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Belial POV



It has been 13 days since I left the capital. I, along with Malek and Liliana, am now traversing a road through a forest between my fief and Count Capet's, a noble loyal to the crown (or so they say). We are now wearing casual garbs that are still a bit more expensive than what normal people could buy. We passed by two towns and three villages already. We travelled quite quickly due to the fact that I can do Shadow Walk. I can phase through shadows with ease and so long as there are shadows, I can teleport to anywhere I have seen before. We already sold our horses to the last village we passed by so right now we are travelling on foot.

As we were walking, Liliana who is having a sour face, finally spoke.


"Milord, this might be presumptious of me but why are we walking? Couldn't we use milord's Shadow Walk? It will take forever before we will arrive in your dominion." She said while pouting.

"Enough, Liliana. Lord Belial's decision are not yours to question." Malek scolded.


I looked back at them and viewed their Stats using my All-Seeing eye.

Name : Liliana (Lilith) Level : 440
Titles: The First Female Human, The First Wife of Adam, Humanity's First Sinner, The Seducer, The Damned Woman, The Harlot, The Condemned, The Exiled, The Former Resident of Eden Job/s: Master Enchantress, Expert Illusionist, Expert Whip-user, Expert Dual Wielder, Expert Dark Magician
Health : 56180/56180 Magicka : 985730/985730
Stamina : 62790/62790 Strength : 40440
Intelligence : 983230 Agility : 129800
Dexterity : 904200 Vitality : 56000
Endurance : 62500 Luck : 32
Active Skills:  
Mind Magic Lvl 48 Enchantment Magic Lvl 48
Illusion Magic Lvl 33 Whip Mastery Lvl 33
Dual Weapon Mastery Lvl 32 Dark Magic Lvl 34
Passive Skills:  
Succubus Charm Endominable Will
Lust Aura Sealed
Sealed Sealed
Reverted Unawakened
Weakened State (Reversion Side effect) Concealed [Real Race : Demon (Succubus Progenitor)]
Contracted to: Prince Beale (King Belial)  


Name : Malek (Adramelech) Level : 485
Titles: The Fallen, The Sun God, Patron God of the Sepharvaim, Arda Mulissi, The Wicked, The Murderer, The Angel made God, The Vanquished, The President of the Demonic Senate, The Chancellor of Hell Jobs: Master Pyromancer, Sword Master, Spear Master, Expert Dark Magician
Health : 1290700/1290700 Magicka : 756210/756210
Stamina : 84390/84390 Strength : 915600
Intelligence : 755110 Agility : 973470
Dexterity : 743620 Vitality : 683570
Endurance : 84090 Luck : 
Active Skills:  
Pyromancy Lvl 49 Sword Mastery Lvl 45
Spear Mastery Lvl 43 Dark Magic Lvl 35
Passive Skills:  
Incinerating Aura Divinity (Lesser)
Fallen Angel Transformation (Lesser) Reverted
Sealed Sealed
Sealed Sealed
Reverted Unawakened
Weakened State (Reversion Side effect) Concealed [Real Race: Fallen Angel (Demonic)]
Contracted to : Prince Beale (King Belial)  

Hmmm. Decent enough They are even stronger than possibly any human alive even in their weakened form. But how could I release them from their sealed skills and removve those negative status signs? I guess I have to get stronger to find out. But looking at Liliana's pouting face, it is hard to imagine that such a being is capable of toppling kingdoms alone. Staring straight unto her eyes, I replied.


"I am just unwinding, Liliana. Besides, it's more fun this way because I feel that things will be interesting is bound to happen." I flashed her with a smile.

"If you say so milord... But... what could be interesting in all this walking? this a human way of entertainment? Because it isn't entertaining at all." She said while pouting.

"You will understand soon enough. And yes this is a 'human' way of 'entertainment'." I told her by hinting her something.

