(ther villege is prospering after they stoped taxing them for a week,them having money allowed them to trade with a desperate merchant, with more money that goods; but the goods he did have were things like seeds, metal, and clay,he bought pottery, afew megre crops of grain)

[mani]..(lookingover them with a liqure glass twerling in his hand)..lovely start...(looks at the farmers)...they need more acsess to water...and more land; lawn is prime area for growing.......but then it'd belong to me...but the land they have looks like it needs time to rejuvanate it's minerals....(sips)...hhuh,...this is good wisky,..i see why he forced them to monoculture...but crop rotation is nessasary for healthy crops year after year with this world's technology.....oh look, a church..thats gottago for awile, can't have a money sink in a money puddle like this one...but that would probibly make them mad....but it is the best looking building how about they use it to double as a storehouse,..but it's still small, just a probibly have to hang the things up....i gave them my shed's tools to replace there old ones, so i hope the desicrastion will slide................(takes a book off the  shelf listing the world's deities)..i wonder if there open to the worshi of a different god..lets see.(checks church) god of light iss the one they have; godess of jewels, god of festivaties, god of fire,ah here, goddess of harvest and god of prosperaty; both sexy numbers if i say so,hnhn~..(scans through the smal library)..oh look..there holy books are on this shelf with..all the others; guss the guy who sold me this place wanted to hide his politheism,.... or lack there of it seems, all these were on a realy dusty shelf in almost a crevis space between the shelves, must of been his father's or somthing....wait..crap, i forgot about my taxes for this place..hmmmm...i just need to stabalize this place in 10 months.....hummus is needed for the farmers, lumber for carpenters, ..and just heathyer lives for everyone..looks like i need to travel to get money to extend the time for them, get more skills, and eventualy make it rain in a debaucherous festival of my concoction.

(reads there books)..seems like those two's practices would be benifisial to this place. burrying of dung in the crop fields, bonfire ceramonies to encourage rainfall, keeping clean with water..okay

(writes at his desk,plans for thetown to follow wile he's away, including the rotation of crops, use his grass to spruce the sides of the road, and make it less muddy by filling the indents, and expand here local docterin to include the deities as more than heretical, but instead atleast aids to there god)

 (gathers some tools, wood, and a map into a cart, gives the list toone of them and leaves with a goodbye)

(mani's on a wooded road, pulling the cart like a rickshaw).........(tries to whistle).....i can't whistle......good thing i don't need to eat..or rest...animals whould otherwise bother me...

(after an hour, rustling in the bushes)...maybe some would bother me,mostly of the sapian variaty...(whips out his deck in preperation of a confrontation)[..hiha..made you double take.]

...(stacks three defence cards [stacis field] on a dry-flat pach of road, and stops right above it)

...(3 bandits fly at him, knifes in hand,but are stoped in mid-air by the stacis field)

[mani]..gentalmen;...might we come to an agreement?


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