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A note from tidewater

[we interupt our scedualed "evil", to show you how the idiot of the trio is going.]

(after the man and his dog[like demenored wolf] wander the forest abit, colecting animal carcuses, intending to lay a trap for a bear)

..okay girl, i think we have enough meat,..now to test out my new skills!

(he uses hand cut to chop down a tree with his bear hands in a choping motion, like one of the large mantises that his new "dog" caught)

WOOO!, just like [email protected], or a karati man!

(he strikes a steriotypical martial artist pose)

WUUUAAAAAAH-HI!(and chops the wood into peices)

(after doing that two more times)

that seems to be enough....but i forgot..i don't know how to light fires without a lighter...well, i know how, i just don't know the specifics.

..........i mean,...i do have knolege enough to know the materials...lets try the...spinny way.

(he gets a flat-ish peice of wood and a stick, and atemps to use friction to light a fire)

(after 30 minuts)....grrrrrr...FRANK!

(tosses the stick)

.......if only i had flint...and a sword.....why don't i?

(looks at himself)..i have clothes, so why is wepons not provided........glasses are somtimes given,. i cold use a magnifying lens to light it........OH, IM A BLOODY IDEOT!......ROCKS!...

(he finds several rocks from a stream nearby and begins banging them togeather like a caveman)

.......(the resulting sparks take to the fire)


(he uses some long sticks to roast the meat)

.......now,...we wait for a bear to smell it,...then we strike girl!

(his wolf almost ate some of the meat)

.......i guss we should eat some of it though.


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