"What is in here? Dirt? Trees? More dirt? More trees? There is... Oh..." as if she caught up to what I am thinking, Liliana exclaimed with a naughty smile. "You must really be bored, Milord." She stated while giggling.


As if on cue, a bunch of men dressed in crude leather armors and unmaintained weapons jumped out of the trees and bushes. There were at least fifty assailants, including those who were hidden. One man made his way to the middle of the road. He was followed by ten of his lackeys who were carrying shields and bastard swords. The man who walked down first was wearing an iron plate mail. He carried with him a large axe that is almost as big as me. He then began to roar.


"Boys!!! Looks ike we hit a jackpot!!!"


He then turned to look at us and spoke "Such an unlucky day for a family of three to walk on this road and met me, Chris Ironband. Soooo... I think you already know the drill. Leave your valuables behind and I miiiiiight let you leave. Well that depends on how much you are willing to leave behind. Hahahahaha!!!" He laughed which was seconded by his willy band of bandits. He was laughing while looking at us like he's looking for lambs for slaughter. It was then that he stared at us or more importantly, at Liliana. He then added. "Actually, you may leave except the woman. Such a fine, young woman. I am going to have fun with her tonight. Hahahaha!!!"


I just stared at the bandit leader for a while then heaved a sigh of boredom. Liliana squelled "Iyaan!" while Malek was like a stone, uncaring of what is happening. He rremained quiet and unperturbed. The bandit leader who was laughing a while ago, after seeing our uninterested and bored expressions, snapped and flew into a rage. He then yelled while pointing at us using his axe.



I interrupted his 'Grand Threatening Moment' by by yawning. "How bland."


"I said 'How Bland'. You heard it clearly now?" I stated plainly.



Multiple arrows flew towards us. Malek remained unconcerned. Liliana was giggling while trying to hold on to herself. I, on the other hand just waved my hands and turned all the arrows into cinders. I yawned again and walked slowly towards the bandit leader. Numerous arrows flew towards me. I invoked a spell to fend of the annoying arrows that keeps coming at me. I recited "IGNIS CLYPEUS" and after that, a thin film almost invisible in the naked eye enveloped me like an eggshell protecting its yolk. Any arrow that made contact with the film were reduced to cinders. The bandit leader's eyes almost bulged out of their eye sockets when he saw what I did. I was walked towards him in a very relaxed manner. As I was walking, I spoke.


"You were a fool, Mr. Bandit Leader. A big fool at that. You want to know why?" I asked while smiling at him.

Horrified, the bandit leader panickly replied "Ho-how could you produce a spell without a chant?! Bu-but before that, what kind of language did you use to produce your spell?! It wasn't draconian!"

"Of course it wasn't draconian. It was a language long lost in time, before mankind spread and civilization flourished." I replied while I continued walking towards him.

"Yo-you Monster!!!" The bandit leader yelled. "MEN!!! WE WILL DIE IF WE LET THIS MONSTER GET NEAR US! ATTACK WITH ALL YOU HAVE!!!"


More than 20 bandits rushed towards me with their spears and pikes while the others continued to release their arrows towards me. They really forgot that I wasn't alone. Was my presence too much that I got their undivided attention? They all produced a battle cry and tried to strike me with their weapons. I, on the other hand, stopped walking and just stood where I was. When the spearmen and pikemen arrived near me, they tried to pierce me with their weapons. When their weapons made contact with the film surrounding me, they were incinerated. Incinerated upon contact. The bandits were horrified by such an event. When their arrows were burned to cinders in seconds, they were awe-struck. But when their spears were reduced to cinders, they were horrified. Fear struck their weak hearts. I gestured Malek and Liliana to 'clean' them all up while I look for the bandit leader. I soon find out that he was nowhere to be found. I grabbed the nearest bandit that I found.


"Tell me. Where is your hideout?" I asked in a threatening manner.

"P-p-please... d-don't ki-kill me..." replied the sobbing bandit.

"If you don't answer, I might..." I stated plainly.

