Him and Her - An Odd(?) Story

by beddedOtaku

Original COMPLETED Comedy Contemporary Romance Female Lead Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

A story of two people in their early twenties, an always expressionless(?) Aya, and cool(?) Tyson. Loves, friendships, and the small moments pile up in this odd(?) love story.


Tyson, suffering from long-lasting unrequited love, meets Aya, an odd, expressionless girl from his classes. As the curiosity about each other draws them together, it slowly sparks a friendship founded on honesty with which the two deal with one another. It is a story about two ordinary college students with their own, small circumstances, and love which blossoms between the two of them. 

Check out 1 page comics titled Ay's and Ty's Daily Lives for some funny moments between the two: http://fav.me/dc4q2wf


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Him and Her ago
Chapter 2 - Definitely an Alien ago
Chapter 3 - To Open Up ago
Chapter 4 - Can't Be ago
Chapter 5 - Without Him ago
Chapter 6 - Sunday Date ago
Chapter 7 - Monday Blues ago
Chapter 8 - Who's The Lonely One? ago
Chapter 9 - Ruthless Onslaught ago
Chapter 10 - Day in the Rain ago
Chapter 11 - Friday Kinks ago
Chapter 12 - Birthday Kicks ago
Chapter 13 - Courage and Trust ago
Chapter 14 - Thursday Reunion ago
Chapter 15 - Taking Charge ago
Chapter 16 - All the Same ago
Chapter 17 - A Robot and an Alien ago
Chapter 18 - Not the Way Imagined ago
Chapter 19 - Spring's Warmth ago
Chapter 20 - To Be a Cool Girlfriend ago
Chapter 21 - Goes Both Ways ago
Chapter 22 - The First Fight(?) ago
Chapter 23 - Loves and Friendships ago
Chapter 24 - Story Bygone ago
Chapter 25 - An Odd Pair ago
Chapter 26 - Morning Charades ago
Chapter 26.5 - The Story of Them ago
Chapter 27 - Naive Devil ago
Chapter 28 - To Get It ago
Chapter 29 - Awkward Family ago
Chapter 30 - Perfect Distraction ago
Chapter 31 - The Morning After ago
Chapter 32 - Road Trip ago
Chapter 33 - The Past's Return ago
Chapter 34 - The Most Difficult Thing ago
Chapter 35 - Perfect Couplet ago
Chapter 36 - Dinning Done Right(?) ago
Chapter 37 - Fears and Dreams ago
Chapter 38 - Promise by the Pier ago
Chapter 39 - Every Day a Journey ago
Chapter 40 - Summer Night's Quarrels ago
Chapter 41 - Perfect and Good ago
Chapter 42 - Beach Epis--Chapter ago
Chapter 43 - Midnight Beach Stroll ago
Chapter 44 - Ere and Thereafter ago
Chapter 45 - Standing Still In Time ago
Chapter 46 - Tears Without Rain ago
Chapter 47 - Aya and Ty's Antics ago
Chapter 48 - Quaint(?) Drive ago
Chapter 49 - Golden Goose ago
Chapter 50 - The Difficulties of Adulthood (I) ago
Chapter 51 - The Difficulties of Adulthood (II) ago
Chapter 52 - Snowless Christmas ago
Chapter 53 - A Year in the River of Time ago
Chapter 54 - As the Life Unfolds ago
Chapter 55 - Wedding Craze ago
Chapter 56 - Since the Time Immemorial ago
Chapter 57 - I Love You ago
Chapter 58 - Him and Her ago
Chapter 59 - Forever Him, Eternally Her ago

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Best Romance Story I've Read In a Long Time

Okay, I'm not one to put fictions in my favorites (mainly because I'm too lazy to click twice), and much less write a review, but this author has given me such a funny, enjoyable, and refreshing story that the bastard's managed to make me crawl out of my little hole to actually write a review. 

There aren't too many pure romance stories in RRL, and the characterization and banter of the characters in the predominantly fantasy ones are usually sub par at best. While I do wish for RRL to stay as a site for people who love writing the kind of stuff you can only find here, I do hope people can take inspiration from this story to make better use of that romance tag everyone seems to be putting in. 

Anyways, this was a great read, and it cheered me up a good bit after a particularly bad day. Kudos to the author for such a fun experience.

Ahem. Now, onto the actual review. I might as well do it properly now that I've gone and done it.


