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Hi there. Author here. I know I can't please anyone but please note: I said this is a grimdark story filled with agony, pain, betrayal, deceit and so on. This is not your typical reincarnation where the MC becomes the hero or anti-hero with plot armor. Sorry to say but it isn't. It is a story of one trying to defy his fate. Not a good RomCom, Fantasy, Adventure type but a more realistic plot with an unrealistic twist. Sorry if any of you thought that this is a good "MC rapes any female he gets and gets away with it" or "MC creates a harem and dominates the world" due to the sexual tag this story have. Really sorry to have betrayed your expectations. Anyway, here's the next chapter. Enjoy!

Random Agmanac resident POV



Today is the first time I have seen Prince Beale, ruler of Agmanac. When I saw him, I thought 'He's just a kid!' He walked down the street going to his castle. I heard gossips that when he arrived at the city entrance, he was threatened by a guard leader who also tried to arrest him. My God! What foolishness! Threatening a Royal family member, a Prince at that! And what's more, it is the Prince that is meant to rule this city along with its surrounding territory! I watched the prince striding towards the palace and then finally disappeared from my sight.

I carried on with my life when suddenly, a loud roar echoed throughout the castletown.




My mind rocked and my skin produced goosebumps when I heard the voice. Such anger and hate. What the hell happened in the castle. I ran out of my house and proceeded to the castle grounds where all the people are gathering. It was then that I saw the city manager, Count LeFlamma. He was the person who was ordered to manage this principality until the real owner matures and takes the mantle.

Life changed when the count arrived. Tax increased by as much as thrice the usual rate. Women are dragged to the castle almost twice a month. Due to the increase tax collection, the crop yield dropped and famine was widespread. Many were starving which include my family starved and most of our farm animals were either taken by the guards or dead due to disease and famine. Trade dulled and animals used as food sources dwindled. Poverty was widespread while the rich enjoyed their lavish living and excessive spending.

Now that I saw the count, anger burned in my heart. Because of that fat bastard, my little Amy was taken to the castle and my parents died due to starvation! I was seething with anger when suddenly I heard Prince Beale's verdict to the corrupt count.




And then we saw something extraordinary. Black spikes erupted from nowhere and pierced the count from almost every direction. He invoked a spell without a single chant! I then saw a woman in armor drag the southern guard leader whose hands were bound on his back and made to kneel. The Prince continued his speech.




My heart was elated. Finally, Justice will be obtained. Little Amy, my parents, they will finally be avenged! I looked at the Prince who is looking down on us from the palace terrace. This is the future king of Valois. I don't know what will happen the future but I know... Change is coming...



Belial POV



I went into the main bedroom where I am suppose to reside. Earlier, I ordered Malek to take charge of the castle while I tasked Liliana to escort the elves and beastmen to the servant's quarters. When I arrived in my supposed bedroom when I heard noises inside. I opened the door only to find bloodied women with ragged clothes and a fat teenager holding a knife on the neck of a young girl.


"Don't come any closer!" yelled the fat boy.

"And who might you be?" I asked though I think I already know his identity.

"I am Viscount Enrique LeFlamma! Son of Count Travis LeFlamma! I-"

"I am sure I already revoked your family's status and titles. As such, you are no viscount nor are you a son of a noble. You are a slave that will be taken in as a crime slave for assaulting a Royal family member."

Clearly shaken by my declaration, Enrique's eyes swam around and his knees shook as if he was electricuted. "Yo-you-"

"I am Prince Beale Maxime Thierry de Agmanac de Valois, Prince of the Kingdom of Valois and rightful ruler of Agmanac. Now, slave, unhand the woman if you want me to spare your life." I asked him while shadows moved and wriggled around the room. Dark tendrils began to rise up the floor surrounding Enrique and the girl.


Seeing this, the fat boy trembled in fear but in his trembling, the neck of the girl where the knife was held into, began to bleed as pressure was applied in the blade. He then snarled at me with a threatening voice.


"This is Count Capet's daughter, Lady Margaret. One more move from you and she'll die!" Enrique exclaimed.

When I heard that, my eyes widened. What the heck is he talking about? Did he expect me to yield? Me, with my status as a prince, is being theatened with a count? Preposterous! "Are you theatening me, Enrique?"

