When Kelly Knight’s little brother loses a game he gets pulled into the Realm Under the Hill by dark fae. To win him back she must enter the unfamiliar mining game and befriend a romance reading miner, a greedy sharp-toothed fairy, an elegant dark elf, and a stoic reaper and use what they teach her to reach the bottom of the mine where the undefeated boss awaits.

But even with all their help she might still lose and get thrown into the Garden of 1000 Kindnesses, a place that holds more secrets than even its name implies.

- This story has a nonstandard game type and may be more appropriately listed under GameLit

- This story contains NO Profanity

This story will be updated December 1st, 2017 and every day after that for all of December, excluding the 24th and 25th.

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Table of Contents
77 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Taken ago
Chapter 2: Battle Miner ago
Chapter 3: You Die, You Learn ago
Chapter 4: All Death and No Play ago
Chapter 5: The First Floor Boss Part 1 ago
Chapter 6: The First Floor Boss Part 2 ago
Chapter 7: Honey Badger Don't Give ago
Chapter 8: Upgrades - Unedited ago
Chapter 9: Upgrades 2: The Search for More Honey ago
Chapter 10: History ago
Chapter 11: Cake ago
Chapter 12: Etiquette ago
Chapter 13: Armor ago
Chapter 14: The 2nd Floor Boss Part 1 ago
Chapter 15: The 2nd Floor Boss Part 2 ago
Chapter 16: A New Technique ago
Chapter 17: Death Mind ago
Chapter 18: Once More ago
Chapter 19: The Terrors of the Third ago
Chapter 20: Truth of the Reapers ago
Chapter 21: Shopping Spree ago
Chapter 22: Missing Pages ago
Chapter 23: Blame ago
Chapter 24: A Single Point of Mana ago
Chapter 25: Casting Magic ago
Chapter 26: Reaper Returns ago
Chapter 27: Cages ago
Chapter 28: No Maps ago
Chapter 29 Part 1: Weapon With a Hint of Silver ago
Chapter 29 Part 2: Weapon With a Hint of Silver ago
Chapter 30: Dumb Politics - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 31: The Monarchy of Seirei Vohinthaslan - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 32: Enough For Armor - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 33: A Notebook and an Attribute - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 34: Armor Upgrade - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 35: Something Different - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 36: Weakness - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 37: A Series of Weapons - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 38: Loser’s Remorse - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 39: Taking the Sand Out of the Bag - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 40: A Versatile Weapon - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 41: Grenades, Mines and Pistols - Rougher Than Usual ago
Chapter 42: It is THE Answer ago
Chapter 43: End of a Glorious Battle ago
Chapter 44: Memories ago
Chapter 45: Charit and Hertzor ago
Chapter 46: Ruminating on an Abhorrence ago
Chapter 47: Schooled Magic ago
Chapter 48: If You Can’t Take the Heat ago
Chapter 49: Open Book ago
Chapter 50: A Death Saving Crystal ago
Not A Chapter ago
Chapter 51: Horrors of the Fourth ago
Chapter 52: Enter the Garden ago
Chapter 53: Baby Scythe ago
Chapter 54: Matt’s Exploration ago
Chapter 55: Prep Work ago
Chapter 56: Wraith ago
Chapter 57: The Still Man and a Dark Trap ago
Chapter 58: Three Choices ago
Chapter 59: The Answer ago
Chapter 60: Teleporting Madness ago
Chapter 61: Pixies ago
Chapter 62: The Chaos of Battle ago
Chapter 63: Race to the Bottom ago
Chapter 64: Last Goodbyes ago
Chapter 65: The Truth ago
Chapter 66: Keep Moving ago
Chapter 67: Smack Talk ago
Chapter 68: Final Boss ago
Chapter 69: Deal ago
Chapter 70: Matt’s Sister ago
Chapter 71: Race to the Queen ago
Chapter 72: The Queen’s Sin ago
Chapter 73: War’s End ago
Chapter 74: Home Again ago
Epilogue ago

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Its minamilist with a focus on game elements.

Reviewed at: Epilogue

The novel does exactly what from my understanding the author setout to do. It introduces/explores the levels and elements of a simple 2d digging game like diggerman. It does a great job with this and its why I am giving the work 5 stars.

Regarding the actual story it is quite well written and engaging. Definately a worth while read.

In terms of feedback:

1. There are a few rare grammatical mistakes in the later chapters.

2. The eventual seperations that occur do not have as much impact as they could have. I believe this is because as readers we werent given enough time with some of the side/minor characthers.

Personally I found that the light novel "sevens" is a great example of how much punch these break ups can have.