The style is written in a third person narrative with a good use of italicizations to convey thoughts. The author is descriptive enough that I have a clear image of where the scene is set, without being so over the top that it drags down the pacing in a bad way. This, along with that certain unique 'feeling' you get when you read another person's work that makes them stand out from the rest, gives me nothing to complain about.


Now, the story is good. I won't be saying much here due to spoilers, but it progresses relatively smoothly from chapter to chapter. My only criticism here would be the quick pace of the romance (which is essentially the plot in a novel like this). Now from the first chapter to the latest one--correct me if I'm wrong--about a week's time has passed since the beginning of the story. Though this is a good amount of time, their relationship as quote on quote 'friends' progressed quite fast. It also made the plot point in chapter 12 feel too sudden and convenient. It'd be good if the author put in some minor timeskips in between chapters, to extend the length of time the two have known eachother, and to show that nice feeling of behind-the-scenes continuation. Other than this, the story is great.


Now this, this here is what made me like this novel so much. See, in a romance fiction, characters are everything. No one wants to see the people they hate making out, much less being happily in a relationship. 

The author pulls this portion off very well. Both of the main characters are actual individual people. The MC can be a pessimist at times, but he is nowhere near a useless castrated beta-male MC. He's a cool fucking guy, I'd have to say. First male MC I've seen in a while who actually blushes (though he does do it quite a lot, this is intentionally a part of his character). No complaints.

As for the main heroine, damn. You have absolutely no idea how happy I was to not see the words 'heaven-defying beauty' when she was introduced for the first time. She has her quirks, and is an overall interesting character to read about. Her personality gets a massive thumbs up from me. I loved seeing a heroine that was actually smart, frank, and unashamed about saying the hilariously vulgar things she says. It honestly caught me by surprise how much I liked these two characters. Amazing job here author. Don't change.


Well, zero complaints here. It's easy to read, and I don't recall any significant grammar errors. That, and since English isn't my first language, doesn't really give me the confidence to be all nitpicky about the small stuff. Shit's easy to read, and I don't recall any errors. Read this story.


Aftet that long-ass rant, here's my final words. Thank you for writing this story. I don't remember a single chapter wherein I didn't laugh or smile from the extremely entertaining banter that's exchanged between both characters, and something like that is rare. Though I suggest you check out the very first chapter again, author. It didn't quite have the same amount of charm the rest of the chapters did, and almost caused me to stop reading for some reason. It'd be a shame if someone missed such a good fiction because of a single chapter. It might've just been because of my shit mood, but hey, you never know.

Anyways. If you want real characters and not a hair color strapped into a pair of breasts and a walking chastity belt suffering from impotence, read this novel. It's honestly quite amazing how much I enjoyed it.

Finally, you should probably consider re-writing that synopsis. It's a bit bland and isn't really eye catching enough to keep someone interested, nor give anyone any idea as to how good this fiction is. 

I'll be looking forward to more, so don't stop writing. I'll be lurking in the recesses of every new chapter for about ten minutes before I recede back into my little cubby hole. 

Thanks for the great read!

  • Overall Score

I'll just start off by saying that this is a must-read. 

It revolves around cute interactions and dialogue between Tyson, the aloof handsome stud, and Aya, the cool expressionless beauty. 

This story is very addicitng; this is the second time I've ever gotten so attached to a story before in just a few chapters. Their banters and enjoyable and funny, and they usually make me laugh, which is something rare. 

Instead of having a romance revolve around something more sexual, this story is more pure and adorable than others. It can definitely cheer anyone up and put a smile on your face. 

Well, enough is enough. Nobody likes to read a long review, anyway. Just go ahead and start reading this story. I hope it reaches 'popular this week' so that it can attract more attention, because it's seriously underrated right now. 

  • Overall Score

Definitely a must read. Quite refreshing once in a while seeing their cute interactions. Im at chap 8 and they both are starting to develop feelings for eachother after hanging out eachday. Seriously need more of this!

  • Overall Score

I'm not that good at writing review so I will keep it simple and short.
It's a sweet and funny story, something that heal the soul, appaese the mind. While the two character fall pretty rapidly in love, we can see the evolution of the relationship, even AFTER they start being a couple, which is really great.
The dialogue are amusing/funny and refreshing not your usual cliche dialogue.

When I started the story I simply couldn't stop myself, I've read all chapter in one go, and I can say only one thing I want more !