"Yes I am! Now move out of the way! Prepare me a horse! I want to get away from here! Move or-"

"Ridiculous!" I exclaimed. "I, a prince, is being threatened by a soon-to-be slave using a count's name? Hahahahaha!!!" I laughed hard that Enrique, the girl named Margaret and the women in the room became dumbfounded.

I then stopped laughing and looked squarely at the now dumbfounded Enrique and raised my hand. Seeing this, Enrique yelled. "Wha-what are you doing?! I-I will really kill her if yo-you will do something funny!"

I just looked at him and said "MULTIIGUS, UMBRA SPICULUM"


Dark tendrils emerged from Enrique's shadow and pierced him from down below and from the sides where shadows are near him. It only hit him though. Margaret was unharmed as the dark tendrils froze Enrique's movement. She fell on the floor and watched Enrique as the fat teenager now looked like a pincushion with dark spikes protruding from all directions, blood dripping on each spike.


I then recited another spell while looking at the blood and mess. "UMBRA TUBURCINOR". In an instant, Enrique's corpse was devoured by darkness, along with any remnant of blood and gore. Soon, everything was silent. I looked at the lady who's still in the floor and spoke. "You there. The one named Margaret, come to me."

Immediately, Margaret scrambled to get up, though still shaking, ran towards me and curtsied. "Your Highness, this one is Margaret Capet, second daughter of Count Silvestre Capet. Do forgive my desgraceful apprearance."

I eyed the blue-eyed blonde in front of me. "So what are you doing here? Are you a captive or-"

"I am Enrique's fiancee. I visited as I was called upon by the then Count LeFlamma to discuss something." she stated with an unhidden disgust.

"Is that so? Well, you are free to stay or leave. There's no longer a noble family named LeFlamma so consider your engagement null and void. Unless you want to be married to a corpse, that is." I stated nonchalantly. I don't want to drag this more than it should. It's boring and unnecessary for my plans.

"No, Your Highness. I thank you for rescuing me from that vile demon." She fidgetted a bit and continued no speak. "If I am permitted... may I speak of a different agenda?" She asked me while fidgetting.

"And what is it that you want to say that requires my attention? Additional information perhaps?" 

"N-no, Your Highness.. You see, I was trained as a handmaiden for Her Highness, the Princess Alaine, back in the capital. If Your Highness would allow me, I could-"

"Seize that thought of yours." I declared coldly. "If I needed a servant, I could do a search myself. I need no recommendations unless I asked for it. Do I make myself clear." I glared at her. I was shorter than her but we can still see each other in the same eye level.

"Ye-yes, Yo-your Ha-Highness... F-forgive me fr-from my-"

"Enough. You may leave. Tell Count Capet that I need his presence here as soon as possible. Now leave." I ordered sternly.

"A-at once, Your Highness." She curtsied clumsily and hurriedly left the room.


I scanned the room and saw the horrified faces of women whose faces were bruised and their hair in disarray. I gestured them to come near me. They shakily held unto each other and walked unsteadily towards me. Fear and grief can be seen in their eyes. I also have those eyes before. I looked at them and found something they have in common. They are still teenagers. Not yet an adult but no longer a child. I clenched my fists as I was observing their hollow eyes; eyes devoid of hope.


"Anyone! Attend to me!" I yelled, making the women in front of me shiver even more.

A shaky voice resounded from the group as the owner of the voice walked towards me. "Ye-yes, Yo-your Highness..."

"You're a palace maid?" I asked.

"Ye-yes, Your Highness. Ma-my name is E-Elise. I-I was an attendant of fo-former Ca-count Le-LeFlamma." She answered while stuttering.

"Is that so? Then heed my command. Clean yourselves up. Put on decent clothes. If there are no clothes for you, go to Liliana. She is my retainer and I believe she's in the servant's quarters. Afterwards, go to the healer. Let them heal your wounds and clear you of diseases. I don't want to see people who doesn't even look presentable. Also, to those who are not palace servants, after cleaning yourselves up and getting healed, get them out of the castle. I am of no need of pleasure women or additional servants. Go now. I will ask other servants to clean up this room." I ordered.

"Tha-thank you, Your Ha-highness... hikuu..." Elise answered with a sobbing voice.


Elise and the women went out the room while sobbing. Hmph... Just because they felt that they are safe, they were drawn to tears. If tears can lead to salvation, my life would hae been saved a thousand times over. They were hugging each other but what were they thinking? Only themselves. They are only with each other because if they are alone, there would be no one to shove away as a decoy. They didn't even tell me if there were others like them that shared the same fate. Humans and their selfishness really knows no bounds.

