I sat on my new bed in the middle of the night, eyes wide open.

You have failed the quest, Go To Bed!

Grimacing, I flicked the box’s corner. Nenvari had totally lied about those boxes not showing up again. And they kept getting worse! I could, of course, call him on the compact he gave me but… My face burned. No, tempting as calling him was I wanted nothing to do with the Realm Under the Hill.

It had been months since I’d returned and I still couldn’t sleep unless I cast the Sleep spell on myself. Most nights I didn’t bother. Why sleep when I didn’t need to? Why dream about all the horrors and pain I went through to come back?

I sighed. Months, and I couldn’t repair the damage to my reputation that the doppelgangers had done in the little time they’d replaced me. I was forced to go to counseling. My friends all hated me now. And my grades were the worst!

And Harvard was definitely off the table. Although, maybe I could sell my diamond keys on the black market and... as if I knew anyone in the black market to sell them to.

The lights went out and turned back on. Something paper rested in my hand. I brought it to my face.

In an elegantly scripted letter said, “To the Honorable Kelly Knight of Earth.”

A chill ran down my spine. The envelope had a gold wax seal that looked like wheat. I put my nail under the wax and opened the letter. Inside I found paper made of a thick stock which I pulled out and opened. Something fell onto my chest, but I ignored it for now.

I read the note. Then reread it. It described my acceptance, and generous full scholarship into the Independent Collegium where I would study magic for Time, Life and Death.

I snorted. As if I’d ever go back.

I tossed the letter onto my battered nightstand and picked up the paper that had fallen out. In scratchy letters, the note said, “To save Mr. Black, do NOT reject their offer.”

My hands shook.


Kelly Knight will return in Reaper Studies

A note from DragonOfRochester

Thank you all for staying with me until the end! You are all awesome!!!!! Tonight I decided to just, finish editing it and get it complete rather than have you all wait 6 days.  <img src=">  You’re welcome!

So, you might be asking, what’s next? Well, first there is a D&D game Saturday. Then I think I’ll finally play FF15 because I finished a book and I promised myself I’d wait to play it until I finished something. Then I have ConDor Convention in San Diego where I might speak in some panels. Finally, I’m working on another book, tentatively called, Tome of Stealth. I plan to write the first draft of that and post the first chapter on April 1st. I promise that it won’t be an April Fool’s joke. 

If you have any thoughts or ideas on how I can improve this story, please go ahead and post them. I adore reading each of your comments, even if I don't reply to each one.


About the author


Bio: Rochester has a degree in Videogame Art and Design and 8 years of industry experience. She challenged herself to write a LitRPG with a nonstandard game type and post the result here.

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Borok @Borok ago

Damn, Cant wait for the follow up. Loved the story.

Nocebo @Nocebo ago

Sadly, her families reaction to her new body doesn't fit into this book, but hopefully we will be able to read about it in the next one!

claws8367 @claws8367 ago

Nice wrap up. Liked your story!

Ekmo @Ekmo ago

The last batch of chapters seemed really short and rushed in actions. They could use some panning out, or merging.

The old queen didn't seem too bothered that she'd lost her country, murdered her husband and lost control over her very talented son for nothing; it felt like it was all a game to her. Insane? Maybe to us; I'm no fae and don't understand how they think.

Nenvari does not seem surprised by the RPG text. Is this a normal thing for all realm dwellers? Kelly has to flick the boxes away, but we have not read of anyone else doing that flicking motion. Might be good to include that tidbit in the early stages of the story as foreshadowing since this RPG system introduction is rather last-minute and feels rather forced.

Deinos @Deinos ago

Woohoo what a ride, can't wait for the next one!

Belgarion @Belgarion ago

Thanks for the novel!

Fisherman @Fisherman ago

Aw, all best is on the next page.
And next page is in other book.

Fisherman @Fisherman ago

So, what about Spellbow Magus?

Her bow already hers, so maybe she can charge it with her mana instead?
Or make arrows from mana?
Or maybe spell arrows?


    DragonOfRochester @DragonOfRochester ago

    That is a great question! Now that she can use her bow outside the mines she definitely should be able to charge it a little with her mana and maybe get out a tiny arrow. But, the girl just doesn’t have enough mana right now to charge the bow significantly. It would likely take her a day of constantly putting all 10 mana points into it ever half second. As for spell arrows, well she just doesn’t have the right spell diagrams for that.

      Fisherman @Fisherman ago

      Now, when I thought about it, her pick fused with her bow, right? Can her Instapickaxe work with exhaused Durability as normal pickaxe? Now, when she don't restrained with Rules, she can use her Instapickaxe as CQC weapon, because I don't think that something that can desintegrade rocks can not kill a creature.

      After all, with her Dynamo Charge Generator, she can just kill someone in melee to charge her bow. So, Durability is ki:ng.

Novian @Novian ago

Can't wait for follow-up as well, though I thought the doppelgangers were supposed to be perfect copies and mimic them well. Just a little confused about that a bit, can't wait for the sequel though. Thanks for writing.


    DragonOfRochester @DragonOfRochester ago

    Thank you for reading! I didn’t remember saying that they were perfect copies. I do remember people imagining that they were. When I go back through I’ll double check! Thank you for pointing that out.

      Apricity @Apricity ago

      If I remember correctly, they are perfect physical copies, but there was a stated difference in temperment, which the dopplegangers could mimic should they be so inclined (which they were not, instead causing havoc because it was somehow meant to be a short shift for whatever reason)