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A note from tidewater

I am really into the dungeon person

(tink)... Well that was a dramatic line. (she disengages illusion)

( the Thin Man).. Well it's a dramatic revelation finding out the body you're in isn't your own..... Especially when it opens the floodgates to existential confusion.... One of the questions that need answering now is the question of "what is my name?"... Another is" on my memories real".. Seriously I remember vague outlines of a life.

( he frazzles his hair in confusion)

....... You know what for now let's just focus on the job that hand, and that matter is the dungeon... Maybe my mind will come down after a while.

(tink)FINALY~!( relieved) I thought it was going to have an aneurysm. Encase you didn't know my species explaining the initial setup is like sex or masturbation, hello point of cars in his crate discomfort the longer we go without doing it.

(The Thin Man)... What kind of sick, sadistic God would do that just to ensure literal species does exactly what it wanted them to do...... I'd Either shake his hand, or stick his head on a pike out of jealousy of not thinking of it first.

( Tink begins groaning from displeasure)

( the Thin Man) okay, okay, the sooner we begin the sooner I can cause people discomfort for my own comfort.. Besides you seem to be the only one in this world that won't try to kill me

( Tink begins) ( after an hour and a half she finishes talking) and that's the basics.

( the guy's asleep)....*krnk*...oh, you’re done.... Summarize it in about 20 words!

(tink sighs) ........ Make rooms and Floors, get minions to populate them, kill anyone who enters to grow your strength and fill up on energy to make more floors and rooms and to make your Minions stronger, have something that is usually referred to as a "dungeon core" despite the fact it's more like a battery that knows when something needs maintenance; For when you're out making another dungeon. Pretty much all of the dungeon Lords have been enslaved by the church or Kingdoms, reducing their dungeons to mere material Farms.

( the thin guys pupils flash red for a second)

......... How much do you know of the Worlds societal structure?

(tink)... Just that humans have subjugated all the other races, and caused the near Extinction of the demon race, all by sheer numbers.

( is ice now shine yellow for a second).....

(he smiles the widest smile)

......... So do I meditate or something to go to top down perspective?

(tink)..................... Why does medical knowledge include how and what meditation is ?..... Never mind,.. Yes..... Usually in a chair is the traditional position for it.

(the man)well, I have no patience to do that first...

(flops down into lotus position)


(he can now see the layout of it:5 Square rooms in a straight line with the smallest being his room, the rest being 20 Square feet)


(changes room positions and adds 4 rooms to make a yungdrung,[why?.. becouse it's cheap and makes a sudden 3 way fork] ending up using 500 Mana:[50 each for room conection moving, and 100 each for each new room])

.... Maybe a few traps...... I Only have spike traps right now.

(he places 50 traps all over all the rooms [ spike traps were 5 mana a-pop, costing him 250 Mana])

.... I have 528 Mana left....

(devotes 28 Mana to making gold coins [ 1 a coin regardless of material])

..... They could get lucky and choose the right path.... Do I have any doors that require special keys?

(checks the list under decorations) ...


touches:torches[10], pillers[50], treasure chests[100]

traps: Spike pits[5], Spike Falls[5]

barriers: big fancy boss door[250+20per key]

animal bait: rabbit bits

aha, so 290 for a door with two keys, placing one of each keys in the opposing end rooms, and the door right before my room, making them have to go through all 8 rooms to get to me, a good start.... But for now I only have 210 Mana remaining.

( he gets up)

.... Bring it!...

(5 hours later the two are playing hangman in some loose dirt they found)

 ..... I think the door can open from the side....hmh,.....

( they both feel the sensation of intruders)

[Tink] view-screen

( screen appears with live feed of The Intruders)

[the man]... Bandits?

Group name: Hawk talons [ 5 members]

level range:5-15






abilities:  [1]poison shoot, [1]paralysis shoot, [1]Fire magic: beginner

passive abilities:[1]trap detect, [1]small blade mastery: adapt, blade Mastery: intermediate, [2]short sword mastery: novice

titles: [4]Violator, [5]Pillager, [1]pyromaniac

equipment: bandanas[5], leather shirts, cotton pants, leather boots, stiletto[2], Elven short sword[3], loot sacks[5]

( shade goes down his face)

............trap detect?, that won't do.(he smirks before getting up, activates illusion on himself making himself invisible before walking out to meet them)

( besides them in the middle room, standing around looking at the three directions)

.. Perfect

( activates "ability take" and takes trap detect)....

Take ability
taken abilities can be used by you, and even give it away two others
abilities taken:trap detect

Well that's interesting.... I should have suspected this,... The ability is now mine,.. I thought it went away or something, but apparently I became able to use it myself... Not that I'd need to in the foreseeable future this particular one... The interesting plans are pileing up in my head....

( he walks back to his room, closing the door behind him)....mmmmuahahahahahahaha- are the rabbit bits edible to us?

The Banditos POV

[leader{ a somewhat short man}] WAHAHAHAA! That was a good haul boys!

[the smartest{ a thin Twiggy person}]..yeah,..yu didn even need me detection.

[the brute{ a bear of a man}]SHUT UP RETARD!

( he Smacks the smartest's head)

we only brought you incase of beartraps!

[ the Pyro{ looks like the illegitimate child of Freddy and sephiroth}]firefireburnburn!


[the swiftest{ looks like a goatee Robin Hood}] we need to find someplace to rest, we’re halfway to The Hideout, around here's a good enough place to rest.

[ the leader]..that’s stupid, it's in the open,... There's a cave over there.

( they enter what they thought was a cave)

[ the leader]... This isn't a cave,.. It's a storehouse! Carved from a cave to keep the goods cool.

[ the smartest] I don't think so,... Something feels off he-

( The Brute hits the smartest again)

[ The Brute]SHUT-UP!

( they enter another room to the side and then another with entrances in all four directions)

( they stand there befuddled for five minutes)

[ the leader].. Must be more than we thought!... Maybe we can use this place as a second hideout.

[ the smartest]...!...guys?

[ the leader]... We shall split up, (pyro with brute, the swiftest alone, and the leader and the smartest)

( The Brute goes through one of the entrances and ends up almost falling in a spike pit; but is then push down by a falling Spike trap the same dimensions as the pit, crushing him like a garlic press with his arm severed)

( the Pyro seeing that, panics and falls into another pit)

( the swiftest does pretty well to avoid death, until he slipped on a coin making him lose his balance, and he falls down having his head crushed by one of the falling spike traps)

[ the leader]... Now That We're Alone, let's initiate the deal we made for me keeping your secret from the others.

[ the smartest]...n-now?

 [ the leader] don't worry we're safe, you haven't detected any traps have you?

[ the smartest]... That's when i wanted to tell you, lost my ability!

[ the leader] WHAT!

( he pushes the smartest out of his way, but on his way out of the room he is squashed like a waffle in front of the smartest’s eyes).

......(The smartest faints)




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