A note from tidewater

.... I didn't like the original plan for the third one.


( an orb what's what seems to be mannequin sized doll part surrounding it laying in field on a bright day)

.....|what the-....I CAN'T FEEL MI LEGS!,..... I can see that they're over there,... And my arms are over there,... And my heads up- wait, my head?|
( the head moves and pushes the orb into the empty torso)

.... Well at least my head is connected to whatever... So I'm less freaked out.

( limbs connect to the body)

........ Where did these clothes come from anyway?

hello, you might be confused by the fact that you're position has changed immediately, now here's the deal: stir up things in this world and you can stay there,.. Or not I don't judge. I have given you the ability to see others status screens, as well as empowering or depowering others, have fun!

....... That still doesn't explain why my body parts disconnect from one another.

( squishes his skin)

..... Well I can pass for human;... In the same way a love dolls can.

.. Status screen means game like world... So let's try.


name: unknown

species: spirit doll

job: Merchan, Craftsman


attack: 15





abilities: convince, appraise, bestow ability, take ability

passive abilities: trustworthy face, haggling, snake's tongue, option weighing, economic knowledge: novice, the stuff skill

titles: Money Lover, outsider, conflict resolver, literate

equipment: catton vest, silk vest, wool trousers, spandex underwear

....( uses of apraise on self)

Soul doll body

item type: Soul Vessel

composition: silicone[ surface] Rosewood[ structure] glass[ eyes]

..... I wonder if my parts are interchangeable,... That would mean I could have an alternative female body,... Ye~s...

... But let's put a pin in that,...

( rubs his chin)

The force that brought me here, wants me to change the world..And Since ability take and ability bestow our self-explanatory, that means if I find people with the right skills I can possibly make my own things,.. Which means I can sell them for money,... And if I accumulate enough money I can hire people to build things,... Or hire people to fight and kill for me, I could also use the money to bribe officials in high places to have them change their policies to whatever I want,... Buying properties is also a good way to make money, depending on what the property is; I also have to find a way to make such properties profitable.... Okay so here's the plan for me: First Merchant, then landlord, then Tycoon, and then we'll just see what happens from there...... But first I need to get into some money.... In this world setting a good place to start would be herbs.

(gets up and see's a small villege)

(a figure sitting in a chair watches all you've read) that there all awake,..i can see my co-workers re-emerging from the primorial either that resorbed them.

(he materializes a glass of scotch)

...i miss them.

A note from tidewater

this chapter changed over time.

 thank you for voteing.

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