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Chapter 21: Chaos ensues, Madness continues


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 Belial POV



Right now, I am in front of the citadel of Margrave Ceawin on his capital city of Dunstanburg. Behind me are some 50 thousand of my troops. The citadel in front of me is locked up tight and not even the windows are opened while those without windows are barred. Not even a single soul could be seen outside. Well, from the assault we did on the castletown, they could see how vast our numbers were and from how we slaughtered their 200 thousand troops, their morale plummeted. I could have smoked the people out but that ain't my style so I decided to come here personally. Earlier, I made Paimon divide the troops into 4 groups. The first group, with a 150 thousand soldiers led by Paimon's general Bebal, were sent westward up until the borders of the margraviate. Another group, also with 150 thousand soldiers led by Paimon's second general Abalam, proceeded east up until the port town of Algair where some of Gaap's ships were stationed. They are tasked with killing everyone they see on sight, except children. This generals of Paimon were summoned using the souls of those nobles and bureaucrats that we killed a few months ago. Paimon led 300 thousand soldiers and went northwest up until the border of Ceawin and stationed themselves there; setting traps and fortifying the defenses in case the empire decides to retaliate. I was left with 100 thousand soldiers and occupied Ceawin's capital. We broke to Dunstanburg with ease and slayed all that dare bar our way. After the cleanup, I split my group into two and giving them an equal size of 50 thousand men. One group accompanied me while the others delivered the slaves we freed and the children back to Agmanac. Now the only remaining force against me is the 500 plus soldiers inside the citadel with Margrave Ceawin.


I turned around and spoke to the soldiers and knights behind me. "Troops, surround the citadel. Make sure no one gets out especially at the postern I will deal with the people inside by myself."

"""We wish you good hunting, Prince Beale!""" They all exclaimed while kneeling.


When they finished surrounding the citadel, I then began my move. No fancy moves. I kicked the gate entrance and destroyed it along with the metal portcullis. What greeted me are some 50 archers who then fired their bows at me. I know my capabilities and judging from the looks of this people, I don't need to use my All-Seeing Eyes just to discern that they aren't worthy of my spells. I didn't even wear any armor. Just plain bIack clothes and pants with a silver belt and a red crystal acting a a buckle. Anyway, I just deflected their arrows with the black spears I have in my hand. The soldiers who shot me went into a panic. Seeing a kid with full plate armor and deflecting their arrows with ease must have broke them. I am quiet tall for my age at 165 centimeters but for them, I still look like a kid. I rushed towards the archers who seemed to have lost their drive and slaughtered them. Stab, swipe, bash, maim, skewer. Within seconds, 50 men turned into mutilated pieces of flesh in the ground which in now painted in red. I then proceeded to walk forward and smashed the keep entrance. There, I was ambushed with crossbowmen whose projectiles I easily countered but while the crossbowmen were reloading, I was besieged by spears, halberds and pikes. I easily deflected their attacks but after a while, they move out of the way.


"Ah! So this is what it is!" I exclaimed.


Multiple crossbow bolts were fired on me by which I deflected again with my spears. When the volley was over, I was attacked again with long weapons. Getting tired of the repeated tactics that even amateur fighters can read, I then made something to hype up their morale. I let myself get stabbed my their weapons and be shot with their crossbows. When they saw me kneeling down, they all yelled in joy.


"The Devil is down!"

"We killed the Devil!"

"Victory is ours!"


Shouts and yells of joy echoed inside the keep of the citadel. Soon, a gaudy-looking gold-armored man, who I bet is the Margrave came out with his golden sword. He was laughing happily and yelled!


"Today, I will have the honor of taking the head of the devil and presenting it to the Emperor! I might be declared hero of the empire!"

"Glory to Ceawin!" A soldier yelled.

"""Glory to the Margrave!""" the others chimed in.

"""GLORY TO THE EMPIRE!""" All of them cheered.

The gaudy man, or rather the margrave, then raised his hand to stop the cheering and spoke. "Now make way. I have a head to take. This will be the day when I and Ceawin will become legends."


I then saw the margrave walk towards me with a big smile on his face. He was smiling while talking to himself like a lunatic.