Terrified, the bandit hurriedly answered. "The-the base's entrance is in the back of a waterfall. It-it's near this place. The waterfall can't be overlooked. S-so, ca-can I go n-now? He stated with a pitiful face.

"Fine you can go." I dismissed him while looking towards the waterfall.


The bandit that I held earlier ran away as soon as I said that he can go. But he only ran a few steps before being skewered with a shadow spike that came from his shadow. He tried to turn around but I was already behind him.


"I only said you could go. I didn't say I wouldn't kill you." I spoke to his ears.

"De-demon... kuhaaa." The bandit tried to speak but blood clogged his throat so he couldn't continue speaking.

"A demon huh? That isn't correct but not wrong either."


I then walked towards the waterfall, leaving the dying bandit to his demise.



Chris Ironband POV




SHIT! WHY DID I ENCOUNTER SUCH A MONSTER?! A DIVINE RETRIBUTION?! FROM ALL THE PEOPLE I KILLED?! THERE ARE PLENTY MORE OUT THERE LIKE ME! BUT WHY ME?! WHY ME OF ALL PEOPLE?! I was running towards our hideout, leaving behind all of my men behind. I need to live. I must live. I can create a new bandit group easily so long as I have the money. I arrived on our hideout without any problem. I looked around to see if there are other people around. Other than the 'merchandise' we took from a travelling slaver, there were heaps of gold and silver items that we hoarded from all our escapades.

I released a sigh of relief when I confirmed that I am safe. "Haaaaaa... I need to collect as much money as I could then run out of here. I don't want to meet that monster again."

"What monster?" A sudden voice interrupted my line of thinking. My hands went cold when I heard that voice.

I turned around and saw him. "Nice place you got here. A secret hideout huh?" He spoke as if he was a person inspecting a prospected house. "Now, Mr.Bandit Leader, are we done playing Hide-and-Seek?"

The person in front of me... is the person who incinerated arrows and spears like nothing... I can only utter two words that could describe him best. "The Devil."



Belial POV




"Oh my. Did you just call me the Devil? Sorry but I am not Satan. I forgot to mention my name huh? Let me introduce myself. I am Prince Beale Maxime Thierry de Agmanac de Valois. Nice to meet you, Mr. Chris Ironband." I smiled at him.

"Ho-how did you g-get in here?" Chris questioned me while stuttering.

"Through your shadow." I answered.

"Th-through my sha-shadow you say?"

"Yeah. But enough of that. Mind if I tour your little hideout?" I asked him 'politely'.

"A-as long as-"

Not letting him finish, I spoke again "Right now, you life is in my hands. I meant that literally so stay there like a good man and don't move or else I might kill you."

"Ye-yes... I-I will s-stay pu-put." Shaking like a man drenched with cold water, he managed to answer me.


I leisurely looked around his hideout. I found huge piles of gold and silver in all the rooms I have opened. Just how much do this bandits earn from their banditry that made them amass such a huge fortune? If I am not wrong, there could be at least a hundred million gold coins here. And that is the least of a rough calculation. Just what kind of business does this band of bandits do? I thought to myself. Soon I arrive at a living space. There are still people here, both men and women. I walked passed them through the shadow to avoid detection. Don't want to rile up all these people and create chaos even when I can end them instantly. I was still exploring the tunnels of the hideout when I felt a small magicka fluctuation in the air. I followed the sliver of magicka which led deeper into the tunnels. Soon I arrived at a horrendous sight. Women and children, lots of them, infected by diseases. Some are already dead and started to rot. The smell of blood, feces and urine filled the air. But what is more shocking is that this people aren't human. They either have tails or bushy ears on top of their heads or elongated ears. Elves and Beastmen? Why are they here? I tried to approach them but they started to move further away from me.


"Please don't hurt us..."

"Please have mercy..."

"We won't do it again..."

"I don't want to die..."

"You can have your way with me, just... just please don't kill me..."


