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Chapter 29 Part 1: Weapon With a Hint of Silver


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I appeared in the main cave and ran straight for Korren. With an excited grin plastered on my face, I shoved my inventory and weapon into her arms. “I have four diamonds, plus a bunch of random keys and one jadinfray cave item.”

“Alright, I’ll update your weapon and give you a recharge box. If you include your other keys I can afford to give you a good quality upgrade.”

“Please do!”

She took out a purple crystal with silver veins running through it. It shimmered with energy.

I cocked my head to the side.

The crystal bucked wildly and shot into the bow, causing the weapon to shatter and reform itself. The mana infused metal crawled up and down the shadowy shaft like splintered lightning.

After she placed the weapon back in my hands I peered at it from all directions. I touched the metal vein and felt subtle vibrations as if I touched that suspicious humming box I always walked past on my way to school.

“What is this?”

“It's Superior Silver. This mine doesn’t have any in it, but other places do.”

“Is it better than Cold Steel?”

“Not for killing fae but definitely for bows. Even a little will improve a bow greatly.”

“Awesome!” I partially turned towards Meeks, too excited to finish upgrading and test out my bow’s power, but I stopped myself and look back. “By the way, how many do I need to upgrade it next?”

She half-smiled causing a dimple to appear on her cheek, “Bring me 8 diamond keys and I’ll upgrade your weapon charge from 13 to 12.”

Since I was lucky last time when I found two in a row, 8 sounded like a lot. “And after that?”

“Worry about that after you get your next upgrade.”

I sighed and walked up to Meeks. His nose was inches away from the pages of a fuchsia book with the title, “The Superior Swordsmith.” Except for the cover, that had a handsome elven smith embracing an elven warrior woman, it didn’t sound like a romance novel at all.

“Hey, Meeks!”

He startled and his face turned bright red. He shoved his book under the table. “Aye, Miss?”

“I have enough ore to upgrade a couple times.”

He smiled and waved me over. I handed him the tool. “Ye have 4125 and at 1600 ye can get 2 upgrades bringing ye up to 244.”

“Awesome!” That meant that at the third level I could go through 81 blocks before my durability ran dry. That seemed like a lot, but I had noticed that the further down I traveled, the harder it was to find energy orbs.

With my consent, he upgraded my tool.

I waved goodbye and slinked over to the Armorer.

“Hi, Engra.”

“Hello, dear girl! Do you have them already?”

“Two of the cages blew up.”

“Oh no!”

“But I managed to collect two birds. Also, it’s not like you didn’t know that might happen, since, you know, you gave me that really quick warning.”

She ignored my barb. “Did you sustain injuries?”

“I did, but it’s nothing compared with the pain of dying over and over again.” I stared into the distance, remembered, and shuddered.

She patted my forearm. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I’m fine.” I rested my bow on my shoulder. “I’ll collect the rest as soon as possible.”

She nodded. “Thank you. And I’m sorry my invention hurt you. I owe you and I won’t forget that. I swear it.”

Not sure how to respond I nodded and dove back into my mine.


Battle Miner Magus Kelly Knight

Ore Worth: 925

Death Saving Crystals: 516

Keys: 0

Weapon Charge: 0/13

Weapon Range: 5

Weapon Damage: 3

Weapon Recharge Cubes: 17

Durability: 244/244

Armor Teleport Radius: 3

Armor Charges: 1/1

Mana Points: 3/3

Spells and Techniques known:

Reaper Pen, Death Mind, Candlelight, and Minor Telekinesis

Current Tasks and Quests:

Kill 4 Jadinfray: 1/4

Capture 8-10 birds using 12/16 cages: 2/8

Collect 8 Diamond Keys: 0/8

Jadinfray cave Items to be exchanged for Weapon Recharge Cubes: 0







A note from DragonOfRochester

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Also, I was in a lot of pain today and took some over the counter pain relievers that cause drowsiness, I did my best to edit this chapter but if you see any mistakes, please point them out and I'll fix the immediatly.

This Chapter's procrastination was brought to you by a very happy Halloween!

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