Infracto Animo



Chapter 4: A new chance in Life or....


A note from Kurayn-sensei

Hi there! Author here. I've seen some typos on the previous chapter so I will edit it later. As you may all know, this is a slow-paced novel so no flashy fight scenes or powers at the moment, though will find glimpses of it. Do comment if there are any discrepancies or grammar issues or misspellings. I'll do my best to make it as clean and concise as possible. Enjoy!

Bell POV.



"...ake ...p...."

"...ake up..."

"Wake up!"


I was aburptly woken by a kick on my belly. Glancing up, I saw a man wearing something like cloth around his waist and is holding a some kind of rope with a handle. Puzzled and confused, I tried to remember what happened to me.


Wait... Where am I? What happened...? I was... I fell from the balcony... I fell on some heap of trash... I saw Aunt Susan... She was crying... then I fell asleep... Was I taken here? Wait, Ain't I suppose to be "dead"? I saw it on the news... People falling from high places can cause "death"... Yet... Why am I here? How could this happen? Why am I here? Who brought me here? Aunt Susan? Am I now safe? But why was I hit?


Still in the middle of thinking, he was rudely interupted by the man .


"Fucking slave! You dare doze off in front of me?! I said wake up, you sack of filth!" shouted the man who then swung the rope-like thing unto me.

"Ahhhh!!!" the thing he had hit my back hard. It hurts so much! I started to tear up as I tried to reach my back.

"You filthy animal dare raise your voice! You dare shout at my face! I'll whip you until you learn your place, bastard!" yelled the man as he swung his "whip" as he called it unto me again and again and again...

"Please!!!! Stop!!! It hurts!!! I'm sorry!!! Ahhhh!!! Please!!! Mom!!! Aunt Susan!!! Help me!!!" I begged and begged and begged yet all I could hear from from the man is his cold and deranged laughter as he continued to whip me.

"Shit! You piece of shit dare defy me!!! I can whip you to death!!! You're nothing but a slave!!!" He continued to whip me happily when it suddenly came to a halt. Slowly looking up, I saw another man wearing the same clothes as the one whipping me. He was holding the wrist of the man hitting me.


"Enough, Alexei. That is quite enough. Maester wants this slave to come to his 'room' for he is today's 'subject'." said the man who just arrived.

"Fine..." Looking back at me, the man named Alexei exclaimed. "Lucky for you, little slave. You just got pardoned. Well, might I say that you were 'unlucky' to be picked. Oh well.... Not my problem anymore..." then Alexei nonchalantly exited the room.

"Come with me. I'll take you to the Maester. He requires your presence\ in his 'room'." said the man who just came in and immediately turned around. "Follow me."


I then followed the man who just saved me from my predicament. We went out of my room and saw that the room where I came from was in a some kind of maze with medieval torches I once saw on TV on the walls. Don't they have electricity? This isn't the hospital, right? After a series of lefts and rights, we arrived in front of a big, metal door. I was ushered by the man I am following inside as he knocked the door.


"Maester, it's Savos. I have arrived with today's 'subject'." the man named Savos said. He then looked towards me. "Forgive me young one..."

Before I could even ask why he said that, we heard a voice that came from the inside of the room. "Do we now. Let the slave come in. Go to whatever your tasks are, Savos."

"Yes, Maester." He then looked at me and said "In you go, child. Whatever happens... No. Don't mind me. Hurry up and go in..." then opened the door and pushed me inside. 


He then locked the door from the outside. As he was closing the big door, I turned back and took a peek at the Davos' face. I saw pity in his eyes and a sense of shame. I have always been very sensitive to emotions since I was always predicting my Mom's emotions so I am positive that the looks Davos gave me is of pity and dismay. Why? Why is he looking at me like that? I thought to myself. When the door was closed, I turned around to look at the room I was pushed into. It was big. Bigger than that of my home. It has lots of book shelves, though there were no books. What's in it are some sort of rolled papers with uneven edges. I then looked beyond and saw a table with lots of paper in it and a feather and some little black containers. Still aching from the whipping I received, I unsteadily walked into the table. I only took a few steps when I was hit with a stick by a man who I didn't know was there.


"Announce your presence and salute to the Maester, slave." said the man with a long stick with a sharp, pointy diamond-shaped object at its tip. 'That's a spear!' I exclaimed in my thoughts. I saw it once on the TV so I couldn't forget about it.

Staggering, I looked up and tried to talk when I was hit again.

"Insolence! You dare look at me with those eyes!" shouted the man as he readied himself to strike me again but was stopped when he saw someone arrive.

"Guard! Don't hit today's 'subject'. He is benificial to me." stated the new arrival. He sounded old-ish so I turned around and looked at the man who just stopped the guard. He looks a bit old. 50? 60 maybe? Before I could even say thank you, he spoke once again.

"Take him to the 'study'. Don't harm him anymore." then the old guy turned and walked towards the corner where there is another tunnel to be traversed into.

"Yes Maester." said the guard and immediately ushering me to follow the old man he called Maester with his spear.