Lifeless eyes and pitiful faces along with their pleas and begging. I was once like this. In all my reincarnations. Never again. I stood there and spoke.


"I am Belial. I just want to ask why are there elves and beastmen here? Your kingdoms are far from here and as far as I know, it is difficult to traverse the road going in this kingdom so why? Why were you enslaved?" I asked while keeing my distance.

A few moments later, a silver haired elf walked wobbly towards me. She then stopped and spoke. "W-we were captured not from the capital of the Elven Kingdom, o-our kingdom. W-we are taken on the villages from the outback. W-we were raided by slavers from the Luxum Empire. The men were all killed, save those who were still children."

Another person went forward. This time a red-furred fox-like beastman. "It was the same in ours. We were taken from the rural part of our kingdom. we were hunters and farmers there. And just like with the elves, our men were slaughtered like pigs for fun and we women and the children were taken to the Empire to be enslaved. We were harassed and chained and after that, we were then brought to the Empire were we were paraded as demons. We-"

I stopped her in her explanation to ask her a question. "Demons? But you are beastmen right? Demon and beastman are different as far as I know. Or is it that my information is outdated?"

The silver-haired elf butted in and said "There's a growing religion that is now spreading in the world. The Anthropocentric Church. They believe that humans are the supreme race and are the only beings that must inhibit this planet. All others... Be it elf, beastman, dwarf, siren, harpy, or any other intelligent lifeform are called "Demons". They are spreading this doctrine and with the humans being the one with the biggest population in the world, it spread like wildfire. Many human nations converted to this religion including the Luxum Empire."

The red fox-lady then added "Because of the new religion, many non-human nations are in grave danger. Many human countries jumped on this opportunity and began harassing the outer regions of the non-human nations, enslaving every intelligent non-human being they could find. And the result is... us."


I can't even fathom the thought of human supremacy. Are humans really that sinful? Is there no redemption for them? No giant karma? No retaliation of fate? Just like this, God will abandon those that are not human? Such nepotism. Really, humans are the source of sin in this world. Liliana was once a human. The first Female Human. Due to her wickedness and doing the first ever sin of mankind, she was banished from Eden and became a demon. But that doesn't stop there. From thereon, humanity continued to sin. Murder, Incest, Rape, Adultery, Stealing, Lying, Betraying, and a lot more. And now, annihilating entire species just so they could rule like gods on Earth? Unforgivable. Utterly unforgivable. Man was created from the image of God. God molded man into what they are now. God made man sin. And he made the sinful man propagate in the world. Why? Because they are of His image. They are him, only mortal. If that is so, then what of those that doesn't look like him? Unjustified favoritism. Such unfair treatment. Just because they are 'Human', God would let them do what they want? Preposterous! If that is so then I will do whatever it takes to destroy his Image here on Earth. I returned my attention to the shivering children and women. Gods on Earth huh? I will let humanity know how untterly tiny their existences are. And after I finishup humanity, I will direct my attention to Heaven. The Seraphs who betrayed me. The false son of God who set me up. And God, that bastard... I will get your head.


I looked back at the two in front of me and said "I can help you. But only if you won't betray me. If you choose to let me help you, I will have you undergo soul-binding so that you can't and won't betray me. On the other hand, I will do whatever it is in my power to save you and your kind."

A woman who had black fur on her hands and neck suddenly burst out a mad laugh and yelled "YOU?! BY YOURSELF?! ARE YOU SANE?! YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SAVE A SINGLE SOUL! YOU ARE JUST A BRAT! YOU CAN ONLY SAY THAT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED HELL!"

The red fox-woman berrated the yelling woman. "Umna! Enough! You-"


She was silenced by the killing intent and bloodlust I released. I directed all of that to her but I let the others feel the heaviness of the pressure I am emitting. I then directed my attention to the black-furred woman. "You think I don't know how hard it was being a slave? How long were you a slave, beastwoman? Tell me?"

