A note from tidewater

college..SUCKS..especialy at 2X speed.

[yami] i could use a radio,..or a tv.

[yami]....hay tink, what do DM's do


[yami]dungeon masters, it's a D&D term

[tink]...D&- what are you even talking about, why are your words always so weird?!

[yami].....i come from another world.

[tink].........i have no responce for that.

[yami]..and you didn't suspect such a thing?

[tink]..i was tipped off you were abnormal when we met, becouse you were fully grown...the averege is the size of a human child when they begin.

[yami] it's also the reson i have a low opinion of humans.

[tink]...why is that?

 [yami] species became the only possible threat to one another, for most of the world, making wepons so dangerous, that it would make you vomit out of moral disgust.

[tink]....tell me one.

[yami]...a bomb that has the power of more that 1.2 minion tons of TNT, and irradeates the area so harshly, that the surounding area is unable to produse anything for decades, and the after efects kill more than the actual blast, it is usualy droped from a metal bird called a plane, ofr launched from severral thousand miles away.

[tink]....(wabbles, and lands on all fours).......w-w-w-w-w-w-why...w-w-would anyone do that(swallows a dryheeve) there own species?.it is soo...cowardly.

[yami] war....or, in the cases it was used, to end was then banned from war.

[tink]..a wepon..was..banned.....from war?..wha-, manny wepons were"banned " from war?

[yami]varios traps, flame based wepons, bombs, gasses, lasers, and diseases.


[yami]..yes, you heard me,..we were able to weponize micro-organisms, and not just throwing infested corpses over walls...oh and we had no magic,..just science.


[yami] of my ultimate goals is  for this world to not end up like mine.

[tink] exactly?

[yami] giving the humans somthing other than them selves to fight.

 ....i need a book;.. or toys,.. or somthing....*ding*....never mind.

[tink] do~n't!...we're gonna use them to spread the word.

[yami]......*nnnnnnnnnnnnrrrrrrrg*....but there IN MY DOMICi~~IILE!.....nyeeeeehhh....eeeeehhhhhhhhh....nyuuuuuiiinnn!


[yami]..i don't like people around mee~~

[tink]..but, im a person.

[yami]..nah,..your more like i can crush in my hands.

[tink] do understand that is incredibly demeaning and racinst,..right?

[yami] yes to the first one, no the the second, guess is fairies were until recently kept in cages, like birds.

[tink]..who would put a bird in a cage?..that's monsterious.

[yami] to hear them sing, or becouse they look pretty....normal evil things humans do.

[tink]......thats exactly what happened........

[yami],..but i digress, i....itch when people come in,'s an itch to murder them as violently as posible.

[tink]..well that's alittle more than most of your species, who just feel uneasy when people come in there homes.

[yami] i used to, so there all introverts, that makes sence.

[tink] intro-what?

[yami] it means needs time alone to recharge emotionaly after a scocial gathering, as well as perfers to be alone.

[tink] yes, that....oh look, they left.

[yami]....oh goo- WAITAMINUT!

[tink]..ti-hi, i talked to you untill they left to calm you down.(she pats his head like a parent to a small child) so you wouldn't think abut them too much.

[yami, obviosly anoyed]..ah-ha,-ah-ha, ah-ha,...COME HERE YOU PATRONIZING LITTLE BITCH!(he chaises her in  a circle) I HAVE AFEW IDEA WITH YOUR NAME ON THEM!


[after a chaise that may as well have had benny hill music, he catches her]

[yami] gotcha!

[tink] AAAAAAH!

(he puts her in a small elivated platform, that grows over her ankles and wrists)

 [yami] now, lets see your organs organs.(he materializes a scalple)

A note from tidewater

i am also realy lazy.

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