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Bell POV


As I have suspected, I was again reborn. This time I was a lab rat of an alchemist. He made me drink and eat various types of poison. I suffered so much that my body became immuned to many types of poisons. My suffering ended when men with shining armor stormed into the laboratory and apprehended the alchemist. I, on the other hand, was seen as an abomination to their God as I was a walking pile of poison. I was immediately put to death and once again died. I died at the age of 15.

But as expected, my suffering didn't end there. I reincarnated and died again and again and again and again. I was reincarnated a total of 12 times and died at the same number. Everytime I die, I am made to see glimpses of someone's memories. At first, it was emotions that I received. Endless hate and anger were the things I inherited during my first 3 reincarnations. After that were the memories. Memories of magic, flying, fights, wars, and the "Fall" of the owner of this memories. Maybe it's the memories of someone like a past self but due to some unknown circumstances, "he" sealed "his" own memories and are now starting to return.

I have grown numb of what is going to happen to me during my reincarnations. At first, I was fuming of rage due to what is happening to me. Then I realized that all I could do is complain and grumble about how unfair life is due to my own powerlessness and how I am the only one suffering like this. After experiencing such events in my life, I am now filled with overflowing hate, wrath, and malice. If ever someone experienced what I have experienced, I would say that he or she had the most fucked up luck in the entire universe. But such reincarnations also boosted what I have become.

In my second life, I learned anatomy.

in my third life, I leaned things about herbs and basic magic.

In my fourth life, I leaned how to brew poison and how to become resistant from it.

In my fifth life, I was born in Ancient China as a foot soldier from the borders who is in constant fighting with the Mongol horde. I learned how to fight using different weapons due to being a cannon fodder in a war during the Mongol Invasion upon the Jin Dynasty. I easily learned almost all techniques and styles using swords, sabers, staves, spears, segmented staves, axes, bandirche, lances, daggers and shields. I never learned cultivation as I can never have inner peace. I mastered all those weapons and was only planning to stay in the background but I was killed by my own commanding officer due to fear of me outshining him. I died at the age of 19.

In my sixth life, I was reborn as a slave who was turned into a gladiator. I learned how to fight on chariot and horse due to being a gladiator in Ancient Rome. I mastered horseback riding and cavalry-style attacks. I died due to being poisoned as the emperor saw me as a person who controls the will of the crowd unto my bidding and became scared of me overpowering him. I was 21 when I died.

In my seventh life, I learned aerial warfare. I was born a beastman known as Siren. I had birdlike wings on my back. I mastered all maneuvers and techniques of fighting while having wings. I died after being hit by a ballista bolt in the stomach when the humans started conquering the siren kingdom. I was 13 when I died.

In my eighth life, I learned naval warfare. I was born in London, England. It was the time when the French and the English were having a small dispute that led to what is called the Hundred Years War. I was drafted in the Royal Navy and rose from the rank until I became a captain of a ship. I learned everything about naval battles and became victorious. I died when my First Mate stabbed me at the back literally as he wanted my position. I was 28 when I died.

In my ninth life, I was born in a land of magic, Eternia. I learned complex elemental magic and mastered it. The reason for this is that I was a practice dummy of many magicians in order to test their magic. I became a human target and received tons of blows enough to kill a person with just one hit. Due to the nature of my job, I had access to the schools facilities so that I could respond quickly to those who needed a 'Dummy'. I always sneak in the library and steal some books about magics. I died when I was caught reading a forbidden grimoire. But that was not before I memorized everything inside the book along with ultimate-type and forbidden-type of magics. Sadly, my only afinity is towards fire, darkness, lightning and wind. I was 22 when I died.

In my tenth life, I learned enchantments and golem-making. I was a slave of an enchanter who is pretty good at what he does. He enchanted a lot of things and made a lot of golems. As for me, whenever the enchanter is not around, I read the parchments regarding enchanting and golem-making. I then began to build my own golem in secret. It was found out by the enchanter and killed me, claiming what I made to be his. I was 19 at that time.