Ultimatelty, I am looking forward to the author's next work which seems to be about a new game system.


I can honestly say, that this is one of the more unique litrpg's i have read.

Certainly unique mechanics used in this story, and then the fights along with her struggles! The pace of the story may be a little fast overall, but it does not hinder the reading experience. Also written that it can be read as a short standalone book if you atleast dont read epilogue, while leaving open the obivious sequels that are coming.


Grammar and writing are near flawless.


I hope to see the sequel coming out eventually.


Really good idea and even better execution

As some other stories it has a great twist to the common litrpg but as few others it actually stands on its own without depending on this new twist.

Great characters, surprisingly good world building with the little locations we have, and exelent grammar, definetly recomended 


give me more #,,,# good work!

i can only recommend this novel to everyone. Additionally it leaves much room for further works connected to it. I am really looking forward to this authors future works 


I've read up to chapter 12 so far, and it's looking great. The story is very obviously written by somebody with quite a bit more experience and skill in writing than most stories on this site. It has a very interesting concept, deep characters, and precise grammar. I can almost guarantee that if you read this story, you won't be disappointed.


 I realized I forgot to review this, so here it is. This story is pretty cool.


Weird mechanics keep everything interesting. It's easy to visualize the action scenes but they are quite different from any action scenes I've imagined before. 


The description and grammar in the story are top notch.


The story is also pretty awesome. 


It's perfect!


A Solid, Cohesive Story with a Satisfying End

Reviewed at: Epilogue

In short, this is a fun, creative story about a kid getting whisked away by the fae into a mining-centric gamelit setting. If you're down here to check, I would say it's well worth the time to read, so long as you don't mind the occasional gorey paragraph.

In terms of the setting, it's not quite Minceraft, as the blocks are much bigger, and exploding shrub monsters would be a merciful alternative to the things she fights. But at its core, Kelly is in a gamelit world with an inventory system focused on digging down for precious resources, with a couple of spicy boss encounters thrown in the mix. The setting is familiar enough to not have readers feeling lost, but creative enough to inspire curiosity, and that's before we learn about the wider world surrounding the 'game'.

Grammar is the only major issue I have with the story, as about a third of the way through the book, the author starts rushing the editing process (and it shows). It's not terrible, but there were a few sentences that left me scratching my head until I figured out what they were supposed to mean.

The characterization is overall pretty solid, though I would have liked to see a little more change on Kelly's part. Aside from a few very specific and obvious things, she comes out the back end of the story relatively unchanged. As well, Asia and Samuel come across as very flat and one-note. Everyone else shows pretty respectable depth and growth though, so I don't take too much issue with these things. 

In the end, the plot follows a pretty straightforward arc, and ends on a satisfying note, while still leaving room open for a sequel. It's nothing too spectacular, but it provides a conventional and time-tested frame for the meat of the story to hang off of.

Overall, I'd say that this is one of the better works on the site, and one of the rare completed novels. I would buy a paerback copy of this book to have on my shelf and lend out to friends, and I think that's about all that really needs to be said.


An interesting well written story with a unique concept.

Romain HDL

Nice spin on the faerie

Reviewed at: Epilogue

SAO (but good) meet old fairy tales (with an evil twist)

This is how I percieve this story to be all in all, I don't have much to give you other than this, maybe just take your suspension of disbelief to another level. Although that's fair since it's literary a fairy tale 


To rescue her brother, Kelly enters a video game created by the Fae. Painfully dying over and over again, she has to overcome fear and terror, learning to fight, and learning about her enemy. I'm not doing the story justice with this description. It's like if Labrynth was a LITRPG survival horror game. It is freaking amazing. 

STYLE: Its' perfectly paced, with excellent descriptions and snappy dialogue. The prose pulls you in, and I read twenty chapters before I even realized what time it was. 

STORY: The story does an excellent job of revealing the world in bits and pieces, with new mysteries and dangers around every corner. The MC's mix of hope and suffering makes for a heady combination, and I found myself caring a lot more about her than I usually do for fictional characters. The worldbuilding is vast and intricate, and the MC's steady progression and painful overcoming of adversity makes it a real page turner.

CHARACTERS: The characters are outstanding. Kelly herself had a deep, complex mix of flaws and vulnerabilities she slowly works to overcome. She also has real empathy and caring for the people around her, even including some that may be the enemy. The other characters are varied and distinct, and carry similar depth. 

GRAMMAR:  There are occasional mistakes, but not enough to pull me out of the story. 

OVERALL: This is one of the better stories ever written on Royal Road. I highly suggest you give it a read.