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Hello there! Amateur Author here. I am sorry for the late release of this chapter. I had something going on IRL but I'll do my best to publish a chapter a day if possible. By the way, Avernus means Hell in Latin. It's not an specific name of a place. Anyway, Enjoy!










You must...






Those who...



Betrayed you...






You must...



obtain revenge...



You must...



Make them pay...



You must!!!



Destroy them!!!































Belial POV



"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" What is with this pain?! It is worst... than the pain... I experienced... in all my reincarnations... combined.... It feels like... my soul is... being... ripped... apart!!!

"Endure it. Your body and soul is being restructured as of this very moment. And... when the restructuring of your body is finished... You will seize being Human... and... you will return back to who you really are." I heard Helel's voice but not all of it is registered in my brain.

"GAH!!! BRUAAAH!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! GRAAAAAA!!!" I was vomiting dark red blood while squirming in the ground. My orifices are all spurting out blood. "WHAT!! Gah!!! KIND OF LIQUID!!! DID YOU MAKE ME!!! DRINK, HELEEEEL!"

"That was... your blood. Well... To be exact... It was your "original" blood. The blood that flowed in your veins before... The "you" from before made me hold unto it before your body was destroyed." Helel answered seriously.

"GRRR!!! HAAA!!! MY!! BLOOD!!!?"

"Yes. Yours. I just returned it to its real owner. I hope you will remember everything. And accept it... I will leave temporarily... I will return when you have 'awaken'..." after such words, Helel's presence vanished like a wisp of smoke.


And I was left alone... gritting in pain... bleeding out... on the verge of dying... Helel said... That this suffering will make me stronger... That this change will help me with my revenge... but this is too much... I feel like... my soul is being burned and twisted... being ripped apart and minced... What person... could have the fortitude to endure such reckless pain?


Are you giving up?


No. I am not.


Then fight! Endure! Survive!


I will. I must.


Good. I see that "you" are unique.


What do you mean?


Of all the incarnations, you are the only one who stood among them.




Yes. You are "my" incarnation. A form of me. All of the others... They all wished to just die and perish. Unable to accept their fate. Thus I erased them. I even started to give up trying to find the right incarnation to pass on my will.


Your Will? Then you must be-


Yes Bell. I am the original Watcher. I am Belial. I am you but you are not me.


That explains a lot. No wonder Helel speaks to me as if he knows me.


Yes. But they know "Me" not "You".


Yes. I do understand that point.


Just a confirmation, do you really want power?


Yes. I can't have my revenge with who I am now.


What I mean is you can still become strong by having "my" body. What I mean is that do you want to become "me"?


What do you mean?


It means you will learn all of my power and essence. You will practically be "me" but you are still "you". I will only integrate myself unto you. But there is a setback.


That you can control me? Or that I will seize to become me when I fulfilled my revenge?


At least you are not naive. But no. I will seize to be. You will just inherit my hate and my wrath. You will inherit my memories.You will experience feelings that will make you doubt your own existence. The grand game... You will learn of it... and you will question the meaning of it...


If it gives me the boost I need to achieve my goals, I will take it. Besides, i have forfeited everything else. I just want to have my revenge. I don't care of anything else.


Your resolve is strong. Good. I just hope you will do what I couldn't. Find the meaning of our existence. Why were we cast aside and lastly, kick that God's face hard and tell him I send him my regards.


I will do that even if you didn't tell me.


Very well. Ready yourself Bell. I will now have you inherit my will, my all. May you be victorious in your battles ahead.


May I ask one question before you do.


Ask away.


Why are you like, too calm and serene?


I have severed my own emotions Bell. I don't feel anything at all. I am just a remnant. A part of Belial's soul. His memories but not his emotions. I am all that's left of the being named Belial.


I see. I get it now. I have no questions anymore.


Seek the fallen Watchers. They will help you. And just so you know, two higher beings will join you real soon when you are strong enough. Gather the 72 pillars. That's is all I can tell you. Goodbye Bell. Win and surive.




Helel POV


I was waiting for Bell to finish his awakening when I felt a very familiar presence. The original Watcher Belial! I see. So the body and soul have now become one. I waited just outside Bell's area of detection. I was observing him from afar. Then I heard a beast-like roar filled with hate and malice. Aura exploded in all directions and a blinding red light flashed everywhere. I am certain that this sudden release of power will attract a lot of beings.





It seems the remnant of Belial's memories have merged with Bell. Along with the engraved hate of the blood of Belial, Bell will be reborned into something close to Belial's being. Just how powerful will Bell become? What did he inherit? After that roar, it became silent again. I waited for hours as I look at how Bell's body is being reformed from scratch. He's body is encased inside a ball of darkness and fire. Body and soul is tempered in the flames of the first fire and the infinite darkness of the abyss. Hours went by as I waited.

In the fifth hour, the ball dissipated and a figure emerged. Just as I was about to move, the figure moved and arrived in front of me. I wasn't alarmed though. I know who the figure is and I know he suceeded in his awakening.


"How is your new body?" I asked.

"Great. I now have Belial's will and power. All of it. I can see in the dark. My senses are all heightened to a degree that it is unworldly. My abilities are strengthened to a degree that I can destory mountains at ease. I also have all of Belial's memories." answered the being before me.

"I see. So what should I call you? Bell? or -"

"Just call me Belial. I am still "Bell" but I am also "Belial".

"Is that so? So... What are your plans now?" I asked him as I am not sure what his priorities are.

"I will return first. To the palace, I mean. I need to settle some debts first. Then I will go to my territory to establish a base of operations and expand my infuence. After that, I will go adventuring. Recruiting and gathering all of the species that has been suppressed by mankind. Mankind has God's grace. If that is so then we will give the other species 'my' grace." He then spread his six black wings expelling huge amounts of aura and power that will kill even a hero with just his presence.

