grain and lastly, his main ports for trading.

He is currently amassing his armies though it is unknown whether he will attack Agmanac or not.


Princess Gabrielle Monique Tudor y Luxum


- Third princess of the Luxum Empire. She was chosen as an envoy of peace to Agmanac. She is very kind and curious (eventhough she saw the non-human leaders, she didn't seem to mind them). She is also someone who though having a low level, Belial couldn't see through her skills and abilities. She is one of the characters that contains a hidden story, much like our MC but in a different view.

Due to some mishaps, she is now detained inside Chernobog Citadel, Belial's residence in Agmanac.


Queen Anuriel Faelar


- Queen of Elvengard, the kingdom of the Elves. She is also the leader of a coalition comprising all the lesser elven kingdoms surrounding Elvengard. She represented the elves in the meeting with Belial and have pledge herself along with all the elves to Belial's protection and cause.

She is currently readying her armies as commanded by Belial and is awaiting for further instructions.


Highking Thormund Fellhammer


- Highking of the Underkingdom, the kingdom of the dwarves. He is the head of the seven kings of the dwarves and is the voice of his people. He is a very powerful dwarf that wears a golden armor and a very big hammer. He pledge himself and the dwarves to Belial's cause in return for Belial's protection.

He is currently readying his armies as commanded by Belial and have ordered his people to forge weapons, armors and merchandise for war and trade.


High Priestess Aryz Nabal


- High priestess of the Rah Yolus Kogaan, a clan of dragon newts that leads its people. She is a shaman and is one of the people who teaches her people their beliefs and religion. She have pledge herself to Belial's cause along with the clan's Grand Shaman. She is very polite but can sometimes be a little cunning.

She is currently back in her clan to learn from the Grand Shaman herself as she was named as future Grand Shaman by Belial.


Grand Shaman Myriim Nabal Mornaug


- Head of both religion and politics of Rah Yolus Kogaan. She is the person responsible for leading their people and is the oracle of their patron deity. She didn't gain Belial's trust as she was too proud and aloof. She was demoted into a mere adviser when Belial Named Aryz the new Grand Shaman. She pledged herself and her people to Belial's cause in return for his protection.

She is currently readying her armies should Belial need them and is teaching Aryz how the ways of being a Grand Shaman.




Countries and places that have been mentioned in the story


Valois Kingdom


- A kingdom with almost 860,000 square kilometers of land. It is one of the most populous countries and is located in the central part of the continent. Being placed in the center, she is bordered with many other human countries (kingdoms, dukedoms, unions and republics). This kingdom is rich in plains and rainforests. That being said, it isn't fully utilized due to the sheer vastness of the place. Most people are concentrated in the cities but there are also small towns and settlements on the sticks, borders and outskirts.

Due to the feud between the ancestors of the kingdom and the Luxum Empire, they are still at war even after 300 years. As such there are always tensions in the border facing the empire. The kingdom's main produce are grains and farm animals. These are exported to other countries in exchange for coins and other mechandise. The currency used here is Sol. The Royal sigil is a gryphon standing in its hind legs with a scepter in its paws and a crown in its head on a blue background.


Luxum Empire


- The largest human country in the continent, with a massive 3 times the size of the Valois Kingdom. They bordered the Valois kingdom in the south, the elven kingdoms in the west and the dwarven kingdoms in the east. The north which is known as the Frozen Reach is a frozen wasteland where yetis and other creatures dominated the mountains. This is also where the mountain bandits and outcasts are usually found.

They are at constant war with Valois Kingdom and hostilities happens every once in a while in the border they are sharing. They are also the center of the new religion that is spreading around the continent, the Anthropocentric Church. As the biggest country in the continent, they produce a lot of things but their main produce is metal and wood. The currency they use here is Zlot. The imperial sigil is a black spread twin headed hawk carrying a scepter in the left claw and a sword on the other, all under a red background.


Slave Kingdom of Dya Ntotila


- A archipelago on the south west part of Okeanus, the sea east of Valois Kingdom. It is comprised of 6 different islands each with different 'noble' houses and the largest island, Ghana, is owned by the country's 'royal' family. Their main source of income is raiding, marauding and slavery.

They are currently attacking the southern part of Agmanac, thinking that the Prince is busy attacking the empire and that the Prince brought his whole army on his conquest, leaving only a few to defend the principality. The currency they are using is Oncia. Their Royal sigil is two crossed pickaxes with a hand on the back, all on yellow background.



Breakdown of any currency


Bronze coin - Lowest denomination

Silver coin

Gold coin

White Gold Coin

Platinum Coin - Highest denomination

Jeweled Coin - ornamental coins used by Royalty to award someone who did something extraordinary. Depends on what jewelis used on the coin as worth will range between 100 - 500 platinum coins


1 silver = 100 bronze

1 gold = 100 silver

1 white gold = 25 gold

1 platinum = 10 white gold

1 tanzanite jeweled coin = 100 platinum coins

1 taaffeite jeweled coin = 150 platinum coins

1 black opal jeweled coin = 200 platinum coins

1 benitoite jeweled coin = 250 platinum coins

1 red beryl/red emerald jeweled coin = 300 platinum coins

1 jadeite jeweled coin = 350 platinum coins

1 musgravite jeweled coin = 400 platinum coins

1 painite jeweled coin = 450 platinum coins

1 pink diamond jeweled coin = 500 platinum coins



Average consumption of families


Luxum Empire - 50-80 bronze coin/meal (3-5 family members)

Valois Kingdom - 30-50 bronze coin/meal (3-5 family members)


About the author


Bio: Just an ordinary guy with a voracious appetite for novels. I may not be an index for novels but I have read a lot since it is one of my most defining trait: reading. Do give me some pokes if new novels are published or give me any recommendations you have. I will gratefully accept them all!

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