"How will the empire sing my praises? The Devil Slayer? The Imperial Hero? The Golden Warrior? Ahh! Such-


He stopped talking when he saw me standing up. Terror is seen in his face. Maybe contemplating why I am still alive. He starting backing off one step at a time while pointing at me. He then frantically shouted to the people around him.



"Don't blame them." I said nonchalantly as I started removing the bolts first. "Let me make it clear to you. You people never had a chance to kill me. You see..." Removing the spear struck in my 'heart', I continued to talk. "With your skills, power and abilities, you wouldn't even scratch me. I-"


"Shhh. I am not done talking..." Taking out the last two spears, I then stood up and began to 'ponder'. "Where was I? Ah! You wouldn't be able to scratch me. Why am I filled with wounds? Because I disabled the skills and spells that protects me." I then opened my arms and let them see that the wounds they inflicted are healng fast.After the last wound closed up and my clothes fixed itself, I spoke. "Now, try hitting me again!" I asked with a laugh.

"KILL HIM!" the margrave shouted.


Bolts flew streaking at me after the margrave shouted but what happened was something they didn't expect. None of the projectiles were able to penetrate my skin again. Another volley was fired, only this time, it is from a much larger group. I just stood there, smiling at them. Bolts were released again and yet another surprise happened. The bolts became cinders when they reached near me. Panic and horror can be seen and felt coming from these imbeciles. I had my fun. Giving them hope that they might win. Giving them joy that they have win. Then giving them despair when what they thought of was wrong.


"Okay. That is enough games. Tell me, will you surrender and die or will you not surrender in which case you will still die?" When I saw the sheer terror in their expressions, I spoke with a smile. "At least the former is less painful than the other. So which one do you pick?"


Knowing that this men are already struck with terror, I am beginning to wonder if they had gone senile as well. Some were like carp with their mouth opening and closing while the others are crying their eyes out. It was then that one soldier shouted at me.



His yells somewhat restored some of the morale of the margrave's soldiers. After him, another soldier yelled. "YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A PRINCE! A ROYALTY! WHY INCLUDE INNOCENT PEOPLE IN YOUR REVENGE?! YOU'RE INHUMAN!"


After that, multiple voices were now whouting at me.






After saying their piece, the margrave then yelled. "For the Empire's honor and my honor and my people's honor, I will claim your life today, Devil. For God is with us! YOU ARE DOOMED TO DIE! GOD WILLS IT!"



Hearing them talk about me being a murderer was nothing to me. They are insignificant. What's the deference with a small grain of sand to another? But now... Hearing them talk about God with veneration made me loose hell on earth. My bloodlust filled the room and all who felt it are now either convulsing or having difficulty in breathing. I saw the margrave barely able to stand. Enchanted armor, huh? I then spoke at them.


"God huh? I see. God... let us see then if God will save you from what i will do to you and your sorry souls."


"Is that so?" I then connected my mind to the soldiers outside and told them one sentence. "Get away from the city right now."

After confirming their retreat, I returned my attention to the people in front of me who are now smirking at me. I then spoke. "I will just tell you some facts. First, I am no Devil. I..." Releasing my wings, I made them see in full view who I really am. "I am one of the Fallen, one of those who was betrayed by Heaven. I am one of those who shouldered the sins and evil of humans. I greet you, Mortals. This one in front of you is Belial, Former Seraph of Heaven and Gret Demon King in Hell. Now pray. Pray to him that he might save you from my wrath."


Black tendrils wrapped around the margrave and his men, making them unable to move. I then flew and hovered high above the city. I soon began to channel magicka and condensed them in front of me. The heaviness of my bloodlust and the gathering of dense magicka made the citadel creak. Fueled by my anger, the magicka continued to gather unstably. Gather. Condense. Gather. Condense. Gather. Condense. Gather. Condense. GATHER! CONDENSE! I condensed the magicka into a ball of black flames in front of me. It continued to grow as I fed it the magicka that I gathered. When I deemed it enough, I shouted.