I followed the Maester in a series of narrow corridors only lit with torches. As I followed the Maester, I smelled something that is making me nauseous. It smelled like the rotting meat and milk that were to left to rot once in our refrigerator. I still can't cook at that time so I had to get it off from the fridge. I vomitted twice while doing that. So when I smelled the same kind of thing I smelled before, I can't help but think What are they doing in here? We arrive at wooden door with an eerie feeling on it. The Maester then opened the door. Before I could peer inside, my vision was blocked when a sack was suddenly put unto my head. Feeling afraid, I started to back off but stopped by the guard who was behind me earlier. I have to run! I'm afraid! Then suddenly everything went blank...



Maester POV


"Good. I don't want him squirming around. Take him inside and place him in the 'table'." I said while looking coldly on the guard.

"Yes Maester." he answered. I then went inside after him. I went to the far side of the room to take my 'tools' that I use whenever I conduct my 'studies'.

"Maester, I placed the boy in the 'table'. Should I start to bind him?" asked the guard to me.

"Yes, yes. Bind his arms and legs unto the 'table'. Be careful not to damage anything. I need everything in place." I told him with a stern voice. Nodding, the guard did what I just instructed him to do.

"It's done, Maester." said the guard.

"Good. Now return to your post. Don't let anyone near this place and disturb me. You understand?" I said with a cold voice.

"Understood, Maester." The guard then vowed and left the room, locking the door behind him.

"Now, I will start commencing my 'studying'." I exclaimed. I know I am smiling right now for my thirst for new knowledge is really strong and now, the 'subject' to be 'studied' is right infront of me. I began to examine the 'subject' before me.

"Hmmm... Good skin color. 6 years old. Adequate height. Rare red eyes. Complete set of teeth. Arms are bruised but still fine. Back is... well, hmmm... I should ask Davos why he is 'damaged' before being brought to me later. Continuing on... Hmmm... Phallus, quite decent for his age. Anus, okay. Thighs in good condition. Knees, foot, bruised but still in good condition. Physical appearance, above average. You are meant to be good looking, slave. Pity you won't get to see that future. Carrying on..."


I then administered the potion I made specifically for this moment orally, letting the unconscious slave drink it. After finishing the vial, I waited for a few minutes for the potion's effects to take place. As soon as I saw the relax state of the 'subject', I began picking up the 'tools' needed for my 'studies'.


"Now, let's begin..."



Bell POV.





"(Bam Bam Bam)"

"(Creak, Splosh, Creak)"


Ouch! My consciousness was aroused with the noises I am hearing and pain . As I can't see what was going on nor do I know what is happening. I tried squirming but I can't feel my legs. I tried swinging my arms but there seems to be nothing there. Suddenly I was flooded with an intense amount of pain that I have never felt my entire life. It was even worst than when I fell on the balcony or that of Joshua's beating or Alexei's whipping. No. Its much much MUCH more painful that I am having a difficulty in breathing. I tried to shout but my mouth was gagged and all I could do is grunt. As I was squirming and grunting in pain, the sack over my head was suddenly taken. I began to see what is happening but I noticed I can't seem to see on my left eye. In pain and desperate, I tried to find the answers by looking around. What greeted me was the face of the Maester who had blood all over him yet was smiling.


"You woke up in the middle of my work. I just finished cleaning your Femurs and your Tibias. I have also collected your kneecaps and your elbow caps for research! Ohh! And look!" he then took out a clear glass container with a floating something in it. "This is your eyeball. It has a unique color so I can't help myself and take a sample. Isn't it beautiful? Well, I would call it nepotism if I let you answer. Hahahahaha!!!" He stated while laughing like a madman.

"Urrrrr! Urrrrr! Uuu! Urrrrr! Uuuuuuuuuurrr!!!" I tried to get myself loose. I looked in horror as I realized that it was my eye in that jar. I was attacked with pain beyond imagining. But since I am gagged, All I could do is grunt towards the crazy Maester.

"Now now. I'll remove your gag and incline the table for you to see what I did. How much of a genius I am." he stated the proceeded to croach while trying to pry something. Little by little, the part of the table where my head is located began to rise. Then I saw it.

"See. Here are your leg muscles! Ohh and that one is from your arms! These here are your leg bones and that part over there are your arm bones. This little bucket here has your knee caps and that little bowl by you contains the your elbow caps. Aren't they a sight to see?!" exclaimed the mad Maester.


I looked to my left and saw my arm was severed up to my shoulders. I looked at my right side and saw that it was in the same situation as my left. I looked down and saw my legs gone up to my hips. Blood was spurting out from those places where my legs and arms were cut. Dread filled my heart. The horror I just encountered, I can't get my head off it. My mind is in disarrray. I can't seem to think straight. Then finally, everything dawned to me. With all my heart, I began to scream frantically.






I screamed with everything I had seen. The pain. The suffering. The agony. Everything. I am being toyed with so inhumanely. I am suffering from a pain perhaps no one in the world could endure. It hurts! It hurts so much!!!


