Orin grabbed Matt’s hand just before the kid tried to run out of their hiding place. He dragged him back and placed a hand over his mouth. “Shhhh,” he whispered. “There are guards over there.”

He peered around the corner. In fact, there were too many guards all wearing silver. Where exactly were the guards in red? Did this mean this sneak attack by the Light Fae was working?

A light appeared in front of them and pain hit his head. Prince Nenvari from the game that started this all showed up standing next to a girl around his age dressed in wine red. They had apparently chosen the exact worst place they could enter because the guards surrounded them.

“What a terrible choice you’ve made here this day,” the Prince said. He raised his hand, and thick bolts of lightning shot out stunning most of the enemies before him and killing a few.

The girl in red yelled, “Ouch!” which seemed to Orin as something really weird to say, until she started firing thin light arrows at the people who tried to sneak up on Nenvari.

The prince, for his part, raised his sword and mowed down each soldier in front of him. They attempted to cut him down but he didn’t even bother parrying, he just cut through their swords.

Within two minutes the guards had all disappeared.

“Matt! Where are you?”

The kid struggled in his arms, and since it appeared that they were in the clear, he released him. He ran towards the young woman in red. “Kelly!”

Wait? Wasn’t that the name of Matt’s sister?

She opened her arms wide for a hug. When the two embraced a previously invisible soldier appeared behind the boy. Orin didn’t hesitate, he pulled his new sword and used teleport to get directly behind the man. Using all his strength, he stabbed him in the back through his thin leather armor. The soldier let out a soundless scream and fell to the floor.

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