I threw my spell towards the citadel. BOOM! When the ball of fire hit the citadel, it exploded. The explosion expanded high and wide, covering the whole city of Dunstanburg. A huge dome of black fire engulfed the town. Shockwaves could be felt even from where I am hovering which is already somewhere between 5 thousand and 10 thousand feet above ground. Even the nearby forest was affected. Trees were either uprooted or bent as shockwaves hit them. When the dome dissipated, everything is obliterated. Just by the sheer destructive power of the spell, nothing remained except a crater that encompassed the whole city. From that day on, Dunstanburg was erased in the face of the Earth.


"Where's your God and angels now?" Although I didn't expect an answer, I asked. I looked down disdainfully at the crater below me. "Fools."


I then flew down towards my soldiers who positioned themselves around 10 kilometers away from the city. Looking at them, it seems all of them are intact. Good. I would need them in my plans so losing them is a huge setback. I was relieved to see that they are complete along with the nightmares. When I landed, they all kneeled.


"""Welcome back, Lord Belial."""

"Mm. Report."

A soldier stepped forward and replied. "General Bebal have destroyed all humans they encountered especially the nobles that dared fight back. Children are now being gathered along with the freed non-human slaves and are planned to be sent to the south. The west is now secured and manned. He is requesting additional men to defend the border. He says he cannot totally man the western borders given the sheer size of the place."

"I see. His request for reinforcement would have to wait for a while. Has Paimon's priest, Sperion, finished with his 'job'?"

A warmage then stepped in and spoke. "Of the 2 million dead soldiers of the Southern Imperial Front, some soldier and warrior-class have been successfully turned to revenants while the mage and priest-class have also been successfully converted to liches. Sir Sperion says he has reached his limit so he won't be able to convert all 2 million. He only prioritized the magic-oriented soldiers as they are more in-need in the battlefield. He also says he only converted about a million and those are now marching towards here. He also have given the command authority to you as he imprinted to the undead your magicka, Lord Belial."

"Good. I'll have to divide them to groups later to reinforce our forces on the border. Any other reports?"

Another soldier stepped in and spoke. "Milord, the seaside has been neutralized. All nobles and their armies are no more. They have also annihilated the human settlers there. None were left alive. The fleet then moved to the empire-controlled Gale Island and began to occupy it. All empirial forces there have been dealt with. Children and non-human slaves are also escorted out of the empire and are now enroute to Agmanac."

"Well done. Now, you three. Tell them to continue sweeping. Who knows what we might find. Purge everyone who dares block our way."

"""Yes, Milord."""

I then contacted Paimon through our contract. [Paimon.]

Paimon immediately replied. [Yes Lord.]

[How's the situation there?]

[All resistance have been dealt with, milord. We saved all non-human slaves and began to send them down south along with the captured children.]

[Mm. Any signs of the empire retaliating?]

[Glasya's shadows reported that an imperial envoy has been sent to Ceawin. They will arrive within 10 days.]

[I don't have 10 days. Tell the men to occupy the nearby settlements outside Ceawin. Order Bebal to do the same. Let's make the empire realize that I am not the type to wait for their so-called 'courtesy'. Capture every village. Leave no human alive. I will meet with the envoys myself. No need for guards. I doubt they have something that could hurt me. Even that pope of the church won't be able to handle me.]

[As you wish, Milord.]


I cut off the connection with Paimon. I then retracted my wings and garbed myself with my black armor. Lastly, I took a nightmare from my troops.


"I leave this place to you people. Scour every nook and cranny, every hollow and stone. Deal with any survivors you can find. Send them all to Hell."

"""Yes, Milord."""


I then made the nightmare gallop forward at top speed. Let's see what you imperials have for me.





Emperor's Highway, Luxum Empire



General Arthur POV



I have been travelling for more than a day already. With the rate we are travelling, we might reach Ceawin within 2 days. I looked back at my escorts and saw their current conditions. Tired and exhausted. More than a day's ride without stopping to eat and sleep. We are already exhausting this warhorses we have and we know that these animals too are exhausted. But we can't waste any moment. The Devil might march to the capital due to the messenger killing himself. With no reply, the Devil will surely begin his march as he will see it as the empire rejecting his demands. But... I guess I could let this lads rest for a while. I then shouted.