"Now now. Don't get too excited. I am not yet done. Since you are now awake, I will let you see what I am going to do next. Don't worry. You won't die from blood loss. I made you drink a potion that will make you unable to bleed out. And here, drink this. It will make you uhhh... undrowsy? Hahahaha! You won't faint if you drink this! Ain't I great? This will be fun! For science! For the pursuit of knowledge! For the Empire!" the madman stated.


After making me drink that potion, he then started to take a very shiny knife then started to slice through my stomach. I watched in horror as the madman was slicing unto my own stomach with a mad grin in his face. It was painful! It hurts! I began to frantically flail but I was strapped unto the table I am in. I feel like my head is going to explode due to excruciatingly painful things this madman is doing to me. I screamed and watch in horror as he finished what he was doing and spread open the skin of my stomach and letme see what was inside. I vomitted through the gag as I saw what was inside my own stomach.


"Oooh! What a nice color! I see that the poisons and medicines I made you drink when you were passed out started to take effect. See this, slave. This here is inside of your stomach! This is your intestine! This is your liver! It is starting to turn green. The poison I made you drink seems to be attacking your liver. Interesting" stated the madman while contemplating.


After a while, he used the knife and started to cut my own liver! MY OWN LIVER! I was made watch of how an organ from my body was taken away just like that! I vomitted blood as I began to profusely bleed from the cut the madman made.


"Now it really did turn green. Oh well..." setting aside my liver like he lost interest in it and threw it inside a bowl. He then proceeded with cutting something else from my stomach. Pain... So much pain... I felt like I was stung by a million bees while stomped by a thousand bulls and i feel like being twisted into paste. I can't put it in words.

"You're gall bladder had solidified like a rock. It can even make a bump in your head if thrown if thrown with substancial force. This is a very exciting discovery!" the mad Maester exclaimed. He decided to cut more and more organs as I feel like my life is living my body. He was ranting about poisons and herbs and stuff and how to counter them with antidotes. He was ranting while observing every piece of organ he slices. I can't even feel anything anymore.

"Oh... You held on for so long? I thought you died earlier. You weren't even squirming or grunting anymore. What a kid. Hehehe. You also want to learn so you could use it in the afterlife? What a good kid." stated the madman as he began to take away the gag on my mouth.

"So, what do you think? Did you learn?" He asked.

"(cough cough)... ahhh... w-why?"

"What was that?" - Maester

"why... is... this... (cough)... hap... pening... to... me...?"

"Huh? An unscientific question? How boring... Oh well, a dying kid's questions, I suppose I could answer it. To answer your question, hmmm... Whatever you are now, it is your parent's fault." - Maester


"Because if it weren't for them, you wouldn't have to be a slave. And if you haven't been a slave, you would never be here. In the first place, if you weren't born, you wouldn't have to experience all this!" - Maester

"...their (cough) ...fault?"

"Yes it is. Debt, politics, crimes, lawlessness. Your parents must have commited one or two of these that led to your slavery. Or they just sold you for a few silver coins. Sooo... Did that answer your question?" - Maester


I had enough. My Mom... She sold me? She... is the reason for this? Why? Did she really hate me to the extent that she abandoned me and sold me to this madman? Why? Did I really make an unforgivable mistake that I cannot be forgiven?




Why did I have to suffer like this?


Why did my Mom abandoned me?


Why did my Mom scorn me?


Why did my Mom hate me?



























I was filled with rage and evil feelings that I never knew was in me. I was angry. Angry at the unfair treatment given to me. All I ever want is very simple: my Mom's happiness. None for me but for her! And yet... And yet I get to receive this as payment for that wish?! I just want to live peacefully with my Mom! I just want to see her smile at me! I just want to be by her side! I just don't want her to leave me! I just wanted her to love me... Why God? Why...? Why did you abandoned me as well...?


"You have gone silent. Are you dead? Hmmm?" said the Maester "Don't die yet. I have yet to see how a living human's brain work. Don't die yet okay?" then the maester started to slice through my head using a very sharp knife-like object.


By this time, I can't feel anymore pain. Just rage. Just anger. Just wrath. Soon, my consciousness drifted off and the world became pitch black again. But in my heart, it still burns with hate. Hate to everything! Hate to those who did this to him! Hate to Alexei. Hate to Davos! Hate to the guard! Hate to the mad Maester! Hate to Joshua! Hate to God! Hate to his mother! Hate to this unfair world!


















(Hahahahaha!!! Finally, this kid... He doesn't even know that he is, well "was" in another world... but ... this anger... this wrath... I almost wanted to show myself to him but not yet... He's not ready yet. It is still not enough! Not enough, I say! So grow, Bell. Grow more angry! More wrathful! Gain more hatred! And when the time comes, we will receive you and you will then fulfill your real destiny... Hahaha! I can't wait for that time to happen! Grow faster Bell. I am waiting for you. WE are waiting...) - ???



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Bio: Just an ordinary guy with a voracious appetite for novels. I may not be an index for novels but I have read a lot since it is one of my most defining trait: reading. Do give me some pokes if new novels are published or give me any recommendations you have. I will gratefully accept them all!

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