The Void King. *Hiatus for trial*

by Shiranui_shukumei

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Romance Anti-Hero Lead Male Lead Martial Arts Secret Identity Strong Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


The gods themselves have granted mankind the ability to cultivate, to gather up and unleash Qi as devastating attacks or life-saving healing powers. And yet, in the small village of Green Willows lives an abandoned child, Huang Ying, who was denied even that, forbidden from enjoying what every other living person gets to have. But is everything really as it seems with Huang Ying, is he truly doomed to live at the very bottom for all his life, or could there be a beast hidden even within this abandoned child?

And what if that beast was one that saw even the universe itself as nothing more than a snack?

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2nd Anniversary
Word Count (18)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Auxiliary chapter, law tiers. ago
Auxiliary chapter, known cultivation realms. ago
Chapter 1: Abandoned by man and gods alike. ago
Chapter 2: Sang Jongyu. ago
Chapter 3: Huang Ying's job. ago
Chapter 4: The right of the strong. ago
Chapter 5: So it's you. ago
Chapter 6: Death of a man. ago
Chapter 7: Birth of a beast. ago
Chapter 8: The earth and the sky. ago
Chapter 9: As cruel as it is merciful. ago
Chapter 10: Shrouded Moon Agency. ago
Chapter 11: To Burning Clouds. ago
Chapter 12: Cloud Shredders. ago
Chapter 13: Bloody grin. ago
Chapter 14: Arriving at Burning Clouds. ago
Chapter 15: Arriving at Burning Clouds (2) ago
Chapter 16: Dawn of the black sun. ago
Chapter 17: Underhanded tactic. ago
Chapter 18: The final test. ago
Chapter 19: Unyielding, Unbending. ago
Chapter 20: Medicinal wing, Dingju. ago
Chapter 21: Start of the academy life. ago
Chapter 22: Silver Cloud, Burning Cloud. ago
Chapter 23: Kindly fuck off. ago
Chapter 24: Leviathan's arrogance. ago
Chapter 25: First proper night. ago
Chapter 26: A reminder, a warning, a threat. ago
Chapter 27: Mountain Mover and Cloud Devourer. ago
Chapter 28: The perk of cultivation techniques. ago
Chapter 29: Slight mishap. ago
Chapter 30: Dark Moon's Whisper. ago
Chapter 31: To Cloudreacher Forest. ago
Chapter 32: Entering Cloudreacher Forest. ago
Chapter 33: First time facing beasts. ago
Chapter 34: Good doggy. ago
Chapter 35: Bloody melee. ago
Chapter 36: A wolf, a sparrow, and a beast. ago
Chapter 37: The truth. ago
Chapter 38: When it rains, it pours. ago
Chapter 39: Men like mountains. ago
Chapter 40: Meeting up again. ago
Chapter 41: Tiansheng dynasty. ago
Chapter 42: Li Jun and the Dark King. ago
Chapter 43: The blurry path. ago
Chapter 44: Fully gathered up. ago
Chapter 45: Ocean-like stampede. ago
Chapter 46: Battle in the rain. ago
Chapter 47: Dragonfire Eagle. ago
Chapter 48: The bloody nest. ago
Chapter 49: Troublemaker's insane plan. ago
Chapter 50: Hate. ago
Chapter 51: Fang. ago
Chapter 52: Underground ant hive. ago
Chapter 53: Nine elements, nine concepts. ago
Chapter 54: Blue ring. ago
Chapter 55: Two fingers to end the battle. ago
Chapter 56: Strength of the leviathan. ago
Chapter 57: Ying Feixu. ago
Chapter 58: The leviathan's fangs. ago
Chapter 59: Hook, line, and sinker. ago
Chapter 60: Everlasting hunger. ago
Chapter 61: Swallow it whole. ago

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  • Overall Score

...But it has a complete lack of internal consistancy in many regards. For example, the story established that it's become incredibly hard for the mc to feel or empathise anymore, but randomly he started feeling again which is used to help explain why he began traveling with company. But why? Nothing happened to induce that change, it just happened. Another even bigger issue I had was the MC forgetting how the spirit living inside him had tried to kill him... Seriously, the story pretended like that didn't happen and in the next chapter the mc, the supposedly unfeeling one, is sympathetic towards the woes of that very spirit... This lack of consistancy as well as a certain conveinence in the type of storytelling being done was what put me off this story initially, but my choice to drop the fic stems from my growing impression that those faults will become the very bedrock for future plots and or arcs. Maybe I'm unusual for thinking like that, but I really couldn't help but feel like I was reading a story filled with nothing but red flags and warning signs. Your mileage may vary.