In my eleventh life, I learned deception, espionage and assassinations. I was born a human/vampire hybrid known as a Dhampir. I was captured when a manhunt was issued due to reports and sighting of a vampire around the town I was reincarnated into. My then mother was captured and was set aflame in the town square for being a demon lover. I, however, was sent to slavery by the people who claimed to have been from the church. They made me wear a strange collar that made me follow whatever order I am given. I was trained to be a very powerful assassin for 20 years. The funniest things about it is that I was killed by the same people who enslaved me. The ordered me to follow them and told me to never speak of anything. They bound my hands and feet with metal cuffs and made me follow them. I was led to an audience room where many people were watching along with what I think is the head priest of the church and what seems to be the king and queen. My enslaver then claimed that he tirelessly sought me out and finally captured me which led into an outroar. He received tons of praise and even the king and queen heavily praised him. I was sentenced to death by decapitation and soon was led to the chopping block. The last scene I saw was my enslaver smiling happily and bowing towards the crowds with the people throwing in flowers and praise towards him. Ahh fuck... I'll die again. Then my vision went blank... I was 25 when I died.

In my twelfth life, I learned summoning and soul magic. This time I was born a human but kidnapped by a necromancer. He made me live as a servant in his lair. I arranged many things from vials to bottles to scrolls and books. Since I already know the drill (that I will die whether I wanted to or not), I studied and practiced everything the books and scrolls could offer me. At first, I was wary that the necromancer might know that I'm reading his research papers and grimoires. I tried to memorize and do what I am reading and manage to learn almost everything the booksand scrolls offered. I was called one day to the Necromancer's inner room. There I was drugged and tied then tossed over a magic circle that is glowing purple and cracking black electricity-like lightning. Ahh shit... I didn't even realize why I was kept alive. So it was so that I could become a sacrifies for this ritual. I wish I will be smarter in my nest reincarnation. I then experienced the feeling of being twisted like laundry when you're trying to squeeze the water out of it. Then everything went dark. I was 16 when that happened.



12 reincarnations. 12 deaths. All for what? This anger that I am feeling... Am I forever stuck in this endless loop? And what's worse is that I remember everything that happened to me. Maybe that's why my past self sealed or removed his memories. No sane man or demon or beast could take such bizarre and twisted fate. I am even starting to forget who I really am. But I will never forget the deceits, the betrayals, the lies, the pain and the sufferings I had just experienced. Everytime I am reincarnated and killed, I realized just how cruel and unfair the world is. Those with power gets away with everything but those without suffer a life worst than that of a pig. It made me realize how evil and tainted humanity is. How "Inhumane" humans are. How selfish they are. How greedy they are. How uncontent they are. hHow proud they are. How ugly they are. After my twelfth life, I no longer feel compassion to humans. They are savage, ruthless and just plain evil. They like you if they need you but discard you if you are useless. They stick with you if you are rich but backstabs you when you are poor. They cry tears for you if you are influencial yet pays no mind to those who are unknown. It is said that Humans are made in the image of God. So if that's the case, God is much worst than humans. He made them after all. His creations mirrors who He is. I have lost faith in humanity. Now, all I am filled with is hate, anger and a deep desire for revenge. Against humanity. Against God. I will have my revenge. Fuck Love. Fuck Hope. Fuck Faith. I will never trust anyone other than myself. And when I am strong enough, I will pull down God from his oh-so-high seat above the skies and kill him again and againand again and again. I will make him experience firsthand what I experienced. I will let him know that no one can be the judge of me. I WILL RULE MY OWN DESTINY! I WILL CARVE MY OWN PATH AND I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!

Drifting into the endless darkness, I waited. I honed my mind. I honed my soul. I honed my resolve. Then I waited...

And waited...

And waited...

And waited...




