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(I guess this novel turned out to be kinda slow-paced but I will try to post daily so that it won't be that hard to catch up. Do forgive me if this story is not up to your taste. I have a draft but I tend to do some impromptu changes that might or might not be good for the story. Anyway, if there are discrepancies or grammar issues or misspellings, do comment down below so that I can change it for the better. Well then, enjoy!)

Due to the pitch black surrounding Bell is in, he didn't realize he fell asleep. Cold in body and mind, he started to drift to dreamland. But before he could enter to deep sleep, he heard a shout coming from behind the door. He heard something akin to animals fighting just like in an animal show he was watching before. Then he heard some crashing sounds of something like a mirror or a vase. Maybe some glasses or some cups or even the windows. Bell doesn't know what is going on. But upon closer inspection, the sounds seemed somewhat familiar. Then a thought hit him. It was his mother. His mother seemed like she's panting and screaming like an animal being butchered in a slaughterhouse. Panicking, he started to imagine what is happening beyond the door.


"Could it be that Mom is in danger? But who could it be that is hurting Mom? Wait... Didn't Mom bring with him a guy? Could it be? Could it be that Mom is being beaten up by that guy?! No! He cannot hurt Mom! He must not hurt her!" Bell told himself


After coming up with a decision in his head, he decided act, to try and help his mom in the only way he knew: Try to pry the door open and help his mother. He tried looking for things inside the storeroom but since it was dark, it was nay-impossible for him to see anything. Panicking, he started to banging the door with his hands while shouting.


"Mom! Mom! Are you okay, Mom?! Answer me! Please! Mom! Escape while you can Mom! Please just go so that the bad man won't hurt you! Call the police! You bad man! Don't hurt my Mom! kPlease Mom! Answer me! Please!"


He was frantically shouting while banging that door that he didn't realize that the sounds stopped abruptly. What he heard next was the voice of his mother and another that might be the voice of the man his mother was with.


"Fuck Cynthia! What the fuck? You're fucking son is ruining the mood! Now take a fucking look at my cock! It won't even stand anymore due to your son's persistent ranting! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuck!!! Choose! Either you throw that piece of shit out or I go! said a unknown man.

It was then that Bell's mother, Cynthia's voice came out. "Joshua, just calm down. I'll handle this. Don't be like that. You know I love you. Just wait here while I give that brat a lesson." 

"I won't fucking wait! You're bastard son just ruined all the fucking urges I have! Just pick one option: either you throw out that goddamn son of yours out or I'll break up with you?! Choose!"

"B-but, he's just a kid! I'm planing to send him tomorrow to my parents at the boonies. He won't return here again! He... He's just a 6 year old kid! Even I can't bear it in my conscience to kick him out. He might die because..."

"Fine! Then farewell bitch! Don't fucking show your face in front of me again!"

"Nooo! Joshua! Please! Okay! I'll kick him out! I'll throw the brat out! Just please don't leave me! Please!"

"That's better. You better follow what I tell you or else. You so remember to whom you belong to right?! You got that you bitch?!"

"Yes. Yes. I get it..."

"Good. Now that's good. So, where is the brat? I want to release some steam!"


Bell then heard footsteps coming closer and closer to where he is. He didn't undertand more than half of what they are talking about, mostly because of his fears and worries for his mother. What he understood is that the man is angry and his mother is crying. On his mind, there are only two things: help mother and protect her from the bad guy. As he was readying himself, the door opened. He then lunged himself towards the man but all of a sudden his vision blackened in an instant and then started spinning. He received a kick to his right side from the man.

"There you are, you piece of shit! How was my kick?! Pretty strong, huh?!" Joshua said while smirking down at Bell.

Struggling to get up, Bell grabbed unto whatever he could hold on so that he cold stand up. After looking up at the smirking face of the man who kicked him, he once again pounced at the man. "Get away from my mother, you big..."

Before Bell could even finish what he was saying, he received a punch in the face followed by another and another and another until hecouldn't even breath due to his nose breaking. Blood spewed everywhere whenever the man (Joshua) was hitting him.