When the room was empty, I went out and walked towards the audience room. When I arrived, the grease-faced guards saluted at me. I gestured everyone to get out of the audience room which made the guards scramble about and ran outside the quickest possible way they could. When the room was completely empty, I casted a spell to block any sound coming out of the room.




Darkness blanketed the whole room with the walls and floor now seems non-existent. Only a blank void with the room furnitures seemingly floating in the abyss. I then casted another spell. This time a summoning spell. I need to change the guards into those whom will serve and follow me. I need to call upon a part of those who served the former 'Belial'.




A magic circle emerged from the ground where I stood and extended throughout the whole room. Soon darkness swirled and formed a figure that are neither human nor demon. More like a shade and shadow with red eyes and mouth. The figure who formed in front of me spoke.

"I have yet crossed this plane, Lord Belial for I am not sure whether it is you that called upon me." The shadow spoke with an eerie voice, ghastly if you could define it.

"What makes you think so?" I asked.

"Because of what I felt from you with our connection. You are Belial but at the same time, you are not." The shadow replied.

"I am not the Belial you know. I am his incarnations who inherited his will, both mind and body." I stated truthfully.

"Hmmmm... Strange... Truly strange... But it might be more fun this way. We'll see if you are worthy of our loyalty." The shadow confirmed his and began to materialize.


Soon, the room was wrapped in red light. When the light show was over, a lone woman was left standing at the center of the room. She then went towards me and kneeled.

"I, Paimon, have come to hear your call. I, whos is leading 200 legions of fallen angels and spirits, will bring you victory." the woman exclaimed.


I looked at her status board with my All-Seeing Eyes which revealed this:


Name : Paimon Level : 2776
Titles : The Fallen, The Duke of the Fallen, The Former Dominion, The Damned, The All-Knowing, The Revealer of Treasures, The Giver of Ranks, The Farseer, The Clairvoyant, The Creator Jobs : Summoner (Legend), Arc Magus (Legend), Farseer (Legend), Clarivoyant (Legend), Dominion (Disabled)
Health : ??? Magicka : ???
Stamina : ??? Strength : ???
Intelligence : ??? Agility : ???
Dexterity : ??? Vitality : ???
Endurance: ??? Luck : ???
Active Skills : ??? Unable to view
Passive Skills : ??? Unable to view
Status : Current Contractor : Prince Beale (King Belial) Unable to view

What kind of status board is this?! I can't even see her stats or skills! Only her level, titles and jobs. I guess I am still too weak. I looked back at the woman kneeling in front of me. Paimon, a fallen like Belial who fell during the last Great War. I only knew her from my memories that I inherited from 'Belial' himself. I looked at the woman in front of me. She retained her angel-like face and body but now, her wings are black in color and her hair is now black. I then spoke to her.


"Were you the one who talked to me, Paimon?"

"Yes that was me." she answered straight.

"I never thought it would be a woman though." I stated plainly.

"Is there a problem with being a woman?" Paimon asked.

"No. It was just your voice was kinda ghastly that I thought it could be a man or a lich perhaps." I replied.

"That was because of me not yet materializing." She explained.

"I see. I summoned you because I want to use your men. In return, what do you want from me?" I stated my purpose to her. Demons might be thought of as cunning and liars but Paimon was a former Dominion. She likes making deals on a straightforward manner, at least that's what I know from Belial's memories.

"I just need one thing, my King." She answered vaguely.

Confused, I asked again. "What is it then?"

"Your Conviction. The former 'Belial' sought revenge towards the heavens like I did. Do you have that resolve?" She asked with a slight coldness on her voice.

"I need not to confirm my conviction to you, Paimon. I only summoned you here because I needed you and your troops. I could summon others if you are doubtful of my reasons. But one thing is certain. I need you and your men for my revenge. I am planning to call another five demons like you. But if possible, I want to summon all 72 demons of Ars Goetia for my fight against heaven. But I am still weak right now, even weaker than you."

Looking at me as if inspecting something, she answered me. "Yes. Right now you are weaker than me. It seems some of your abilities are still sealed. Can you release your wings?" she asked.

I released my restriction and wings sprouted out of my back. All of a sudden, Paimon rushed towards me and touched my wings. "It is as I suspected."

