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For the fourth time that week, Matt continued down the path while keeping the red metallic stones in view. Something in his gut told him he was on the right way to go.

He turned a corner and found a huge garden filled with every kind of water feature. There were stone waterfalls, koi ponds, and massive Grecian water fountains that had many half-naked sculptures of women and men. He snickered at them.

One water feature was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. It was made up of water floating in midair and formed into geometric shapes that changed every minute or so into a new pattern.

Curious Matt walked up to it. He waited until it changed shapes, this time into several cubes and placed his hand on the surface. It felt wet to his touch, and he pulled his hand away when he saw that it was about to change. This time spheres and pyramids appeared. Giggling, he shoved his hand into an orb. When he tried pulling his hand back, it wouldn’t come out. The shape changed again and this time water covered his head. He screamed.

His vision changed and he appeared completely dry but in the worst possible place, his classroom. Everyone stared at him, including the professor.

“There you are, Mr. Knight! You’re already way behind the other students. Even Mr. Son has caught up, and he was two days behind, but here you are out playing in the garden instead of memorizing your spell diagrams.”

“I got bored,” Matt lied.

She stared at him and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Why is it always the blessed ones who cause the most trouble?”

Matt sat down at his desk and turned the page to Minor Cleanliness. The spell diagram she wanted him to learn barely looked like anything to him. What interested him was the note someone had scrawled on his page. “It’s time we start working together.”

A note from DragonOfRochester

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