Serra led Lilia to her companions rooms.

By then, they were more or less awake.

After meeting up, they went down and had something to eat.

They sat down at a round table and began to talk.

"This is Serra and he will be our fifth member."

Lilia introduced Serra to her companions.

The others already know that Serra's master was the one who saved them.

"Okay. Little brother Serra, I'm Aies."

A young girl with red twintails introduced herself.

"A pleasure to meet you."

Serra replied courteously.

"Thanks for saving us back then, Serra. I'm Seilin."

A tall and slender woman with purple hair introduced herself as she expressed her gratitude.

"Not at all. It was my master who intervened. I just helped slightly."

Serra smiled as he replied.

"I'm the last one... I'm Luisa."

A stern woman with short green hair spoke.

"Good to meet you."

At present, the four girls had a good impression on him.

Serra was a young man but had a mature air around him.

He was humble and kind.

An amiable person who calms people around him.

Serra in the inside was quite surprised though.

Usually, such an arrangement would make him a bit suspicious.

However, he finds that none of these girls were suspicious.

Serra then asked.

"You girls are quite kind. Usually, people would be suspicious at how such a thing happened."

He remarked.

"Not at all. If you were the one responsible, you wouldn't have helped us."

Lilia replied kindly.

"I see..."

Serra smiled.

He understood these girls a bit better now.

They weren't naive.

They simply trusted their instinct.

"More importantly. How should we prepare for the tournament?"

Seileen cut in.

"Indeed. In the tournament, the positions are Captain, Vanguard, two Rear Guards and Support."


Serra asked puzzled.

"Yes. The Five-Man team tournament can be fought in different styles."

Aies replied.

"There is a team battle where all five fight against each other, there's the Wolf Pack where one member fights one on one. When one falls, another member takes their place until all members of the opposing team are beaten. Finally, there's the Captain's battle where the battle is decided by their Captains."

Luisa explained.

"I see... So these three are the methods that teams use to determine victory?"

"That's right."

Lilia replied.

"It's quite a simple format. But it sounds quite exciting."

Serra spoke.

"So, what are our positions?"

"Well... Lilia is the Captain. Luisa is the Vanguard. Aies and Seileen are the Rear Guards while your the Support."

"Support has been decided for me?"

Serra asked puzzled.

Lilia explained immediately.

"You see... Our member that dropped out was our Support and specialized in healing and control."

"Healing and Support... Then I suppose you have good luck. That's what I specialize in."

Serra smiled

But inside,he thought,

I'm truly bound by karma to these four girls. To think that I'd get the role I specialize in the most...

But if so, I suppose there's nothing wrong with giving some help.

"If everything has been decided, let's go register after eating."

Lilia concluded.

Luisa called in the maid and asked for some food.

A note from bladerain

Last chapter of the week but if I can, I'll slip in some additional chapters. Also, as the final continuation of the Japanese studies, I'll explain why I want to. I want to study Japanese for my hobby. I want to read some visual novels that aren't translated. Manga... Games and even light novels that remain untranslated. However, even if I do learn Japanese after a few years, I still need to assemble a team. You see, translating visual novels require a team. Translations are achievements. They're fueled purely by passion of fans for the fans. Passionate fans who want to help others making translations of those works who assemble together and put their differences aside as they work together despite being continents apart. I admired that. I truly that. Thus, with my passion, I'll keep working hard everyday to learn Japanese.


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