"I-I... gah..." She spat blood as the pressure pressing down on her was immense that she can't even lift her head to look at me. Fear and despair filled her words.

"I was a slave in almost all of my twelve reincarnations." I then walked towards her. "I was experimented on, made to drink various poisons, made as a lab rat for testing various medications, made to be a dummy for magic testing, made to be a human punching bag for those with a taste for sadism, made to be a sex slave to those who wanted me, made as a soldier to fight in the frontline for those who doesn't want to die, made to be a toy for those that are bored." I stopped in front of the now squirming woman due to being unable to breath.

"I was enslaved, tortured, drugged, raped, poisoned, maimed, burned, frozen, electricuted, infected with an incurable disease, fed to the dogs, fed to the wolves, fed to the pigs, dismembered, beheaded, smashed into minced meat, humiliated and made to explode." I released my killing intent on the woman who is now having spasms. Bubbles coming out of her mouth. I then scanned the room and looked at the horrified faces of its inhabitants.

"Now tell me, who among you knows the true sufferings and pains of a person who never had freedom? Who was enslaved even in his reincarnations? I have 12 lifetimes worth of enslavement. By humankind. Who among you here had more hate to humans than me?"

The silver-haired elf spoke while stuttering. "Bu-but, y-you're h-human. Ho-how could yo-you-"

She was cut off when I spread my wings in front of her. "Now, do you think I am still human?"

Everyone who saw it began to kneel down and spoke in unison. """Forgive us from our earlier transgressions, Lord Watcher!"""

"Enough." I gestured them to look at me. "I am no watcher." I then pointed at my wings. "Can't you see that they are black?"

The silver-haired elf spoke once again. "Whatever it is, you are a six-winged angel. A seraph. And thus we are obliged to bow to you."

"Whatever." I annoyingly replied. "So what? Will you follow me, be soul-binded yet free or remain here and rot while cursing your fate?" I asked while I eyed them.

All of them stood up and spoke in unison again. """We will follow Lord Seraph."""

"Good but before that..." I gathered magicka in my hand and chanted. "MORBUS INTERITUS"


Black and red magicka sprites flew towards the women and children. The spell is to remove all body impurities and diseases their bodies contained. I cannot heal them since I am not attuned to Light or Water Magic. I know a restoration magic of the Darkness attribute but I have yet to experiment on the side effects of healing a non-fallen or demonic entity. Soon, their wounds closed and their diseases removed. The red fox-lady and the silver-haired woman stepped forward again and bowed.


"I am Feruna Foxfire, clan chief of the Scarlet Fox clan. I am willing to serve Lord Seraph." said the red-fox lady.

"I am Elfina Everglade, 4th princess of Elvengard. I too am willing to serve Lord Seraph." said the silver-haired elf.

I looked at Elfina and said "You're a princess?"

"Yes. I was on vacation on my cousin's fief when the Empire attacked. I was taken but they didn't know who I was since I don't do any public appearance." Elfina replied.

I then looked at Feruna. "And you're a clan chief? You're awfully young."

"I am the only member left of my clan." Feruna stated sadly.

"Well, I don't care of your status or rank in your society. You chose to follow me. You are now bound to me." I said, stating my intentions clearly.

""We heed Lord Seraph's command"


Shadows gathered and formed two humanoid silhoutte and with an abrupt dispersal, Malek and Liliana kneeled ""We have come Lord Belial.""

"Are the things outside 'cleaned'?" I asked.

"Such weaklings barely made a good warmup. You must be jesting, Lord Belial." Said Malek.

"It was so boring that I only needed to wave my hand and all of them dropped dead. There was no fun in it, Milord." complained Liliana.

"Then you can unwind here then." I said with a smile.

""Here?"" my two familiar asked.

"Yes. This place needs a little 'cleaning'. There are a few 'rats' running around this place. You two can handle it, right?"

Excitement flashed in both Malek and Liliana's eyes. ""Yes! With pleasure, Milord!""

"Good. Let the clean up begin!"


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