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Hi! Author here. First, thanks for the ratings you gave me. It seems I am not that bad in writing to get a good rating. I will try my best to improve this novel the best way I can do. Next, I am a first-time novel writer. I have written scripts for plays before and a few songs but never stories. That's why you can see my 1st and 2nd chapter looked like scripts. I am learning the "whats" and "hows" of story-writing so if I make any mistakes, please give me some constructive critisism and I'll try to accomodate it as best as I can. Lastly, this is a way for me to pass time and juggle my brain so that my writting skills won't get rusty. I am an avid reader but not much of a writer so I will do my best to improve. Thanks and enjoy!


Endless amount of Hate...

Hate towards unfairness...

Hate towards those who hurt him...

Hate towards those who caused him pain...

Hate towards those who made him suffer...

Hate towards those who brought him grief.

Hate towards those who abandoned him...

Hate towards Joshua...

Hate towards Alexei...

Hate towards Janus...

Hate towards the guard with the spear...

Hate towards the Maester...

Hate towards his mother...

Hate towards God...


Upon the endless abyss, Bell chanted this mantra as if he wanted to plaster this upon his very soul. He thought it was unfair. He thought he didn't deserve to be treated that way. He thought he didn't have to face such nightmare. He thought he didn't do anything wrong. He never did anything that warranted such treatment. But alas, all those hate are for naught. He already died. He knows it upon himself... No one could survive that ordeal. But why did that happen to him? Why did his mother hate him? Why did his mother scorned him? Why did his mother look relieved while he suffered? Why did his mother abandoned him...? All these questions can never be answered. He died. There was nothing he could do. He realizes that. He can never again wake up... But... If only he knew... Fate isn't that kind for him...


Bell POV


I was in an empty space. I can't see anything. Nothing. I feel like dreaming. Did I survive that ordeal? I thought to myself. I drifted, or I think I did, around with nothing to see. I can't even see my own hand and body. I was just there, floating or flying. I don't know. It was at that moment that I saw a flash of light erupted in front of me and began to envelop me...


"Wake up Bell! It's morning!" An unknown girl was calling unto me. "Hey, wake up! We will miss breakfast!"

"I can't believe this! I am alive again?! Why?! WHY?! HAVE I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH?! DO YOU REALLY WANT ME TO SUFFER SO MUCH, GOD?! ARE YOU MOCKING ME?!" Turning my head, I saw a 12 or 13 year old girl in front me. "WHO ARE YOU?! A SERVANT OF THAT DAMN GOD?!" I shouted at the girl.

"I... I... ummm..." the girl was stuttering, trying to answer my question with tears forming from her eyes. She seem like she want to talk but is choking and soon began sobbing. USELESS! I thought

"WELL, ANSWER ME!" I shouted again as I wanted to know what horrid game or prank God has once again done unto me. "SPEAK!"

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! WHAT'S ALL THE YELLING?!" A new arrival bursts into the room with a very angry face. The person is a woman around her 40's perhaps.

"Why are you crying, Arya? Bell, what happened?" asked the lady.

"Who are you?! And don't casually talk to me! I don't know you!" I said with a threatening and detached voice.

"Don't you remember me? Don't you remember Arya?" the woman who looked confused replied.

"I don't know who you are or that girl. I wouldn't be asking if I knew. Are you a retard?" I sneered back at her.

"Watch your tongue, young man. I might cut them off. I-" the woman began to emit a ery dangerous aura but it doesn'tfaze me.

"Lady, I have seen and been to something worse than your puny, little anger. What will you do to me? Hit me with a stick? Strike me with your fists? Kick me? Stomp on me? Butcher me?! KILL ME?! I HAVE BEEN THROUGH MANY ORDEALS AND YOUR FUCKING THREATS DON'T WORK ON ME! SO I WILL ASK THE FUCKING QUESTION AGAIN, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" I yelled back at the lady, unworried of her clenched fists and the clear anger in her face.

"YOU UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF-" she reached unto me and grabbed unto my neck.

Seeing that I am looking at her with cold and uncaring eyes, she let go of me. "You must still be under the weather. That fall from yours from a high tree caused you to become disoriented. Memories jumbled up and the trauma you just experienced coupled with what I think is amnesia. I'm sorry. My name is Daniella. I am your mother." Pointing at the girl, she said "That's your sister, Arya. You are my son, Bell. Rest up. I'll bring you your breakfast since you have now woke up." She then turned around and left with the girl, Arya, on tow.


I was left alone in the room and left on my own. I am straightening out my thoughts at the moment. I am trying to get my head around what is going on and why am I alive gain, albeit on a different body.


