(in a dark but carpeted basment, a figure sits and holds it's head as it shakes it)


im too scared of responcibilaty, espesaly if how she displys it so is true, i can't handle it, im scared to live in this world, but i don't wanna be a burden and be one of those good for nothing basment dwellers,...even though i do spend a good portion of time down there....and i am alittle chubby, as she points out, i even have fucking streachmarks,..the divorse left us too poor to move, and i miss mmy life when i was a kid, no problems with money,..i try my hardest, but i just..can't dpo it, i don't understand, and i constantly feel like a failure, and my college isn't helping, this world is scary, i'd perfer one where we still had to survive and fight with our fists, instead of the meek pasive-agressivly making you feel like shit for disagreeing with them, i only have freinds onlne, and even they are slipping, and refuse to do things we used to.....i just don't like this world,...i want to go to another one...but i don't know how, and suicice hurts, and im afraid if there is nothing....i used to be able to handle the stress, but they won't let me....i try to spare her feeling, but that just makes her mad...i can't do what i don't know,..but my goal is to make games, i gave up on scientist when i lurned that scientists have to do what corperations want....i can't win..

(the figure lays down)

even games are begining to fail me..everything in this world sucks, the contreas, the people who make it so, the systems they made, daring to call it the "real world" whe the real one isn't the fucking bubble they made for themselves, it's death and birth, and heart,...they all became machine men, with no hearts...i kept mine.....i kept myu imagination, i kept my iinner child not in a cage, but a half of the room of my mind, is that a sin...WELL IS IT!?.........







(he drops through the floor)


(a sharp pain spreads throuout his body)...*EEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA



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