Midwife POV


"My Queen, it's a boy!" I exclaimed as I took the baby into my hands. But I felt weird. The baby didn't cry at all. He just opened his eyes and did what seems to be a "glare" but that's impossible. I mean, it's a baby.

"Wha-what's the matter, Martha? Is-is my baby alright?" asked the queen worriedly, seeing that I became silent.

I held the baby upside down, holding unto both his legs using my arms, and slapped his bottom. The baby began to cry. "It's all good, My Queen. It's a healthy baby boy. I was just dumbfounded a little when the little prince came out. He didn't cry at all and seems to... Nevermind that. Here, My Queen." I then passed and placed the baby unto Queen Victoria's arms.

"Ohh... What a handsome baby you are. My handsome baby..." Eventhough tired from labor, Queen Victoria still managed to display a very beautiful motherly smile while looking at the little prince.

Suddenly the entrance door of this room slammed open and the King, King Hector, ran unto his wife's bed.

"Victoria! How was it? We didn't hear anything from the outside anymore. Is everything-" he was cut off mid-sentence when he saw a baby in his wife's bossom and the queen's reproachful stare at him. "I was just-"

"Silence, dear. Can't you see that the baby is sleeping. What if it wakes up due to your childish outbursts?" the queen said with a menacing glare.

"I-I'm sorry. I was just worried about you. But... the baby... Is it? questioned the king excitedly.

"It's a boy, My King. It's a healthy baby boy. And from the looks of it, he has an air of excellence in him and intelligence can be seen in his eyes." I answered with almost unspoken certainty. I'm not really sure why but that is what I felt about the boy the moment I saw him.

"Hahahahaha!!! I finally have a son! Alaine will be very happy to know that she'll have a baby brother now." exclaimed the king with a boisterous laughter.

"Dear! The baby is sleeping. Lower your voice. You might frighten him." said the queen with a clear amount of discontent to the king's antics.

"Sorry. I'm sorry my love but I can't help it. I now have a son. A son!" the king stated with an almost childish sparkle in his eyes.

"Fufufu. Yes dear. We now have a son. So calm down. So what is the name of our dear little prince." asked the queen with a bemused expression.

"I have already readied a perfect name for our son. Beale Maxime Thierry de Armagnac de Valois. Great isn't it?" said the king with a proud look on his face.

"Handsome and great ruler of the people. That name will fit him perfectly! But... what of Ignace? He is..." stated the queen in a low tone.

"He's an adopted son. He might be of royal lineage but his from the branch family. We adopted him as a way to keep the people's faith in us solid. If we had no heir, many will try to cause an upheaval." said the king gloomily.

"But we can't disown him. We can't. I love that boy. I just hope..." the queen said as she looked at the king with a worried expression.

"No, my love. I will not disown him. I will not return him. He is still a prince but our son will be king. He is, after all, our own flesh and blood. God must have heard my prayers." Said the king while holding on to the queens arms and gently brushing the little prince's hair.

"Things will get really bad from this point on, my love. I have received multiple attempts of assassinations during my pregnancy. I fear the worst for our little boy." the queen muttered as she tried to appeal to the king.

"Don't worry, my love. I will do my best to protect you both. I promise you." said the king as he pressed his lips unto the queen's forehead.

I know what the queen means. Even I received multiple threat messages. It must be nerve-racking for a pregnant woman to receive such malice. I exited the room and slowly closed the door, seeing that both king and queen are busy talking. But something really bothers me. That look the little prince gave her. It gave her chills. What was that?

"It's probably just stress piling up" I muttered to myself then proceeded to walk down the hallway.







King Hector POV.