"I am alive once again and it seems I was reborn in a good family. Perhaps... Perhaps I could finally have a family that loves me. From what I could see, that girl Arya seems to cares about  me... Or rather, the owner of this body. Did the owner of this body die from the fall and let me into it? Haaaa... But can I really have such a loving family? Maybe this hate... Maybe I could be released from this hate..." I said to myself. But after a long time, after carefully organizing my thoughts, I sitck myself to the most logical decision. "No... None in this world is free... There will always be consequences. There will always be an exchange... There will always be a prize... For now, I'll try to blend in and see what is really going on."


Getting my self ready, I went out and joined the two who went out first, this body's supposed mother and sister.


After that day and a good conversation with this body's family, I quickly adapted to life in there. No electricity, no faucets, no cars. It was a place worse than the boonies. But life is good here. You grow your own food. Vegetables and fruits are plenty. There are plenty of cows and sheep too. And there are people wearing some sort of armor with spears on their hands. Am I reborn in a place where there are knights? Did I turn back in time? I thought to myself.

From our daily interactions, I started to open up with both the mother and child. I am still wary and doubtful and hate is still rubling from the depts of my heart but... I think I can give them a chance... Perhaps... Perhaps, this is my destiny. They are my fated family. Perhaps, I... I can have a loving family...

Days went by then it turned to weeks then into months. I began to converse with the two more openly. My wariness lessened as I begin to accept this new life of mine. I leaned about herbs and their usesfrom my supposed mother. I also learned that there is "magic" here. I pestered Arya about it. "WOW! MAGIC! TEACH ME!" as I was shaking her. I was then given the books that teaches basic magic. I memorized everything inside. After memorizing the books, I decided to try and perform some spells. I learned how to produce a gust of wind, extend my shadow and produce a spark of fire. I also leaned meditation which I use to circulate the thing they call 'magicka' which you use when using magic, and to enlarge my magicka capacity. Things were going fine. Really fine. But at the 4th month of my "rebirth", Hell came knocking in front of my door again. The village we are currently residing is being attacked with sword-wielding, horse-riding men.

There were screams everywhere and smoke rose up from the houses of our neighbors. The villagers were running, trying to get away from those horse-riding men. Many kids who I met with Arya before were crying as they were running with their families. Panic and fear crept to everyone's hearts, including mine.


"Why? Why is this happening? Just why?" I uttered mindlessly.

"Bell! Hurry! Let's run! Mom have finished collecting what we can bring! We must never be caught by those bandits!" Arya yelled to pull me out of my stupor.

"W-What? Bandits?" I said as it is a word very foreign to me. "You mean like robbers?"

"Yes! And they are bad people! They are the one's who killed Father! Now let's go!" Arya pulled me as she ran towards the stables where the horses were housed.

"Come, Children! Hurry! We need to get away! This village is now doomed! Hurry! We ain't got much time!" yelled Daniella. She just finished tying some bags on the horse. "Hurry!"


We ran towards her as fast as we could but before we even reached her, something hit the horse Daniella prepared and it fell on the ground. Daniella stared at it in horror and started to frantically run towards us. It was then that I saw the bandits. One look from them and I saw it. The mad smiles on their faces are just like that of the mad Maester. They swung their swords and spears unto the fleeing villagers while laughing as if they are enjoying their nonsensical killing. I then saw one look at us and smiled widely, showing his yellow and plagued teeth.


"Boss! I found a good woman! And she has kids! But damn is this bitch a hot one! Boss!" yelled the scrawny bandit with the huge grin.

A man in a black horse suddenly went towards us and pulled Daniella, who is shielding us with her body, by her hair. "Hahaha! You're right, Malgin! Boys! Collect our spoils! We're having fun today!" he shouted.

Squirming, Daniella spitted on the boss bandit's face. "Let go of me, you rogue! The kingdom will have your heads on a spike!" she roared as she tried to get herself free.

Angered by her actions, the boss bandit punched Daniella right in the stomach. "Boys, looks like we have a feisty one!"


Laughter resounded from the bandits that are around us. Soon, more bandits came with some of our female neighbors and some bags of which I think are the things they stole from the village. I looked down and saw a broken piece of blade. I crouched down slowly and picked it up, hidding it on my palm and carefully concealing it. I then looked up at the man holding Daniella and kicked his feet.


"Unhand her, you ruffian." I looked at boss bandit with a dead eye. Cold and detached.

"Lookie here lads! This bitch's son just acted like a hero trying to save his mother!" he said while laughing. He slammed Daniella to the ground, stunning her then crouched down to my level and spoke "Well, little hero. What are ya gonna do about it?"


Smirking unto my face, the boss bandit was taunting me to do something again. He must be thinking that I am just being stupid. The other bandits were taunting me like 'punch him' or 'kill him if you can, kid' and so on. I readied my self for what I am going to do. Let's do it as quickly as possible. At least I can give Daniella and Arya a chance to run while the bandits get me. I thought to myself. With a quick flash, I swung my hand with the blade towards the neck of the unsuspecting bandit.