"Very well. I will just speak to you again once you are done with your 'visits'. But first..." I turned around and spoke "Show yourselves now. I already know you have arrived."


Two presences released their cloaking spells and went towards us. When they arrived they kneeled immediately. Not to me but to Belial.


"I, Adramelech, have returned to serve you, Milord. I am very glad that you have returned." a rugged-looking man with a pair of black wings on his back kneeled in front of me.

"I, Lilith, have come to serve you once again, Milord. I ask that you may let me serve on your side once again." A woman with an earth-shattering beauty with her long black hair and god-like body. The seductress of the Underworld.

Belial who heard the oaths stepped forward and spoke "I am not the Belial that you know. I am 'Belial' but he is not 'me'. Are you still willing to serve me as your lord?"

"I, Adramelech (Lilith) swear to serve you, Lord Belial." both answered with a bow while kneeling.

"Good. Both of you, rise. If you can change your form, change it to that of a human. I am returning to the kingdom to cut some loose ends."


The two were shaken with the quick answer coming from Bell. No other oaths. No soul binds. No restrictions. Nothing. As a demon, both of them are confused with this situation. It was here that Lilith talked to Bell.


"I mean no disrespect, milord but... aren't you being to trustful with us? We are demons. We are incarnations of evil. Are you certain we won't backstab you?" asked Lilith while giving an kingdom-destroying smile while swinging her hips.

"No, I don't trust you. I'm not naive to trust a demon. I trust your desire. I know there is something that you want and thus, went all this way to swear allegiance to me. I know that the soul binding spell of the former 'Belial' is gone due to me inheriting 'his' memories so I know that you are not compelled to serve me once again. And yet you did. I 'remember' you both. You were both 'his' loyal subjects but that was 'him', not me. I only trust myself but I am not foolish enough to cast everyone out. I know I am not able to bring down the heavens by my own. And..." Belial disappeared and reappeared besides Lilith, talking to her ears while releasing his bloodlust and killing intent "Do you think I can't kill you if you betray me?"

"I-I dare not, milord. I just want to warn you of the consequences of being naive. Pl-please milord. I-I was just worried of you, Milord. Please forgive my transgressions." Shivering, Lilith replied with a pale face and a shaking body.

"I have lived and survived 12 lives, Lilith. 12 times. I was betrayed, humiliated, deprived, enslaved, experimented, mutilated, burned, poisoned, frozen, stabbed, skewered, decapitated, electrecuted, blinded, maimed, left to bleed out, tortured, raped, skinned and finally killed. For 12 lifetimes. Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again."


Everytime Belial says 'again', the pressure increases, making even me feel the heaviness of his pressure when he finished talking. Adramelech dropped to the ground squirming due to the difficulty of breathing. Lilith, who was the target of such rage and hate, is now bubbling in her mouth and her eyes began to roll upwards. Bell nonchalantly continued speaking while releasing such pressure to me and the two.


"And now, I inherited Belial's memories. Do you really think I am an idiot? That I know nothing?" then a burst of a more powerful aura exploded.




I then went in front of Bell and touched his shoulder. "Belial, enough. It's good that you knew what she was doing but she was just testing you. Even you can sense if there is malice in her actions. You just awakened. Don't kill off potential allies."

As if contemplating, Belial answered me "I know. I am just reminding her that she can't mess with me. But yeah, I did lose my shit there for a bit."

"Good. You both" I pointed at the two demons who were down "pick yourselves up. Escort your lord from now on." I then looked back to Belial. "I will contact you again."

"Sure. I will be looking for the other fallen watchers after I finish my initial agendas." He answered while retracting his aura.

"I know some of the others. Seek the others. I'm sure they will join us. Well then, farewell." I extracted my wings and flew out of there. Finally, The King has returned. HAHAHAHA!!! Michael. Oh Michael! You will soon feel what it's like to fall. My pride that you stepped on last time... I will return it in a thousand fold.



3rd Person POV


Elven Kingdom, Elvengard



"Your Majesty! My Queen, I bring news from the Seer." A female messenger arrived in front of the Queen of Elves, Queen Anuriel, in her sttudy.

"Is it the horrifying aura that erupted from the west?" The queen asked.

"Yes, My Queen. I have the parchment of what the Seer has to say." The messenger then retrieved an parchment from her bag and gave it to the queen.

Opening the parchment, the queen began to read it. After a while, I rolled it back and told the messenger "I have received it. Tell the Seer if she is able, please come to the palace. I have something to talk to with her."

"At once, Your Majesty."

After the messenger left, the queen stood from her chair and went to the window. Glancing outside, she murmured, "So... Finally... It has began...



Dragon Island, Dova Strunmah


"Nii Los Tiid (It is time)" A black dragon bellowed

"Geh. Til fen kos Kein. (Yes. There will be war)" the white dragon replied

"Fun un muz, daar fin Thur lost Daal. (Tell our people, that the Tyrant have returned)" The black one said



Dwarves, Orcs, Driads, Mermen, Nagas, Harpies, Trolls, Fairies, Lycans, Vampires, Beastmen, Lizardmen, all creatures have felt the power that erupted from out of nowhere. Their seers have informed them of one thing: The King of the Worthless and Unwanted have returned.

A note from Kurayn-sensei

Belial is a demon known in Solomon's Lemegeton. He is one of the 72 demons with the rank of King. But Belial is really a fallen seraph. One of the Watchers that fell from God's grace. He was the first to fall, not Lucifer, thus he is the first Fallen One. Belial means "Worthless", "Useless" and "Unwanted".

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