It's been 12 years since Beale was born. He excludes so much air of mystery and ancientness that even I, the king, almost want to get away from him due to the bizarre feelings I often get from the boy. When he was a toddler, he never cried except if she needed to eat or he had poop on his nappy. He is so behave. My wife and I often see him looking at the window or sometimes just stares in space. When he learned how to sit, he would sit almost everytime, silent and unmoving. He would sometimes just sit in his crib for hours. We have no explanation why he is doing that but we do feel a change in the density of mana in the air. Royalty are born with large amount of mana. This is sometimes used as a form of support to those who claims legitimacy over the throne. As such, we are very particular with the movement of mana in the air. Whenever my son sits, the mana in the air becomes chaotic. But for a baby to do that is very unlikely. I mean, it's just a baby. We continued to observe this unique son of ours on what he is doing.

Occassionally, my wife carries him to the throne room to listen to what the nobles, generals, knights and commoners have to say and report. I often steal glances to my little boy but what I saw shocked me. Whenever a certain person speak, his brows twitch and makes a frowning face. Not all the time, only on certain individuals. What's surprising is that the individuals whom he makes that expression with are those that are suspected with crimes against the kingdom. Coincidence? I don't think so. It's kinda an innate trait of the boy. Interesting. I thought at that time. After that said incident, I begged my wife to carry Beale with her in the throne room everytime there is an audience. My wife berated me saying that he is too young to learn and hear the people's ramblings and politics but I insisted. She reluctantly agreed my proposition and made Beale appear in every audience.

Another thing that baffled me is when Beale learned how to walk. One morning, the nanny whose taking care of Beale, came running towards the guards and the other chamberlains seeking for help. I proceeded to walk towards Beale's nanny and asked her what happened.


"Angeline. You are Beale's nursemaid, ain't I right?"

"Ummmm... Y-yes, Yo-your Majesty...." She answered while stuttering.

Feeling a bad premonition, I asked her. "Why are you in such a hurry? What happened?"

Tears began to form in the nanny's eyes. "Yo-your Majesty, please... please forgive me..."

As if my prediction was correct, I yelled at the nanny who is now a sobbing mess. "WHAT HAPPENED TO BEALE?!"

"Hi-his Highness... has gone missing, Your Majes-"

Not even ending her sentence I slapped her hard in her cheeks. With a roar, I commanded everyone in the castle. "SEARCH THE CASTLE! FIND THE PRINCE! FIND MY SON! AND KILL WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR KIDNAPPING HIM!"


My roar resounded in the halls that frightened all that could hear it. The royal guards were mobilized. The chamberlains were running back and forth. The whole castle was in an uproar. A few moments later, a knight from the royal guard approached me and kneeled.


"Your Majesty, we bring you news." the said said while kneeling.

"Rise, Sir Aumont. What is it that you wish to report?" Still fuming in anger yet trying to remain calm, I asked the knight in front of me.

"We have found His Highness the Prince, Your Majesty." he stated plainly with a somewhat awkward face.

"Where is he?! Who is the kidnapper?! Show him to me!" I shouted frantically.

"Well... The thing is, Your Majesty... Prince Beale isn't kidnapped..." Sir Aumont stated.

"WHAT?! Then how? Where is he?" I asked, confused.

"The Prince is in the library, Your Majesty. He seems to be... reading." the knight said with a face also filled with confusion.

"What did you say? Reading? But... But he's only a baby! He haven't even had his first winter yet!" I spoke with a bewildered tone.

"We are also not sure, Your Majesty. That's why we reported our findings to you as soon as we saw the Prince and the situation." he said with a serious face.

"Okay. Lead me to the library."

"At once, Your Majesty."


We proceeded to the hallway leading to the library. The library is very far away from Beale's room. How could he possibly walk from his room to the library? It doesn't make sense. And a baby, reading? It doesn't add up. Something must have happened. The kidnapper must have dropped Beale there as he couldn't bring Beale with him in his escape. Yes. That must be it. And Beale, curious of the books began flipping some pages of a book. Yes. That is more plausible. We reached the library but I stood there cautiously before asking Sir Aumont.


