Fluffy Tails and Horned Heads

by Palt

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

A man, a martyr, sacrificed for the good of humanity, is now confronted with the lack of body. someone not calling themselves a god in any way decides that the only way is reincarnation, whether the man likes it or not.









ah, yes, the classic reincarnated as a monster trope in a fantasy world of magic and stuff. funsie funs. I'm not gonna come and say I've turned it on its head or anything, I'm just gonna say that the main character is a rabbit, he does not have any knowledge of any o these types of novels, the "god" character is not a god in any way, the evolution process is gradual and there are no screens telling him all the usual information like "what is that" <oh, dude, that is the classic ol' bloffaboppelflangerkonkel, those are super rare! eat one and you become omnipotent.> 


in summary, don't expect anything great, but I hope you'll be along for the ride.



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I might have given better stars and review, except too much effort is needed for this story.

Jumps around abit, when it seems to have settled into a theme, it suddenly goes in a new direction. Not really major problems for a story all things considered.


Almost every chapter has large portions of the dialogue in Swedish. 

So instead of the MC learning the new worlds language, it just has large sections (sometimes entire chapters) in Swedish to represent this new worlds language. So you will find yourself constantly jumping back and forth from the chapter you are reading, to copy-pasting into a translation program, just to have any idea of what is going on. 

requests for translations of chapters were met with suggestions to just use google translate or something. 

Sooo... Unless you can read the language, or do not care about constantly needed to use a translator... I would suggest skipping this one.


It is hard to tell if this story is just a big joke or a masterpiece in disguise.

If you would just read the surface it is the story of a bunny going around breaking shit.

But if you put a little more thought in it, it becomes the story of ''good'' monster discriminated against just because it is a monster.

There is also the weird language some of the dialog is written in while the hero battle is in English. The reason why the author chose to do this i don't know to be honest.

Its all just really confusing and it makes me question whether the author is just writing this randomly or if it is a extremely well taught out story fom the eyes of an ingnorant bunny (jackalope???)

One thing i'm sure of at least. I haven't had that much fun reading it so that's why you only get 3.5 stars.



all the Swedish parts killed it for me, good story but I just can't read it.

tried using google translate but it just became so annoying to have to copy and paste.

in the end, i just started to not like the story.