goblins: a diminutive race of the order fay-abilus; shuned for there promiscous behavure when faced with a "pretty person", there languige that is undeciferable to most, and brash or straght forward nature.are highly adaptable, but have been mostly reduced to "blood pinatas" by humans in recent years.


mad art: a living being of paint, in manny irregulare shapes, and styles..will attack in a choking manor by forcing itself down a target's airholes, or harden itself to use the victom as an adition to it's private art world, on the wall. the older  it is the more defied it gets, ranging from impressionism, to cubism, to abstract, all considered a diferet evolution due to diferences in stats

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 obariyon: a litteral monkey on your back, deafeated by bringing it a maxamum of 3 mile target, wheaghs at an increassing amount,  up tp to 50kilos, and hits the person repeatedly

bophomet: a goat headed demon, is comprised mostly of fire and smoke, but can control fire and plants

mahaha: a humanoid that laughs with a wide smile and kills using it's fingers, using  poison that is abosorbed by  the skin that makes a person laugh to death wile doing somthing resembling tickling the victum,lives in arctic climites as to extend it's lifespan from 12 years to 50, by slowing the decompositionofit's putrid flesh; loves to laugh. 

legion[demon] a shapshifting demion comprised of many lesser demons, eats the memories of the person as well as the body; can possess a human if it wants to, but usualy just lays about like a sea-sponge whennoprey is around; usualy debates politics orsome other topic when in that state.

mongolian death worm: a large carnivorous worm that is known for spewing acid and killing horses, but usualy are insectavores, eating the decomposers with a long sticky tongue, but will eat the dead body if it needs to.






(staring at a wall with a skull, inbedded in it, yami rambles)

no, i will get it done mother, i will, you will be happy at me, please don't yell, i will sucseed, and make the world better, at least a little by making things..wether they be real, or not...i just want to not be sad,...the repeated failures have left me feeling like my body needs to die,...i feel so sad.

....what was i doing again?, oh, yeah,..sleaping.(sleeps in his fancy chair)


(outside, in a forest, under a starry night sky, a man sleeps, his head on his "dog", loving the simple life of just do it. and love of a being; he mumbles in his sleep) a world so simple and clean..must protect.


(in a mansion, a thing sleeps like the king of the world, loving being heard, and being rich enough to not worry about it. snoring and sleeptalking)life needs happyness, of wealth for worry of money.




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