"Sir Aumont, who saw Beale inside the library? Who found him?"

"It was Her Highness the Princess Alaine, Your Majesty." He stated plainly.

"She found him? Where is she?"

"The Princess is inside with the Prince, Your Majesty. The Princess went inside to go where the Prince is. Four Knights accompanied the Princess. I went back to you, Your Majesty, to report what we found."

"Good. Lead the way."


Soon I found myself inside the library. There, in the end of the corridor came a scene that baffled my very soul. The little boy, Beale, was sitting on a big chair reading a book while my daughter, Alaine, made him sit on her lap, pointing out things. I could see him turn to look at Alaine and sometimes nod then look back at the book. It was really shocking. I went with big strides towards my children and arrived in front of them. The four knights around them saluted at me. I looked at them and made them leave. After a while, I was alone with my children. Pulling a chair in front of them, I sat down and began talking to them.


"Alaine, is it true that you who found Beale?"

"Yes, Your-" Alaine wanted to continue but I put a finger in her mouth, stopping her from speaking further.

"We are alone here, Alaine. Dismiss the formalities."

"Yes, Father. I found Beale here, reading this very book that we are reading right now." she stated squarely.

I looked down at the boy who isn't even minding my presence and continue to look at the book as if contemplating. Looking back at my daughter, I asked. "How did you find him?"

"Well, Father... When I heard your roar, I at that time, was having my hair combed. I immediately ran outside and told my chambermaids to help me find my little brother. I don't know what has gotten into me but the first place that crossed my mind was the library. You see, when I went to Beale's room to visit him, my chambermaid was carrying a book that I was reading. When Beale saw the book, his attention became fixed on the book. I knew this because whenever I speak to him, he wouldn't listen but when the chambermaid with the book moved, his eyes follow her. Since then, I started carrying books with me and began reading book aloud so Beale could hear me while placing him in my lap. So as soon as I heard he was missing, the first place I went to is the library. Crazy though it may seem but the possibility of him being kidnapped is closed to nil since he is in the most guarded place in the kingdom and his keen interests in books left me with that conclusion."

"So when you arrived, he was already reading the book?"

"Yes. He was reading while sitting here in the floor. I could tell because he is looking at the pages seriously and there are no pictures in this book."


I was baffled at my daughter's revelation. I quickly took a look at Beale in her lap as he was reading the book in front of him. As if to confirm it, I decided to talk to Beale.

"Hey there Beale. What are you doing?" I asked as if fawning. If any of the knights or nobles see me like this, it will create chaos. Better just do this in private.

The little boy stopped looking at the book and looked up on me. What came next shook me to the core. "Reading" he answered.


God! He's talking! We never heard him talk before! We never heard 'Mama' or 'Papa'! He's first words were 'Reading'. Does Alaine know of this? I looked up to see Alaine having an equally shocked face as I am. I guess she also didn't know. We thought he was mute. I guess those who slandered him for being a mute and an idiot unworthy of the throne will have their heads blowing off! I exclaimed in my mind.


"A-ahh. So you were reading. What are you reading, little Beale?"

"History" he said plainly.


Why does a kid want to read history?! Shouldn't it be stories of dragons and knights and heroes and demon lords and princesses and gryphons?! Why?! Thinking of what the answer could be, I saw Beale having a bored expression. He then looked away from me and proceeded to read the book again. This kid is really unique. I guess not all kids are the same.