SPLURT! The neck of the boss bandit was lacerated, leaving a wide wound that is spurting out blood. The boss bandit froze in horror at what just transpired. He then held unto his neck with both his hands. Turning around, I yelled "DANIELLA! ARYA! RUN!"

The bandits who froze in shock at what just happened woke up after hearing my shout. "CAPTURE THE BRAT AND HIS FAMILY! I WILL MAKE THE BRAT PAY!" yelled a bandit who looked like the boss bandit. Must be his brother. I thought. I remained where I am to see Daniella and Arya getting away while riding the black horse the boss bandit had. Well, I did tell them to run away but they left me behind? I was abandoned again? Oh well. At least they could run away. I muttered in my head. Soon I received a sharp blow at the back of my head and everything went blank.



Boss bandit's brother POV


Looking down on the unconscious brat, i began to think. This piece of shit just killed my brother with just a swipe of his hand. Fuck. Never thought there was a mage here. I think that was a wind blade. Tsk. Oh well. But I have to thank this bastard. Now, I am the leader of this troupe. So, I will give him the greatest gratitude I could think of. I then turned to the bandit nearest to me. "Capture that bitch who ran away. Hehehe. They can't leave their little hero behind!".

"Hahaha! Yes Second Boss! You hear that lads! We have to go hunting!" shouted the bandit I ordered.

With a shout, a group of 20 bandits ran towards where the woman ran unto.

"You there! Come here!" I shouted at a prisoner near me. The woman ran with tears in her eyes while almost stumbling. "Chain this kid up in the pole near the central plaza. We will gift him the best gift one could receive in this life!" I ordered.


The prisoner frantically began to drag the boy's body as she can't lift it and chained him on the post I designated. I was thinking of what moves I would do next when the bandit I tasked to capture the boy's mother returned.


"Second Boss, we have captured the woman and her daughter. What should we do with her? Should we..." he asked me with a lascivious smile in his face.

"Tie both their hands at their back." I then walked towards the boy hanging on the post used for public shaming of criminals. "Bring them with me. Let's give this boy a gift he will never forget." And I smiled while thinking of what is to happen.



Bell POV





I was woken up with a splash of cold water in my face. My head as still hurting from the hit before. Then I noticed my hand werre bound and that I am hanging on a pole I often see in the village square. I was gagged too so I can't speak. I was still contemplating when I heard someone yell.


"Boy! Did you have a nice sleep? Sorry to wake you up but before you sleep forever, I plan to gift you something by which you can carry over when you are DEAD! See this? This is your mother and sister you frantically wanted to escape. Alas, we caught them gain! I mean, it would be mean for them to just go and abandon you. So here they are again! Aren't you happy?" shouted the bandit that seems to be the new boss.

All I could do is watch as the crying face of Daniella and Arya was shown in front of me. I can't even speak to them. They too are gagged so they too can't speak to me. Then some bandits began to walk closer to the both of them. The bandits started to strip their lower garments revealing their lower part. I found it strange as mine doesn't look like theirs. The bandit's lower part is long and twitching. I looked at Daniella's face and saw that it was filled with fear, dread and horror. Arya too looked like that.

Why are they reacting like that? At least they aren't carrying weapons but what are they going to do? Unable to come up with an answer, I decided to observe what is going to happen. Then it started.

The bandits started to go wild and violently stripped Daniella and Arya's clothes off them. It revealed their naked bodies. Daniella screamed a muffled scream of rage as she saw what happened to Arya. Arya, on the other hand, was crying her eyes out. Anger rose from me as I saw that seen. Arya is a very sweet and kind girl. To see her humiliated like that was enough to send me to a rage.


"Hahaha! See them? Your mother and sister is being humiliated... What now, hero? What now?!" shouted the new boss bandit. "Do you know what will happen to them next? Oh, right. You're a kid. Well, let uncle Slaine teach you."

He then flicked his hand and one of the bandits put his lower body near Daniella's behind. The bandit's lower part was really big. It was as if it's the same size as my arm, maybe bigger. What are they going to do with Daniella?! I exclaimed in my head. The new boss bandit named Slaine looked back at me and spoke "You see that. What we will do to her is called RAPE! That guy's penis is like that of an orc and it will rip your mother's vagina that it will become a gaping hole! Hahaha! Begin!"


