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Chapter 121: White hair.
"Junior Brother Ying?"
Huang Ying woke up with a jolt to the sound of someone knocking on the door. The array beneath the cottage prevented sounds from entering or leaving the cottage, but it had a function that allowed others to knock on the door and allow their voice to be heard inside the cottage.
Huang Ying's vision was still slightly blurry and he had a pounding headache, but at least all his wounds had closed. He shook his head to clear his mind and stood up. He found that his insides were still in slight disarray, making him rather unsteady and shaky.
"Just a moment, I just need to take a quick shower."
Huang Ying's throat was dry, so his voice was slightly hoarse as he called out. He recognized the voice of the person who knocked on his door, it was Xiao Mei. Looking down, Huang Ying could see that not just his robe, but even his body was covered in dried blood. If he left the cottage like this, Xiao Mei would sure cause a commotion.
"Okay. Take your time Junior Brother Ying, I will wait here."
Xiao Mei's voice sounded out with a laughter. Huang Ying stepped into the bathroom of the cottage and tore of his dirty robe. He was just about to activate the array that would create water, when he suddenly noticed something in the mirror.
He turned to face the mirror and the corner of his mouth couldn't help but twitch slightly. His face was slightly pale, making it obvious that he was not in perfect shape, but that was not what caused the corner of his mouth to twitch.
His hair had changed. Where it used to be pitch black, like the scales of Baku, it had now turned a pure white. It looked like it had lost all pigment, turning it a shimmering white.
"How the fuck did this happen?"
Huang Ying couldn't help but touch his hair as he muttered to himself. He could guess that it had something to do with how he forcefully absorbed the destruction blood and Qi, but he was not completely certain.
He shook his head and released a sigh, since it had already happened, there was nothing he could do. He activated the array in the bathroom and took a quick shower, washing away all the blood on his body.
After he finished the shower, he put on a fresh azure robe. They had been given several Eastern Wind uniforms, but Huang Ying felt more comfortable in his blue robes. After he finished dressing, he left the cottage, coming face to face with a slightly shocked Xiao Mei.
"What happened to your hair? And why are you so pale?"
Xiao Mei grabbed Huang Ying's arm and placed her fingers on his wrist. She sent a small amount of Qi into his body and had it make a quick round through his body. She could see that he had no injuries, but his Qi was in disarray.
"I just had a small accident while trying out a new experiment, it's nothing to worry about Senior sister Mei."
Huang Ying had a polite smile as he spoke. There was no way he could tell her that he had to forcibly absorb his own Qi and blood back into his body, as it would only lead to more questions. It would be better to be vague.
"Eat this, it will help stabilize your Qi, preventing you from dropping in cultivation."
Xiao Mei frowned and took out a pure white pill from her interspatial ring and stuffed it into Huang Ying's mouth, forcing him to swallow it. The pill dissolved in his throat and turned into a cool stream of Qi that coursed through his body.
The stream of Qi forced the disarrayed Qi in his body to flow in a stable manner. She did this because if it stayed in disarray, there was a chance that the Qi could rampage once more, crashing into his World Core and destroying it.
"Thank you Senior Sister Mei. You truly are good to me."
Huang Ying spoke with a sincere tone and gave a faint smile. There was indeed a chance that his Qi could run rampant and destroy his World Core, but Huang Ying had not been too worried about that happening, as the  chance was simply too smal.
"Don't mention it."
Xiao Mei responded with a bright smile, but she did not let go of Huang Ying's arm. Only after she made sure that all his Qi had stabilized did she remove her fingers from his wrist and let him go.
Her grandfather wanted her to foster an excellent relationship with this Huang Ying, he even assured her that he would become a true monster in the future, so how could she just stand by and watch as his cultivation might drop?
"Follow me Junior Brother Ying, let's go get some breakfast together."
Xiao Mei smiled at Huang Ying and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him after her towards the restaurant again. Seeing how she was dragging him along, Huang Ying could feel his headache grow heavier by the second.
If she kept dragging him through the academy like this, he wouldn't be surprised if he became the enemy of every single male in the academy. Just the walk from the cottage to the restaurant resulted in numerous glares being directed at him, it only got worse when they sat at the same table as they ate and chatted.
"Junior Brother Ying. After we have finished eating, I am going to take you to a lecture."
While they were eating and chatting, Xiao Mei suddenly changed the topic as she sent Huang Ying a smile. Hearing her words, Huang Ying couldn't help but raise his eyebrow.

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