The soldiers heard it and made beaming smiles and cheerfully shouted. """YES SIR!!!"""


We all disembarked on our horses and brought them at the riverside near the road we were threading. The exhausted soldiers sat on the riverside, removed their boots and plunged their feet on the river's water. Soon, I could hear snoring and sleep-talking. They are really tired. I then looked behind me and saw the vast mountain ranges on the distance and the lush forest in front of us.


"So peaceful... Haaa... Sometimes I wish this would continue forever."

"Sorry to tell you, old man, but it won't."


Surprised, I moved and unsheated my sword and pointed it towards the direction of the voice. The men, seeing me unsheath my sword, stood up and readied themselves. They then surrounded me in a circular fashion, shield's on front. After keeping silent for a few minutes, no reaction could be seen. There was no one there.


"Just where are you people looking?"


The voice sounded again and with his tone, he is looking at us. Realizing it, I looked up the tree and saw a black armored young man with a childish face sitting in one of its branches with his back on the tree's trunk. White hair, red eyes. It can't be...


"Pri-prince Beale?"

"Correct." He then jumped down just outside the formation. "You must be the Imperial Envoys this time, huh?"


How could he be here?! Is his army nearby?! Are we too late?! I was thinking while sweating profusely. With the prince here, surely he is on his way to the capital. WIth only 10 men, how could I stop his army?!


"Before you assume, no. I came alone with no guards and no army. I made them stay on Ceawin but I might have ask them to conquer the nearby settlements along with the empire's Gale Island due to having been fed up on waiting. Anyway, I asked if you are the envoy this time. If you are not, I will end your lives here but if you are then I suggest we proceed to the talks." He said with a serious expression.

This is the Devil. The one who destroyed our southern garrisons and conquered it with less than half of the forces stationed there. "Yes, I am Arthur Canter, Grand Imperial General of the Luxum Empire. May I have a confirmation that you are really the Prince?" I then bowed at him. The men have already removed themselves and positioned at my back though I can see the trembling of their weapons when they realized who this person is.

Taking out a badge and showing it to my face, he shouted. "I am Prince Beale Maxime Thierry de Agmanac de Valois, Prince of the Kingdom of Valois, Ruler of Agmanac and Conqueror of the Empire's southern front. I came to settle my grievances with the empire but to think they would sent a general to me, I don't know if they are underestimating me or they are taking me for a fool." He said with annoyance.

Before I could reply, a young soldier behind me yelled. "YOU HAVE NO RESPECT! HE IS-" He never finished his statement as a black spike skewered him from below.

"It is not of your place to speak to me, scum. I already gave your fucking empire some face by not conquering your whole southern frontier and only stopped on Ceawin and the Port cities of Algair and Marcia. Make no mistake. I could have marched to your capital right now and you would have seen my army marching and killing everyone on sight. And I could have killed all of you here and could just pass it as 'no envoy came to parley with me.' or something like that. So before you people get the idea of me showing my weakness in front of the empire's so-called greatest general, I suggest you keep your words to yourself. Not only did you kill my messenger who went to deliver my demands, they also sent me a general to-"

I immediately cut his statement. "Prince, please. We didn't kill your messenger. He stabbed himself with a knife!"

Suddenly, the air became heavy and hot. The prince shot me with a cold gaze. "If you wanted to lie, you could have made it a little more plausible."

"I am not lying, Prince! I can even undergo a lie-detecting spell for you to believe me!"

"So... You made a messenger present himself to the emperor while armed?" he asked icily.


I was struck dumb with what he said. We were on a panic at that time but what Prince Beale said was right! How could we have let a messenger be left armed while presenting himself to the emperor?! Even if the messenger died on his own hand, it would seem that we let him die ourselves! I spoke to the Devil in front of me.


"Prince, we-"

"Enough excuses. You have not given me face for the last time. I will just ask. Where are the official written documents of the Emperor that states that I now own the lands I demanded as compensation from his mistakes. Where is it?" The Devil asked.

"I-it is in here, Your Highness." I then handed him the documents.