After that incident, I asked my wife and Alaine to help Beale with his reading. My wife and daughter was ecstatic to hear my proposition. They began teaching Beale how to read and write when they is able, while also bonding with him. Beale was like a sponge in accepting all of what they are teaching him. Also, Beale have learned to call me and my wife "Father" and "Mother". Victoria shed tears the moment those words went out of Beale's mouth. I too was happy of that event. Soon, it became a regular occurence of Beale going "missing" but not really out of our sight. I placed 10 shadow guards to always look after him after the first missing incident. Sometimes he can be found in the garden. Other times in the courtyard. At times by the lakeside and there were even times that he is found in the training grounds, looking at the knights training. Time flew by and now, Beale turned 12 years old. There was a grand feast and every noble in my kingdom gathered to my palace to commemorate his birthday. There were no incidents that happened though a small feud broke out between my adopted son, Ignace, and Beale but it was easily settled. After the party, as a form of acknowledgement, I called upon all scholars and experts of any field of study to teach Beale of everyhing he needs to know. After Beale's 12th birthday celebration, the scholars and experts gathered in the audience hall. There was about 20 of them who decided to teach Beale things but in just a short span of 3 days, all of them quitted their job as Beale's teacher.

I asked them why they are quitting but there answers could be summed up with a few sentences:


"He is smart and has plenty of wisdom but he is too aloof."

"He's too cold and detached. His look of ridicule when I am teaching him made me feel that I am talking nonsense in front of him."

"I feel like talking to an ancient being. He has this air that seems like he already knows what I am talking about."

"I don't know what happened, Your Majesty. But the bloodlust coming from the Prince is very heavy and dense. It feels like looking at a great general who fought on countless of battles and survived."

"One look from the Prince and I can tell. I feel like an mouse in front of a great and fierce lion. I can't even breath."


This comments go on and on. It answers the question of whether Beale is a genius or not. He is confirmed to be smart, witty, intelligent, able to solve problems with relative ease, can come up with plans that could win a war through tactics and deceit, knows much about economics that his theories are astounding. But his attitude is too detached from others. He's only close to his mother and Alaine. Even to me, I can feel the distance between the two of us. But one thing is certain. This boy will be someone great. I just don't know if it is good or bad.



Bell/Beale POV


Twelve years have gone so fast now and I am living a life in luxury. I still remember everything that happened to me in my past lives and even the things I learned along the way. I am born in royalty but it really doesn't concern me. I just want to be strong and for that, I need to train both body and mind for it. I studied everything there is to know about this place. I am the second prince of the Valois Kingdom. Things aren't really easy for a young prince like me. Etiquette is always practiced and status is always respected. As a man who led a life of endless death and battles and tortures and suffering, such formalities and luxury is a spit on my face. But since I am born in this place, might as well do my part. Study and get stronger. Create a kingdom or an empire of my own and when the time come, annihilate the entire human race. I need to gather enough forces to do that. I need more time. More power. I need all of those things if I want to plunge this world into chaos and for humanity to know what it is to suffer the wrath of the person who was feed with all their madness and evil. But for now. I have to wait. Study and become stronger and smarter. That's the goal to get rught now.

To escape the life of being a caged rabbit, I went to where I always go to help ease my head of its headache: the western courtyard. It has flowerbeds filled with numerous amounts of flowers and plants, It is designed very neatly and everything seems to be in their right place. I sat down nder the shade of a tree and opened a book about the kingdom. It has 3 duchies, 10 counties, 21 viscounties and 35 baronies. It has around 60 million people. The kingdom has 8 million soldiers ranging from footmen to cavalry to archers to knights to carro-ballistamen to magicians. Yes. Magicians. Magic is taught only here in the capital. So those with the potential to learn magic must travel to the capital. The capital is named Marseille and is home to around 8 million people. Where I am living right now is the Marseille Palace. There are 1 million royal guards that patrols the entire capital from the castle to the noble district down to the city. They maintain peace and order. They current-  my thoughts were halted when a guy wearing luxurious clothes and excessive ornaments came within my vision. seeing me, he then scowled and yelled at my direction.


"Beale? What are you doing here? Why is the 'Second' prince out here all alone with no guards? Running away again?" he said with a mocking expression in his face.

"You know Ignace... why don't you shut up. Can your chicken-arse mouth shut up?" I replied, seemingly not interested in his tirade as I am reading my book again.