"What is it?" I asked.

"You are still on your initial awakening. These wings lack the necessary aura and energy of a seraph?"

"That it may be, but that won't hinder me in my quest. I will do what I can to 'awaken' earlier."

"I'll help you on your awakening but first..." She walked away and proceeded back to where she materializedd. "I need sacrifices. The more wicked they are, the better."

"What for? You need it for?" I questioned her.

"My trusted retainers. The commanders of the legions under me. I leave the command of the legions mostly to them because there are times by which I am away." She replied.

"I see. You're timing is perfect then. I am planning to root out all corrupt officials and personnels of this fief. You will have your sacrifices in three days." I exclaimed.

"Thanks you, my King. But if I may ask, why summon us when you could have summon your whole army of 80 legions of demons and 50 legions of spirits? Not to mention the 300 legions of beings that aren't even categorized, you have an army greater than any in Hell except Helel. I mean, you are a great king of Hell. One of the Original Sin" she asked looking perplexed.

I looked at her and said "I am not sure yet whether the legions of Belial would heed my call. Right now, I am still weak. Too weak to handle even Belial's generals. I must get stronger first and that's where you come in." I answered truthfully.

"I see. Very well, I will start with this." She waved her hand and multiple shadows materialized and formed. "A thousand soldiers, ready for your command." she said with a straight face.

I look at the thousand men kneeling in front of me. "Heed my command! First, transform to your human form. Have a hundred man posted in each entrance. Have three hundred stay here and guard the palace. The remaining would patrol the streets. Have all guards come to the castle today and relieve them of their duties. Tell them I am summoning them in the castle. During your takeover, you are to familiarize yourselves with everything from building structures to patrol routine. All of you will contact Paimon when you have questions regarding something you dont know. I know you can communicate to Paimon via telepathy. Also, you are authorized to arrest any criminal that is proven to have committed a crime and kill them on the spot if they dare resist!"

"""Yes, King Belial!""" the thousand replied.


I looked upon the men in front of me. They were all wearing black armors bearing a red dragon with seven heads embedded in front of their chest. I then dispelled the darkness that surrounded the whole audience room and they immediately dispersed.

I then called upon the attending maester in the castle.


"Send messengers to all officials and nobles under my dominion to gather here as soon as possible. I need to 'speak' to them about somthing very urgent."

"At once, Your Highness." the maester bowed and left.


During this time, Liliana arrived in the audience room. She came along with the elf princess, Elfina, and the redfox chieftain, Feruna. With them are 5 elven women and 3 beastwomen. Liliana then kneeled in front of me and spoke.


"Milord Belial, I have arrive along with the women that pledge their loyalty to you. Do you require them to do something, Milord?"

"Mm." looking at Liliana's back, I asked. "Are all of you literate?" I asked.

"""Yes Milord.""" they all responded.

"Good. Sweep to the records of the fief in the office. if there are any discrepancies, write them down. Focus on the spendings, tax collection and trade."

"""Your will will be done."""

"Go now. I will come to you when I am done with other things." I then looked at the entrance and said "Guards, attend to me!"

A guard, part of those that were summoned by Paimon, came to me and kneeled. "Your orders, my King?"

"Call me Prince Beale here. It is my current identity. Soon though, you can call me 'King Belial' again. Anyway, contact your fellow soldiers regarding what I just told you" I told the guard in a low voice.

After a few moments, the guard spoke again. "It is done, Prince Beale."

"Good. Now, escort this women to the office. You do know where it is right?" I asked.

"Yes, my Prince. We have already familiarized ourselves with everything in the castle, the defensive buildings and garrisons. We also implemented the patrol routes being used by the guards." The guard replied.

"Go now. I have other matters to attend." I then concluded our conversation.

"Your will be done, my Prince." He then bowed to me and went towards the women waiting.


I watched them go out of the audience room. When they are gone, Liliana then turned to me and spoke.


"Milord, before anything else, there is something I wish to report to you."

"What is it?" I asked her.

"Something... you have to see. We found it... in the castle dungeons..." She talked albeit ambiguously.

"Enough dilly-dallying Liliana. What is it?" I asked with an annoyed voice.

"Follow me..." She then turned and walked.


I then walked behind her with Paimon tagging along. What could it be? What did they found in the dungeons? What is it that awaits me in the dungeons?

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