Cold Steel Dig



Chapter 41: Grenades, Mines and Pistols - Rougher Than Usual


“Say!” I yelled, charging my weapon.

Ogee. It’s my turn!

Korren darted towards me and threw a grenade. I dodged down 4. The egg sailed toward where I had been and exploded.

I aimed at Korren who had followed my downward fall to remain parallel to me. With the release of my grip, the arrow flew at her.

She swung the weighted end of her weapon and threw it at the square in front of her. The block lit up just before my blast would have destroyed her. When both blasts disappeared she closed the distance. For a second I was too shocked to move and by the time I did it was too late. She fell upon me, slicing through my me with the sickle part of her weapon. I would have burned with energy but instead, I appeared 4 blocks away.

“What was that?” I called and dashed downward. “Did you just use the weapon to block and then attack? That’s so not fair!”

“Who said that battle is fair, Miss Knight?” She said while following after me.

A flat grenade zoomed toward me. This time I had the forethought to cast telekinesis on it. It stopped blocks below me. Korren had a pretty awful aim.

With a grin, I dropped it and moved up one, out of the grenade’s 3 block radius. The device exploded and I once again teleported 4 farther down.

With a scowl, I noticed that it had had a 5x5 block single direction blast.

Korren chuckled. “That was a landmine.”

“You’re not supposed to chuck landmines at people!”

“Says who?”

“You just aren't. It totally has a direction!”

I only had my life left which meant I had to at least get to the next weapon before I died.

Unfortunately, Korren had a glowing chain-sickle. If I was going to kill her, it had to be with TNT or something she didn’t expect.

I moved down one and willed all but one of my recharge cubes back inside my inventory.

She tossed another landmine at me. I cast telekinesis on it and used my magic to throw it back. It exploded. The ball weight on her kusarigama lit up the block in front of her before the blast reached her. Vibrations caused dust to fall off the vines and walls.

Korren then darted toward me.

I fell a few blocks until my bow recharged then released my shot in her face.

She vanished and reappeared several blocks away with a pistol in her hand.

I stared at it dumbfounded.

“Of course, you’d be familiar with this, coming from your realm. It’s a bit different than the other weapons, isn’t it? It can go through most armor like nothing, and you can shoot round after round as long as you have them.”

My mouth felt too dry. “Sin!”

Here I go!

I pulled back on my charged bow.

Korren loaded the pistol with some kind of giant shell that radiated energy and pointed it right at me.

I loosed. She fired. Sound blasted my eardrums.

As a wave of golden energy filled my block.

You are about to die. Want me to save you?


The golden light shot through me. Pain stabbed through my mind. My world went dark.

“Would you care to continue?”

I sighed. “Yeah.”

A note from DragonOfRochester

Thank you all for reading my story! You are fantastic!

I am so close to finishing! I just need this guy to stop meowing at me and biting me to get my attention:


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Bio: Artist and a retired game industry professional.

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