As if on cue, the bandit held unto Daniella's hips while Daniella is on her knees and her face on the ground as her hand were bound on her back. Daniella screamed a monster-like scream when the bandit holding her slammed his lower part called penis to her lower part they called vagina. Blood splurted and dripped as the man was humping his penis in and out of Daniella. I watch in horror as Daniella tried to get away by squirming and screaming. She was impaled again and again and again. I then looked towards Arya and she was bawling her eyes out as she was also frantically screaming while looking at Daniella. She's being impaled by that big penis! She is bleeding! They are killing her! I watched as Daniella's face was being brushed unto the dirt while the bandit's big penis was impaling her again and again. Then the bandit pulled Daniella's hair and began to speed up his humping.


"Oh! He's going to cum! You know, little hero. That guy's semen is very potent. Oh, I forgot again. Semen is the white stuff men releases from their penis and is the thing that is used so that women can get pregnant. Understood? Carrying on, that guy's semen is so potent that one release will leave your mother pregnant. Hahaha! Now you will have a little brother or sister. Ain't I kind? You will leave this world later but your mom will birth another one to fill your shoes!!!" exclaimed Slaine as he looked at my face with a mocking expression.


The bandit then screamed and so did Daniella as he stopped humping and pressed his penis more deeper into Daniella's vagina. Daniella's stomach bloated a bit as she began having spasms. After a while, the bandit pulled out his penis and what came to view next horrified me. Daniella's former small vagina now became a big gaping whole with blood and white fluid that is called semen flowing from it. Daniella twitches every now and then. What have Daniella done to deserve such treatment? She was a kind woman. She helped those who needed helping this village. She was honest, polite and good. Why? Why torment her like this? Why?! I wanted to shout but my mouth was muffled with a gag and I can't take it out. Then I saw It. Bandits began to move towards Daniella. They picked her up. One bandit held Daniella's waist while the other was holding her head facing towards his penis. They then began to thrust their penises in both Daniella's mouth and anus. They thrusted their penises into her again and again and when they released their semen, another pair would change with them.

I was in distraught at what they are doing to Daniella. They are killing her! They are raping her to death! I was in th middle of planning how to release myself when I saw a very familiar voice shouting. I look at the source and saw Arya whose vagina was pierced by Slaine's penis.

I saw the horrified face of Arya as she frantically squirm around and scream as Slaine's penis thrusted unto her again and again. Blood spewed near where Arya and Slaine is connected. Slaine had a mad smile as he took off her gag as he is staring at her face as he pinned her down below him. I desperately tried to free myself as I saw Arya suffering! I always remember Arya calling my name with either an impish grin or a stupid smile on her face.


(Bell, come here!)

(Bell, this way!)

(Bell, hold my hand!)

(Bell, catch!)

(Bell, look! This looks yummy!)

(Bell, thank you!)

(Bell, I love you! You're the smartest, coolest, bestest brother ever!)



"Ahhh!!! No! Please Stop!!!"


"Mom!!! Bell!!! Help me!!! Help!!!"

STOP IT!!! STOP IT!!!!!!!

"Ahhhhh!!! Bell!!! Save me!!! Save me!!!"


"Make it stop!!! My flower!!! Uuuuuu... It hurts.... Please... someone... save me... It hurts...


"You liar... Bell, you liar... ahh!!! Ahh!!! You said... ugh... you'd protect me... YOU LIAR!!! AHHHH!!!"



I squirmed and flailed and swung myself left to right while roaring like a mad lion. I didn't notice that I was crying but it wasn't tears that are streaking at my cheeks. It's blood. I was crying blood. I am mad! I am angry! I am full of hatred! I desperately tried to pry myself free so that I could save them.


"I think our hero have seen enough. Try to send him away now. My mood will be destroyed if a guy is screaming and roaring on my ears. I'd rather hear a woman's death throes than a man's. A boy at that..." Looking at me, Slaine said with a mad smile on his sweaty face "Don't worry. Now, even your sister will get pregnant. Now you can go in peace. Hahaha!!!" he laughed as he began humping unto Arya once again who is still crying and moaning.


I then saw a bandit come close to me with an axe. A big axe that is sharp on both sides. FUCK! I can't die yet! I need to save them!!! I need to get loose! I-

I didn't even finish my thought when I saw the world spin in front of my eyes. The last glimpse I saw was that Slaine splurted his semen into Arya's vagina while Daniella is barely recognizable anymore.



Why can't I be happy?

Whyis everything taken away from me?

I was abandoned by my own mother on my first life.

I was sold as a slave by my own parents on my second life.

I was made to watch my new family be raped and humiliated in front of me in my third life.


Do I deserve this?

What did I ever do?

I didn't do anything wrong before...


















(Ah. Such pure emotion... Now, you have finally let go of hope and trust in their God... You have cleared some of the hurdles you need to pass. You are almost there, Bell. Don't break yet. You must remember... You are not just any living being... You are the one of the strongest to ever be born... You are one of the First... You are...)- ???


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