"For a general, you sure are a pansy. Shaking all over and stuff." he said while reading the files I gave him.

"Even if you are a general, when meeting someone like you personally, won't be able to stop himself from shivering. The aura you are releasing... the the power you are projecting. Not even I, with my long years of service, have seen such a monster. Ahh! Please... I meant what I said as a compliment."

"I don't care about your fake pleasantries, general." Having finished reading the papers, he looked back at me. "Agmanac now owns Ceawin and the port cities of Algair and Marcia. As interest for making me wait for too long, Gale Island and the outlying conquered baronies near Ceawin will also belong to me. Tell your emperor to give me the deeds and testaments for those lands." He said coolly.

Shocked my his words, I quickly replied. "Prince! That cannot be! We are already giving you face by giving Ceawin and our major port cities to appease your ire but your are being too-"

"You forget, general. I can march my armies right now and crush your capital within 2 and a half weeks. Can you mobilize an army that could match us within that time period? You are not the one who makes demands and threats here, General. I am." He said with a cold smile.

He really is the Devil. He already knows that I don't have enough men to protect the capital. "Even if I deliver your demands to the emperor, he will not agree. Because if you don't get an immediate reply, you will again march further north. Don't think I don't know your strategy, Prince Beale."

"Oh? You know what I am thinking? You see, I was thinking of making those baronies a neutral zone between Agmanac and the empire. If one side marches on it, it is a declaration of war. That is the purpose as to why I wanted those lands. But you don't want to, huh? Fine. Now, we will see who has the gall to say they know my strategies."

He was thinking of that?! "Wait Prince... If that is your plan then there is no need to have their deeds, right?"

"You're really an idiot. If I don't have the deed, your fucking emperor will just say it as 'We never had that accord.' or something like that. I no longer trust the words of an emperor who sent an envoy who not only spied at me but also tried to kill me when confronted. Once is enough for a wise man. Twice for the Stupid. Thrice for an Idiot. And mind you, I'm no idiot."

I sighed thinking how could we appease this Devil. "I will tell the emperor. By the way, where is the Princess?"

"She will be returned after you give me the deed of Gale Island. I'll stake my name on it, because unlike the emperor, I am true to my word." He said with a hint of sarcasm.

"We know now how true you are to your words, Prince. We have a first hand experience on how 'honest' you are, Your Highness. But if I may I ask... what of the nobles from the south that you have conquered? Can they be ransomed?"

"You want to pay ransom on dead bodies? Sure. I could do that." He said with a chuckle.

He killed the nobles?! "What of their families? Sure, they are-"

"All dead. None alive." he said nonchalantly.

My granddaughter, my grandsons, dead? Anger irrupted from deep inside me as I yelled. "HOW COULD YOU, PRINCE?! AREN'T YOU ALSO A RULER? A PART OF ROYALTY?! WHY KILL WOMEN OR EVEN SMALL CHILDREN?! YOU HAVE NO-"

"I care not of your sentiment, General. Say another word and I promise you, I will let you live today just for you to personally witness the fall of your beloved empire." he said with a harsh tone.


"Tell your emperor this: No one from the empire is ever allowed to walk on Agmanacian soil. Any who dares cross the new border will be killed without question. Any denizen of the empire found inside my dominion would be executed. If any of your ships dare sail near my territory will be sunk without question. Agmanac will never trade with the Empire and no trader or merchant from the empire can do business in my land. Did you get that, general?"

What madness! He will even execute those civilians?! "Why kill the commoners?! Aren't they innocent?! They-"

"Innocent? Really? Who benefited the slave trade of non-humans? Is it only the ones on the upper hegemons? How did the empire prosper? Don't be a hypocrite, General. They are all guilty of the same crime as your emperor. If your people weren't suffering from recession, would the emperor turn his eyes to Agmanac? If Agmanac was captured or be made a vassal state of the empire, who would benefit the most? No,my dear General. They are not innocent." He said as he turned around. With a whistle, a ghastly-black horse came with horrifyingly glowing red eyes. "There are no 'innocent people' in this world, General. Especially yours who embraced slavery and forced labor."