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Read it for sweet sweet vanilla!

This story is simply amazing. I would even say that in terms of dialogue this is the best romance novel on this site. The story itself is also pretty good, but it is a bit cliche. However the thing that makes this novel great is its execution, the way the author styled the story and his use of dialogue is really amazing. 

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Basically, it's a comedy. Romantic comedy. Decently written romantic comedy. Rare guest here.

There is really no real story, and characters are underdeveloped a bit, but it's okay. Dialogs are really good, thoug formatting is somewhat confusing.

I recommend it for everyone here, just to take a break from reincarnation/cultivation/heroic pile of...

  • Overall Score

This is my first review, and English is not my first language, so read if you want.

For the start, I must say this "I addicted to this"

What? Of course, I mean the story.

A great romance. This story tells about the interaction of two people, Tyson and Aya, an aloof guy and cool beauty.

You know, before I read this, I almost sure that there is no pure romances story in RRL, so I rather skeptical when I read the synopsis. But-


Their conversation will make you smile, unless you hate this kind of story. Also, this is what make it so addicting(mainly cause, the majority of the content is-).

Okay, I think it is enough, right? Because I running out of word.

So, just read this, it is good.

  • Overall Score


I understand why people may like this, but it just isn't sitting with me. This is one those novels that is primarily targeted towards females in their teens (14-18). Maybe there are males out there that like these sort of novels, and that's okay, read it, to each their own. This reminds me of the anime series, "Lovely Compley", where the MC and ML's relationship is built on the MC/ML's love towards someone else. Then continue to grow together, as they help each other, eventually leading to the two falling in love. You know, one of those novels.

Also, it's a suppossed "Rom-com", which I find to be true, yet the jokes usually fall flat. The jokes, or humour in this novel revolve around one person picking on another person's insecurities, or a character telling a self-depricating joke. Its a hit or miss, as humour is subjective. But, these jokes get old, and bland really fast, as the humour is situated within the dialogue between the MC and ML. So, with the dialogues being the focus of the novel, as it showcases the development between the two potential lovers, there are things that are eventually going to grow stale, such as the jokes.


Regarding the characters, I haven't read too far to see the development, but I have read enough to gain an estimated understanding of these characters. The main heroine, "Ayien" (sorry, I only remember her due to this nickname), is a character that is usually stoic, not cold, as she isnt purposely driving others away. Its in her nature, part of her. She's one of those friends you maym or may not have that is blunt about evrything, and doesn't hold back when telling the truth. And, this is what makes her character unique in that sense, as she is always straight-forward, even with that should, usually, be sensitive. Ayien's relationship with the ML is formed after she confronts the ML about his plastice-esque personality (pretending to be someone he's not). And its from there that they grow closer.

Uhmmm...the ML...Edward? I can't remember. He's a normal dude, has love issues, masculinity issues (he reads CN novels, figures), and plays games. You know, a normal dude. I cant really see anything unique about him, he's normal. People may say that he isnt normal because he rambles on about his unrequainted love, and how useless he is. But, who hasn't experinced that. So, to me, he isnt anything but a normal guy, who just happened to be involved with a girl who is socially inept.


The style, for me, I dont particularly like it, as it basically just consists of dialogue. And, because I had already read another novel that had this similar formula, albeit necessary, I have come to dislike novels that heavily include this setup. However, the dialogue is what drives this novel, and also the reason why so many people have liked it, so it seems to be working. Keep it up.


Personally, I think the humour in this novel should be lessened, as it only offers cheap jokes and punchlines. A joke should feel natural, not forced, which is how I see the way the humour in implemented, forced. But, then again, humour is subjective, and that there are others out there that finds such jokes funny.

*This review may be revisited, and changed, depending on whether or not I continue to read this novel*



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One of the best story on rrl.

It's not an epic adventure but it's one if the best slice of life i know of.

The characters are really appealing. You're whatching as they grow. And it's so cute.

I'm not really good in english or in expressing my opinion but i really love your story.

I hope to see them grow and have kids together.

  • Overall Score

...like malignant melanoma. No, really, it starts pretty normal, cliche even. The jokes are good, not mind-blowing, just good. With the ocassional great mixed in there.

Then a couple dozen or so chapters in, it goes full crazy. Suddenly we get chapters 98% pure conversation turned comedy skit. And it's aweeesome.

It's also cute af.