"You! You dare mock me?! You-" he was turning red when he heard me mock him but before he can even finish, I interupted his "self-important" speech.

"It was you who came to me and mocked me first, idiot. Don't expect me to just turn meek and let you talk me down. Not even an idiot will do that." I stated plainly.


"You are an adopted son who was abandoned by your family the moment they thought they could use you as a chip to own this kingdom. It is a long shot but it's a pretty good plan. But they never expected that I will be born and thus, I, the true heir to the throne, threatens their chip and threatens their plans to rule this kingdom. So you do things that will make me look bad unto the eyes of the subjects around the palace and soon, gossips will start to float. That I, the legitimate heir, is threatened by the adopted prince so I make things bad for him. This will lead to you gaining sympathy and me gaining infamy. That is what you are doing and that is what you are doing right now. Ain't I right, 'FIRST PRINCE IGNACE'?"  I stated as I looked at him with a mocking expression.


"An adopted son who will never have the throne as long as I am alive since the King and Queen is my birth parents and that their flesh and blood course through my veins. You? What blood courses in yours"

"YOU PIECE OF SHIT! I WILL KILL YOU. 'Oo yol, skoz kotin dii haal. Tol Zu'u uld brah hi wah skag hokoron. YOL NIIV!'" A small fireball formed into his hand and then threw it towards me.

Fool. Does he think a puny fireball like that could hurt me? It won't scratch me! I extended my hand open towards the incoming. "Naak." after saying this word, a small orb of darkness appeared in front of my outstretched hand. The fireball that just arrive then was sucked into the small orb of darkness as if the fireball was just an illusion.

"IMPOSSIBLE! HOW COULD-" he stopped speaking when he saw me stand up and began to walk towards him while stare at him.

"If you still want to go, go ahead and try. I'll play with you. But be careful..." I stopped in front of him. Releasing some of my bloodlust, I said "You might die when that happens."


I then went past him and his guards who were frozen in place when I started releasing a small amount of bloodlust. Clearly, they've never been in a battlefield. Weaklings. I then turned back to see Ignace sitting on the floor with his knees shaking. His guards on a similar situation as him, tried to make him stand but even their knees gave away. I laughed at the comical scene in front of me. Ignace turned his face towards me. A face filled with confusion, dread, fear and anger. I spoke to him while smiling.


"Come at me again if you dare, First Prince. And when you do, bet your life on it. Put your life on the line. For I will challenge you to a life-and-death duel when that happens. And in that duel, I will make you realize how sorry and insignificant you are to me. Weeeell then, I bid you farewell." I bowed and flashed him with a smile. I then turned around and began to walk away but stopped after a few steps. This time I didn't turn around. I just yelled in a big voice so that Ignace could hear. "And don't call me so casually. Call me 'Your Highness' or 'Prince Beale' but if you want to call me casually, you can just call me..." I turned my head while flashing him the most mad smile I could produce. "Belial... Just call me Belial."



(Hahaha!!! At last, He is ready! He's ripe for the picking! Oh Bell, I can now welcome you back. You might not have all your memories but this is the most favorable state of mind I could ever hope from you. Finally! The time has finally come for me to once again come back! Yes! I can finally have my revenge! I can finally take the head of that God! Everything is now in place. Now, I just have to welcome him back and eerything will begin. God, our time has come. For 100,000 years we prepared. We grew stronger. While you rest in your cradle of power,believing your people were safe and protected. You assumed no force could challenge you... But now... Finally... We have returned...) - ???


A note from Kurayn-sensei

If you want to know about the aria used in their spells, I used the dragon-tongue or dragon language. Surely, everyone knows that especially those who played a certain game. 

About the author


Bio: Just an ordinary guy with a voracious appetite for novels. I may not be an index for novels but I have read a lot since it is one of my most defining trait: reading. Do give me some pokes if new novels are published or give me any recommendations you have. I will gratefully accept them all!

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