"(punch) Shut (punch) the (punch) fuck (punch) up! You're (kick) very (stomp) annoying! (stomp)"

"Ahhhh!!! Ahhh!!! Uuuuuu! M-Mom! Get away! Now! Run!" Bell shouted while taking on the blows coming from the guy named Joshua. But when he looked at his mother, what he saw baffled him. She was just looking down on him with a cold face.

"Hmph!" Cynthia grunted.

Confused, Bell tried to talk to her, even when the man almost pummeled him to the ground. "M-Mom?" He asked.

"Why should I run? That man is my boyfriend. I love him. Besides, who are you calling 'mom'? You're not my son. You're no one's son. you're just a vermin. Not a brat. A RAT. Nothing more. So don't fucking call me 'Mom' again, bastard." Cynthia said then kicked Bell right in his face.


Bell was stunned. He felt like the world went black and he was in the middle of it. Out in the middle of nowhere. No one in sight. No sound could be heard. Nothing. He felt empty. The person he loves the most in the world just abandoned him just like that. He felt confused. 


Why? What have I done wrong to receive such cold shoulders. I wasn't a bad child. I was always obedient. Always kind and honest. Always doing what I think is right? Where was I wrong? Why? Why did my mom abandon me? Why choose that man over me? Why? What did I do to deserve this? thought Bell.


While Bell was contemplating, Joshua glaced towards Cythia and showed her a very cold smile while Cynthia, on the other hand, was shrugging her shoulders.


"Good Cynthia. Good! With this, you are now free of a liability. You are now truly my woman!" Joshua said with a deranged smile and laugh.

"Yes, I am yours, Joshua. Now and forever." Cynthia replied then pecked Joshua's lips.

"Very Good. Very VERY GOOD! That's my girl" Joshua smiled the turned his face towards Bell who was still in a state of shock and said "Now... You, the motherless fuck that you are, is coming with me." He then dragged Bell by the hair which was reaching towards Bell's back.



Bell POV.


Dragged by the hair of the man called Joshua, all I could do is flail about trying to pry his hands off my hair. I was still in stupor for what I heard and received from my own mom. My body was aching all over most especially my face. My tummy hurts from being stomped. My sides hurt from being kicked. My face hurts due to the punches and kicks I got. But nothing hurts more than what my mom told me. It hurts. I feel like I cannot breath. I looked towards my mom who was left by the door of the storage room. What I saw horrified me. All I saw was a face of relief. As if a heavy burden was lifted off her. I felt devastated. Am I that hateful to you, Mom? So hateful that when you heard that I am no longer yours, you felt relieved? He then saw his mother look at him. He saw the stare filled with scorn and disgust. That was the moment when I felt something crack inside me.


Am I really that hated? Did Mom really hate me to this extent? What did I ever do wrong?! I never did anything wrong! I never demanded anything! I always obey her words! I am well-behave! I am honest! I am polite! I know how to do housework! I am respectful! I love my Mom above all else, even myself! I cherish her so much! Yet why? Why am I treated like this? Why am I being dragged by this bad man using my hair while you Mom looks happy? I only wanted to protect you Mom. Why aren't you stopping the bad man? Why do you so happy and contented? Why do you look relieved yet looking at me, turns cold and detached? Why? Why?! What did I do to deserve this? Why?! WHY?!


I was lost in my thoughts. I became numb to all the pain I am feeling. I didn't even realize that some of my hair is being ripped to my head. I didn't care anymore. I was lost. Confused. I feel betrayed. Soon I realized that I was being held overhead in the balcony of our apartment by the man named Joshua. I then saw my Mom reveal a happy laugh and soon realized she was laughing along with this Joshua. Before I could gather my thoughts, I was thrown off the balcony and went straight down, unto the heaps of trash. Wow, so we were living so high up... I didn't even know that. I guess the 4th floor reaally is high. I thought to myself. I looked down and saw a puddle of blood. Then I realized it was coming from me. Strange thing though, I can't feel my legs anymore. Only my hands can move. I saw my legs bended in a very strange way yet I can't feel anything from it. When I was wiping my face, albeit very slowly, I noticed something sliding on my skin from my ears and nose but the most curious would be the eyes. Maybe that's why I am seeing things in red. It was bleeding. Blood huh? I even have blood on my head and face... Haaa... So I'm bleeding, huh? I thought to myself. My vision is becoming hazy and I feel like I am about to fall asleep. I then rested my back unto the bags of trash while looking at the small strip of sky that can be seen between two buildings. I then held unto my necklace... The one with the cross used in praying... The only gift I have ever received.


