Serra gazed at the two parties lying unconcious before him.

"Hm... I intervened at the moment before the battle begins but what do I do now...?"

Given his senses, Serra long heard the cause of this dispute.

Apparently, this party that consists of young women either offended someone high up or attracted his interest.

That person is definitely male since he's coveting this heroic woman's body.

"Sigh... This again... I wonder why I have to keep intervening in these events."

Serra muttered to himself as he pondered on what he should do.

"Ah yes... Perhaps that method will work."

Light flashed in Serra's eyes as he thought of a way to deal with this situation as well as a method to get himself in the competition.

After all, he's always been a benevolent person.

Helping mortals is kind of a pastime for him.

"Ah...W-what happened...?"

The heroic woman woke up and gazed at her surroundings.

She was sleeping in a wooden bed.

"Hm!? Where's everyone else!?"

She immediately sat up in surprise as she remembered what just happened.

"Hm? You're awake at last."

The door opened to show a young man with delicate features as well as blue hair.

If there's a need to say something special of him, it would be his deep blue eyes that reminds her of the sea.

"Who are you?"

She asked calmly.

As the leader of the team her sect sent, she wasn't a fool and was actually a mature and wise leader.

"My name is Serra. You see, my master and I came here to participate in the competition."


"Yes, my master and I came across you girls as well as those guys and heard you're conversation. My master couldn't stand such an event and intervened."

"I see... Thank you for your help. Where's your master now?"

She was relieved.

"My master had urgent business to attend to, so he left early."

"I understand. Wait. Where's my companions?"

She asked alarmed.

"Companions? Ah, those girls to ask? They're in other rooms in this inn you see."

"Hah... Great."

She was relieved the situation ended well.

It was a dire situation for them.

"My name is Lilia of the Sky Blossom Sect."

She then introduced herself.

"If I may ask, where are those ruffians who attacked us? I'd like to know who they're working for and why they attacked us in detail."

This made Serra look troubled.

"I'm not sure what to say here... But my master took them to the prison handled by the guards."


In another place and time in the dungeons.

The ruffians who attempted to attack Lilia and her companions woke up in cold pavement in a cell.

"Huh... Where is this? What happened!?"

They cried out in alarm.

"Oh, good. You're awake."

They hear a voice coming through from the side.

They find a stern guard looking at them behind iron bars.

"Huh, who are you!?"

"Me? I'm Captain Fang of the Winter Claw Guard. Now then... Tell me, I gained a witness report that you lot dared to commit a crime in the Wintercleave Capital which is a blatant insult to our Winter Claw Guard."

"WHAT!? Winter Claw Guard!?"

The men's faces paled.

"Hmph, who cares if you're some Captain! Release us immediately! Don't you know who you're dealing with!? You can't deal with the person behind us!"

One of his underlings spoke.

"Oho? So someone's behind you? Good good good..."

The man laughed as he said good three times.

"So there is actually some fool who dares to make light of us and trespass into our territory I see. The Winter Claw Guard hasn't bradished it's fangs in years and someone already dares to insult us?"

The man laughed a bit more but his eyes weren't smiling.

"Don't you know...? The Winter Claw Guard acts with the authority of the Lord. In other words, to insult us, is the same to insult the founder."

The men's faces paled.

Even the underling who shouted just now.

Back to Serra and Lilia.

"I see... So you're master is involved with the Winter Claw Guard?"

"You could say that. I came to this tournament to see one of master's fellow disciples. To see him, I need to participate in the tournament."

"Oh. Then why not register with us?"

"Hm? It's fine, I can register on my own."

Serra dissuaded her.

"No. You're master might not know this, but the tournament format this time is that of a five-man team."


Serra looked quite shocked.

"There was originally five of us but one of my junior sisters had an accident and couldn't participate. Therefore, the four of us continued our journey while looking for a fifth member in this capital. If you don't have a team, why don't you enter with us?"

She offered.

They helped her so it was natural to repay their kindness with gratitude.

"Is that so? Then I'll graciously accept."

"Excellent. I'll see the rest of my junior sisters then and speak to them."

"Allow me to escort you there."

Serra offered with a smile.

A note from bladerain

Hello. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Now then... Since I said I'll continue with how I began learning Japanese... I first browsed some articles which introduces that concept. After that, I checked Playstore and downloaded an app called Lingo Deer. It's an app to learn Japanese, Korean and Chinese. I'm only interested in Japanese though.

Anyways, Lingo Deer has a format that uses the Hepburn System. It starts off with an introduction for it then you first learn the Gojuon. Gojuon is a chart where you learn Hiragana and Katakana at the same time. It's a pretty fast method. By the way, I made a schedule on learning Japanese based on that article and using this app.

According to that article, it takes 2-3 years to gain fluency. My schedule to learn is to spend 20 minutes per day until I finally memorize Katakana and Hiragana perfectly. Afterwards, I learn present and past tense. Next would be learning Japanese Grammar and how to use particles properly. After this, I would begin learning Japanese words and Kanji. It's quite simple as it sounds but it actually takes days per goal or even months. I'm still struggling myself. Regardless, learning Japanese isn't actually that difficult. It merely takes a long time and plenty of patience and perseverance.

And so, I recommend Lingo Deer in Android to anyone interested. As for that article... I downloaded the pdf but I don't remember the url so I can't recommend it sorry.

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