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Overall: The premise for this story is interesting. There are plenty of fascinating mechanics and ideas that can come from having someone living inside the protagonist's head. However, it seems that these are all either ignored or exploited to contribute to this boring power-trip fantasy. Weak in every category.


Structure: 2/10 - Has a heavy impact on reading experience.
Detail: 1/10 - Scenes not detailed enough to form any sort of imagery.
Creativity: 1/10 - A done-to-death template with no stand-out elements.
Interest: 2/10 - I can't bring myself to care what happens.

Grammar: Sentence structure is poor and not conducive to story telling. Chapters are rife with mis-quoted idioms and phrases, grammatical errors, and other noticeable mistakes. I'm extremely disappointed by the fact that I'm able to call this "above average" for this site.

Story: The story itself is the normal, boring power-trip that is wuxia/xianxia. At least, it's the one story of its kind that has been published somewhere in the hundreds of times on this website. The only thing that saves this from having 1 star or less for the gross lack of originality is the interesting idea of having another mind trapped in the same body. This hasn't been explored enough in other stories, and I think there are plenty of interesting things you can do with it. However, having read through the story, you make almost no use of this abnormality, and only use it when it lets you forward the almost comical self-insert powertrip that is The Godless One.

Character: Is this part of some really big crossover collab? Because I swear I've read about the exact same protagonist with the exact same protagonist in at least 6 other stories today.

  • Overall Score

How did it become trash so quickly.


Right, don't get me wrong the first 10 chapters were a breath of fresh air and was realy cool. However chapter 11 onwards i can't say the same for. When the writer adds the guys loli companion, for me anyways it becomes trash. It was a realy cool story of him trying to become more powerful, but having just read chapter 11 I am physically cringing. From my experiance on royal road as soon as you add a companion to an otherwise serious and cool dark charchter the story just becomes a shity echii anime (which dosen't even have anime boobies as it is a book.) All in al read if you want, but will mostly likely focus less on the mc and advancing and more on his interactions with diffrent girls.






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I thought I found a great treasure

Good writing style and good start.

While there are cliches and mc is a ball of confusion.

It is still quite ok and doesn't ruined the novel


Suddenly a wild girl appears!

She have super mysterious back ground!

She is magnetic towards all young masters!

MC is extremely fond of her because she is pretty and cute !

And guess what?

Yes you are correct!

She have enemies in pursuit!


So mc is gonna have to abandon his initial plans and gonna make sure she is safe.


I ha e not read yet but I feel like they will fall in love and later she willis be kidnapped by a super big sects' young master and gonna make take her viginity! And mc is gonna get strong super fast! And go save her!

All other great plots ... it just had to be a girl? 

You have think my review is over board?

Will I think we all should know the difference between a forced romance and romance...

And the tag clearly only said romance...

  • Overall Score

there are currently four chapters out and no reviews, however this looks like a very promising novel, i hope the author keeps up the good work

  • Overall Score

Felt the need to review after seeing a MC finally take lessons to heart.

Reviewed at: Chapter 26: A reminder, a warning, a threat.

I felt the need to review here, in fact I almost didn't finish the chapter before reviewing I was so happy. I rarely see books were MCs actually take lessons that others have told them to heart. But in this chapter astute readers will notice a sentence that reflects something the MC was taught at the beginning of the story, and that alone tells me that this MC might actually *grow* (inhales abruptly) I'm hype for the rest of this story now!!!!

Shadow of doubt
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Meh start, good from chapter 30+

The story starts out pretty weak and off-putting, however, if you persist through around 20-30 chapters it gets much much better, the grammar of the story of the latter chapters is good enough that I don't notice anything that will break my reading flow.

The mc takes a little getting used to, however because of that in later chapters I personally find that you can understand him better, although that's very much my own opinion.

The pacing after the initial start sets itself at a decent speed, never really feeling too fast as to leave you lost, but it is still fairly fast. 

Overall I am thoroughly enjoying where the author is going and I am very glad that I picked the story back up as I dropped it around chapter 23.

shadow turtle yinyang
  • Overall Score

once again shiranui_shukumei shows his utter lack of imagination

like all his other novel the characters are uninteresting and cliche the mc has cliche and boring powers like always


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Your lack of editing shows how little you care.

Author doesn't capitalize I's for an entire chapter, doesn't spellcheck anything in any chapter, and mixes up homophones all the time. I can't read any more. The first 4 chapters were... okay, I guess. Pretty dull. Boring, even.

I'd really like every writer reading this to take the time to edit and proofread their stories. When you don't, it's equivalent to handing the reader a rock (that might be a gem inside) covered in excrement.


Cheers, dude.

  • Overall Score

Not bad but get bored

I enjoy the beginning but get bored after chapter 55. Story good, need more polishing on battle scene though, more excitement and gore would be nice. Kinda anticlimatic on battle for me