"God, it's me again, Bell. This might be the last time I can pray to you so I want to tell you all the things I want to say. First, Thank you for granting my Mom her happiness. Thank you for making her smile again. I never saw her smile like that in front of me. I wish you would make her even happier now that I am gone. Really, Thank you. But... But why? Why can't she be happy with me? Why am I being thrown away? Why? Did I do something bad to her or to You, God? If so, can't you just tell me?"


Tears streaked from my eyes as I cried while reciting my last prayer. I feel lost. I feel alone. I fell empty. I can't even think what went wrong. I am becoming cold. My hands started to shake and they seem to be losing color. I looked again towards the sky and felt raindrops in my face.


"God, why is it so... unfair? I... didn't wish... for anything... else... just... my Mom's... happy face and... smile... As I thought... everything... has a price... Aunt Susan is wrong... Even you God... can't give away gifts... for free... I... just feel... sorry... for Aunt... Susan... I... can't... repay her... back..."


Feeling sleepy, I tilted my head to the sides only to see the sidewalk where people walk about there own business. It was then that I saw Aunt Susan holding an umbrella while carrying out the trash. She focused her attention to the place where I am and was having a horrified face when she saw me. She immediately ran towards me, dropping her umbrella and the trash bag she's carrying. When she arrived, she immediately knelt beside me. I looked up to look at her face and saw that she was crying. I tried to lift my hands But I don't seem to have any strength left in me so all I could do is touch her knees. She sees it and starts to cry even more.


"Don't... cry... Aunt... Susan..."

"Don't worry, Bell. I already called the ambulance. Just stay with me. Don't close your eyes." Aunt Susan Told me with tears flowing from her face.

"I... I...m sorry... I can't... pay you... back... for... the fruits..."

"It will be okay Bell. Just don't close your eyes. Help will arrive in a minute. Please." Aunt Susan held unto my cold hands and began praying.

"Please... don't... pray for... me... I... don't... want... you... to... suffer..."

"What are you talking about?! I-" She abruptly stopped when I put my hand unto her mouth.

"I... wished... to... God... and... it... was... granted... My... mom... is... now... happy... I... can't... wish... of... anything... else... so... don't...pray... for... me... I... I... am.... contented...

"Then...Why are you crying, Little Bell? What are those tears for?" Aunt Susan asked with a very serious and concerned voice.

"I... just... feel... abandoned... I... just... want... to... be... a... good... boy... yet... ugh... Why?... Why... do... this... to... me? Did... I... do... something... bad? I-"

"Hush now, Little Bell. Hush now. Everything will be alright. Just hold on to my hand." Aunt Susan firmly held my hand while reassuring me.

"Thank... you... Aunt... Susan... for... every... thing... I... feel... really... sleepy... now..."

"No! No Bell! Hold on! Don't let go! You are still young! There's still a lot in the world for you to see! Please don't give up!" Aunt Susan was frantically calling out for me yet her voice seems to go farther and farther away.

"Thank........ you......... I......... wish........ Mom........ was........ like........ you......."

I closed my eyes due to the increasing feeling of sleepiness attacking me. I could only hear some inaudible voices but it doesn't matter now. I will just rest now...


(No, you don't. You won't get to rest, young'un. You, my dear chap, is going to an adventure of a lifetime. Well, ummm, not literally but yes.You will be setting off to a grand adventure many doesn't want to go! It is to the extent where many would choose to just die and stay dead rather than do this. But you, Bell, you are someone that can't escape this "Grand Adventure and you will soon realize why...) - ???



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