Legend of Chase Marcus

Legend of Chase Marcus

by MJS

Original HIATUS LitRPG Male Lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Judgement Day came unexpectedly. Billions of humans were slaughtered by demons, and their race was brought to the brink of extinction. Struggle after struggle, Chase Marcus honed his strength with a single-minded focus. Eventually, he succeeded in killing the Ruler of the Seventh Realm.

On the verge of death, a mysterious individual came and granted him the privilege to live his life once more, on the time before the demons invaded the Mortal Realm.

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It's an overused story type. There doesn't seem to be any unique twist to make this special. Lack of detail from the mad-dash type story-telling, and the LitRPG aspects should be removed if the author is only going to use them for a sense of scale. Size, weight, age and armor/weapons is how it use to be, and should be, done. The MC knows he should be using this time for power leveling, and seems to know the best ways to do it. So, where is he so determined to go that's worth more than saving humans? I know the author want's to be all edge-lordy, but his MC is being more of a confused and depressing prick than an edgelord. This is a prime example of why "We must be quick, there's no time to explain the plot" doesn't work in literature.


A very promising start!

 Only 8 chapters so far, picked it off the main page on a whim because of the sweet cover art but so far it seems very promising. It is gramatically correct and easy to read. I like the characters (what we have seen of them) and I am interested in seeing how the system develops further. Looking forward to some sweet post-apocalypse action!