Sitting on his horse, the Prince spoke with his back facing me. "General, relay my words to the emperor and tell him this: 'I know all about the 15 million soldiers you are trying to amass in order to crush me. I suggest you stop with that endeavor if you still want to have an army to protect you not only from myself but from the hyenas and vultures who are waiting to have a piece from a dying giant.' Give him my regards and my congratulations for a job well done. He just made me more powerful and the empire, less. He is doing a great job being emperor. Hyaah!" He then made his 'horse' sprint away and with just a few seconds, we couldn't see even a sillouette of the prince anymore.


"What should we do, general?" asked a soldier.

"What can we do?" Turning around, I saw the dead body of the young soldier who spoke against the prince. "Take his body. Clean it and wrap it with cloth. We will return him to his family in the capital."

"This guy... He was just a newcomer, general... This was his first mission outside the capital... Now, he's... General... That Prince... Is he still human?" Asked a fearful soldier.

"The emperor created this mess and the result is this. Millions have died, our lands reduced and with Ceawin lost, our grain and metal produce would be hit dramatically. That incompetent emperor made the Devil march on our land and allowed the Devil to slaughtered our people and soldiers."

"If only you ordered us, we would have killed that-"

"Hold that thought, soldier. Because if you were observing enough, you would have noticed you shadow swirling beneath your feet. One false move and you would have died." I said with a bitter smile. "Let's go. Pack up and get ready to move out. We need to talk to that damn emperor."


We then finished packing up and rode our horses and made it run at top speed. The main difference is that we are now running back to the empire.


"I just hope that fool of an emperor sees reason to all of this.





Central Anthropocentric Cathedral, Basilica, Celtrize(Capital of the Luxum Empire)




Pope Phillip POV



"Your Holiness, I bring news." A paladin kneeled and said.

"What is it?"

"As you have predicted, the Prince invaded the southern frontier of the Empire. The 2 million soldiers stationed in different garrisons and encampments there has been wiped out. The sea ports of Algair and Marcia along with Gale Island is now under the Prince's hands. Ceawin has been reported to have been already captured but that report is outdated as our scouts haven't returned for an update."

"Don't wait. They are dead. The Prince have already secured Ceawin and if I can guess, the nearby baronies surrounding Ceawin have also been taken. Don't send anymore scouts. We might receive the Prince's wrath."

"Yes, Your Holiness. How should we proceed from now on?"

"The connection between me and that of my dear young angel whom I made to follow General Canter. He died. But since he is an angel, a bandit ambush or a rogue knight is no match to him. That could only mean one thing."

"He is killed by either the Prince or his Generals." the paladin answered.

"Yes. From the reports of our spies in the Valoisian Capital, we could conclude that Prince Beale is a genius in magecraft and weapons handling. We also know that he is an able and cunning statesman. And now, he have shown us his capability as a commander of his armies and his decisiveness to kill. The last mental message of that angel surprised me though."

"What did he say? asked the paladin.

"He said 'The Devil...' then it was cut off. Strange thing though. I don't know about what he meant as Satan is still in Hell and the Four Princes are still hanging out there as well. Could it be just an expression? He has not seen a devil before."

"Maybe it is an exagerration, Your Holiness."

"Maybe it is. Regardless, we must send someone to meet with the Prince on our behalf. Since Her Imperial Highness Princess Gabrielle is captured, we have to send another. Haaa... If only Her Highness awakens..."

"In time, Your Holiness. In time."

"Oh well. Soon, the empire will fall and we must establish ourselves before that. Are the preparations ready?"

"Yes, the Holy Ones are now conducting the ceremony. Soon, the western fold of the empire will become our new sanctuary." the palasin replied.

"Wonderful. When the preparations are ready, we'll move out of here. The emperor... Let's just leave with Princess Gabrielle when she comes back. Now finish the preparations. Send the envoy and finalize the plans. We will commence the operation soon. Now go."

"At once, Your Holiness."


Left on my own, I stood up and went to my table. I took a sit and filled the goblet I placed there with the wine I prepared earlier. Sipping the wine, a fruity flavor invaded my mouth.


"Now then... How will you move, Prince Beale?"


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